“I understand that in your youth you contrived a few outrages of your own.”

“In my youth’?” sputtered Navarth. “I have contrived outrages all my life!”

All That John Lena Major Lazer x John Cena x Dillon Francis

All That John Lena Major Lazer x John Cena x Dillon Francis

The state of copyright in 2016

The state of copyright in 2016

Madeon - Cut The Kid

Madeon - Cut The Kid

Genre(s) First Person Shooter
Release Date(s) ERROR: Time and space have no meaning.
Age Rating(s) Esrb-teen-logo-lrg Pegi12
Media Included Game Disk, Scratch Kat Amiibo

Crisis On Infinite Scratch Kats is a competitive first-person shooter/brawler exclusively for the V².

It's recommended for you to read this before continuing.


Kat, a Scratch Kat prototype from a dead universe, has received ultimate power thanks to a mischievous god on the run. He uses this power to kidnap a load of Scratch Kat characters and is forcing them to battle for his amusement.


This game takes inspiration from the likes of Team Fortress 2 and Overwatch.
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Playable Characters

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Image Name Description Universe
COISKscratch fantendoverseV2 Scratch Kat Scratch Kat is the goofy, positive and enthusiastic titular main character the Scratch Kat multiverse. He's quick and agile, but packs a strong punch too. Without any items equipped, Scratch Kat attacks with his comically exaggerated arms and legs, staying close to the melee side of things. New Fantendoverse
COISKdawg fantendoverse Dawg Dawg is the cynical and responsible counterpart to Scratch Kat. He's not nearly as hyper, so he tends to walk a bit slower, but his comically large mallet packs a hefty hit. Most of his attacks revolve around this, so without an appropriate item equipped, he's as melee-oriented as his brother. New Fantendoverse
COISKpogo Pogo N/A New Fantendoverse
COISKlublubV2 Lub Lub N/A New Fantendoverse
COISKunikitty Unikitty N/A New Fantendoverse
COISKpongo Pongo N/A New Fantendoverse
COISKperdita Perdita N/A New Fantendoverse
COISKskmk-5 fantendoverse SK MK-5 N/A New Fantendoverse
COISKtwilight fantendoverse Twilight N/A New Fantendoverse
Sky1 Scratch Kat N/A Skybound
COISKscratch passage Scratch Kat N/A Passage
COISKdawg passage D-157 N/A Passage
COISKshadow kat Shadow Kat N/A Dalmatian Harder
COISKshaggykat colored Shaggy Kat N/A Dalmatian Harder
COISKPupp LazyDawg Pupp and
Lazy Dawg
N/A Dalmatian Harder



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Image Name Info
COISK amiibo scratchkatfantendoverse Scratch Kat
(New Fantendoverse)
Unlocks the Marshmallow Launcher when used.
COISK amiibo scratchkatpassage Scratch Kat
Unlocks the Really Big Knife
when used.
COISK amiibo scratchkatskybound Scratch Kat
Unlocks the Air Cannon when used.
COISK amiibo skmk-5fantendoverse SK MK-5 Unlocks the Buzzwrench when used.
COISK amiibo dawgnewfantendoverse Dawg
(New Fantendoverse)
Unlocks the Rocket Mallet when used.
COISK amiibo dawgpassage Dawg (Passage) Unlocks the FT-006 when used.
COISK amiibo lublubV2 Lub Lub Unlocks the Fire Cannon when used.
COISK amiibo pogo Pogo Unlocks the Pop Blaster when used.
COISK amiibo unikitty Unikitty Unlocks the Glitter Glue Gun
when used.
COISK amiibo pongo Pongo Unlocks the Cactus Whip when used.
COISK amiibo perdita Perdita Unlocks the Magic Book when used.
COISK amiibo twilightfantendoverse Twilight Unlocks the Gem Cape when used.
COISK amiibo shadowkat Shadow Kat Unlocks the Claw Glove when used.
COISK amiibo shaggykat Shaggy Kat Unlocks the Bust Blade when used.
COISK amiibo pupp Pupp and Lazy Dawg Unlocks the Wooden Bat when used.



  • Crisis On Infinite Scratch Kats is inspired by the utter mess that is the Scratch Kat multiverse.
  • This game was originally a platformer/beat 'em up in the style of Hyrule Warriors.
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