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Welcome to Critical Hit, where reviewing articles made by you guys is the basic gist. Here, you guys request articles made by yourself for me to review, and I...well, I review them. So, yeah, I review stuff. I'm not one for nitpicking-I state what the page's genuine problems are, and I state their perfections. At the end of each review, I give each article a medal based off of grading. So, yeah. Requests started on December 14, 2015, as a member of the League of Fantendo Critics 2.0.

Score System

There are seven different ranking one of these games can get. They are...

  • Dirt- The article sucks. That's all.
  • Wood- The article is mostly pretty bad, but it has a few redeeming elements.
  • Copper- The article is teetering on the brink of badness, but with a few things holding it back to save it.
  • Bronze- The article has lots of good things and lots of not good things. It's in the middle.
  • Silver- The game is really great, with a problem here and there that holds it back somewhat.
  • Gold- The only problems are nitpicks, and the article is overall really well done.
  • Platinum- The article is virtually perfect in every way.

Reviewed Articles


This is the list of all of the articles I am going to review. To request, just add it to the page.

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