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A Crivedna

The Crivedna are a species in the Boundless Fantendoverse, visually similar to humans albeit with strikingly red skin, they're known to be impressively durable and excellent for handling otherwise dangerous operations, although there is a veritable number of aspects to them that lead many to question their loyalty and reliability.


Crivedna are a human-like species with distinctly reddish skin, they are around the same height as a human although they tend to have a much stockier build appearing physically stronger. Crivedna grow considerably less hair than humans, often having long Queue-Sikha-esque hairstyles. One of the more evident features of a Crivedna are their eyes, unlike most species especially more human-like, the Crivedna have completely black sclera with often a white pupil, if their iris is visible it is often a very striking shade of blue. Some believe that this is a suggestion that the Crivedna have a genetic history with demons although this has never been confirmed.

Due to their diet of predominantly meat, the Crivedna also have considerably sharper teeth than humans with their canines being sometimes visible depending on the shape of the individual's head, this trait has lead to a subset of Crivedna known as the Beast Wranglers who are exceptionally skilled at herding animals deliberately amplifying the trait as much as possible over generations.


The Crivedna culture is one of hard-work and extreme diligence, it is a commonly held belief in Crivedna culture that one must arise to perfection on their own works, as such family is rather low among Crivedna culture and inheritance is unheard of within pure Crivedna families. Often one's occupation in Crivedna society is that which they have for life, thanks to an inverted form of automation, much of the technological feats of the Crivedna were achieved by advanced self-learning AI that help guide the species and watch over them often being referred to as the Wise Ones by the Crivedna. Almost all Crivedna on the homeworlds work in some kind of more base resource occupation, either mining, farming, logging, fishing or similar tasks that thanks to the rather unforgiving terrain of the Crivedna homeworld is made all the more difficult.

The Crivedna despite their outward appearance are also great craftsman particularly in pottery and glass blowing, such that there is a belief that when those who are especially skilled in a craft die, their spirit may inhabit the objects they created and as such it is often tradition to bury a Crivedna craftsman with his final works.

While not unheard of, the Crivedna take no pleasure in war, their diligence to see it through to completion means they do not sway away from war when it presents itself to them, however they are firm believers in a swift and decisive conflict, believing that prolonging only brings suffering and the outcome is inevitable and determined from when the first blow is struck. This belief is supported by historical records of the Crivedna showing they had a similar ancient form of gladitorial arenas to humans however their fights would only last until either party was struck once.


As far as abilities are present, the Crivedna are fairly standard having a similar level of strength to humans although their dominant occupations do sway this more in their favour. Like humans, Magians exist within Crivedna society, although they're typically specialized in magic of the spirit to enhance their fighting abilities or Fire magic.

History in the Fantendoverse

Although having achieved space-faring some time ago, the Crivedna do not generally present themselves as a race of importance within the galaxy, often quite content to simply serve alongside their allies and help get conflicts over with faster. Within their sphere of influence however the Crivedna are known to be rather persuasive as they often seek a higher sense of being and express tactical proficiency during war games that leads many to question why more Crivedna aren't military generals.