#169 Crobat
Image from the Generation II games
Category Bat Pokémon
National Dex Nr. #169
Generation 2
Pokémon Color Purple
First Appearance Pokémon Gold and Silver
Latest Appearance Pokémon Sun and Moon
Type(s) Poison / Flying
Ability/ies Inner Focus
(Hidden: Infiltrator)
Average Height 5'11″ (1.8 m)
Average Weight 165.3 lbs. (75.0 kg)
Evolves From Golbat
Evolves Into N/A

Crobat is a dual Poison/Flying-type Pokémon species that is the final evolution of Zubat, and evolves from Golbat upon leveling with high friendship. It is a nocturnal Generation II Pokémon.


Unlike its previous forms, Crobat has evolved two pairs of wings to fly with, with the second pair formed out of its legs. Crobat's mouth is smaller in comparison to Golbat's, and it always seems to be visible in a menacing grimace. It flies much faster than its predecessor. Whereas Zubat and Golbat were both blue in color, Crobats are purple.


A Pokémon that gained vastly enhanced flying performance by having its legs turn into wings. As a result of its pursuit of faster, yet more silent flight, a new set of wings grew on its hind legs. The development of wings on its legs enables it to fly fast but also makes it tough to stop and rest, and more clumsy at walking. On the ground, all it can do is crawl around.

If this Pokémon is flying by fluttering only a pair of wings on either the forelegs or hind legs, it's proof that Crobat has been flying a long distance. It switches the wings it uses if it is tired. By alternately resting its front and rear wings, it can fly all day without having to stop.

It turns active when the night comes. It flies so silently through the dark on its four wings that it may not be noticed even when nearby. Crobat sneaks up on its intended prey using wings that barely make a sound. In a heartbeat, it drains their blood.

This Pokémon rests by hanging on a tree branch with its rear legs that serve as wings.

Canon Appearances

Pokémon GO

Since the Generation II update, Crobats can now on rare occasions be found and caught in the wild. The player can also evolve their own by first evolving a Zubat for 25 candies and/or evolving a Golbat for 100 candies. They cannot be hatched from eggs as they are not a starting stage Pokémon.


<gallery widths="120" captionalign="center"> Dracro.png|A subspecies of Crobat known locally as a Dracro.

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