Critical View

Critical View is a Television Show hosted by Solarrion (tbc) that reviews the many articles of Fantendo as part of the League of Fantendo Critics / League of Fantendo Critics 2.0 organizations. It features on providing harshly critical improvements to the articles to ensure they can reach their full potential while also commenting on what the article has going for it. The show began on May 16th, 2015 with no end date concluded. It has reviewed a total of 23 articles to date.

Disclaimer: The reviews are of course completely based on only my opinion, if you disagree then you can fight your argument in the comments to enable me to see the argument from your point of view and empathize if need be.

Review Log

5/5: Outstanding

Articles in this category have (in my opinion) no room for improvement and are perfect as they currently stand.

Block Breakdown by GamingDylan (tbc)
Battle of Bracelets: The Origin of the Legend by Yami no Tenshi (tbc)
Motor Chickz by Peppermint Princess (tbc)
Spider-Man: Webslinger by Sr.Wario (tbc)
Amy Jackson by RTA fan (tbc)
Mr. Know It All by Peppermint Princess (tbc)
Ironworks Pioneers by .snickedge (tbc)
Mario Kart Sprint by Ziegs (tbc)
Paper Mario: The Ancient Book Ziegs (tbc)

4/5: Great

Articles in this category are really great articles but could have some extra corners polished to become perfect.

Danny's Adventure by GamingDylan (tbc)
Wario Land U by EdGeorgenCody (tbc)
Bravely Venture by Pyrostar (tbc)
Hope Without A Cause by Vonn Karma (tbc)
Fantendo - Gaiden by Sr.Wario (tbc)
Mario Party 11 by Ziegs (tbc)

3/5: Good

Articles in this category are good and are on their way to becoming success stories. They have some improvements to be made or are not complete to a final state.

Heroforce by Pyrostar (tbc)
Epic Warriors by SuperDuperMarioKirby (tbc)
Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Raiders of Dawn and Raiders of Dusk by TheFoxyRiolu (tbc)

2/5: Meh

Articles in this category are really middle of the road. They need quite a lot of improvements or only show the basics of the game with a lack of attention to detail.

Human Devastation by TerrariaBoss (tbc)
Peter Pika by Sr.Wario (tbc)
Grab Glove Platform Panic by Sr.Wario (tbc)
Super Broque Monsieur: Blitty Hunt by TheFoxyRiolu (tbc)
Sonic Adventure 3 (2016 video game) by ITVdude2000 (tbc)
Super Smash Bros. Violet Sunset by NovaPen (tbc)
Elementals by TerrariaBoss (tbc)

1/5: Bad

Articles in this category are lacking in a lot of content and are strapped for detail, making them less desirable than the ones above. They require a lot of improvement if they are wanting to compare to the big leagues.

Aran Leverletto by CryoticYoshi (tbc)

0/5: Awful

Articles in this category are uninspired and have no details whatsoever. They may also be very basic and have no extra qualities to make it stand out from the crowd. Anything in this category should really be disregarded completely.


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