Creatures of the Spectroverse is an open-world game released on the Nintendo Switch as an exclusive for the system, developed by the company Scarlet View. LTD in an attempt to try and bring more variety to the Open-World genre. When the game was released on October 26th, 2024 it got met with lukewarm to positive reviews from various game journalist sites like Kotaku, Polygon, and Nintendo Life while also receiving some mixed to positive reviews from consumer reviews from websites like Metacritic and Gamespot.

Average scores for Creatures of the Spectoverse ranged from 7.5-8.7 on average from both users and critics alike stating that the game is well-paced and fun to play but nothing really groundbreaking to truly make it completely unique compared to other open-world games like Creatures of the Spectroverse. However, one aspect of the game people praised was the creature and world designs, specifically on how each creature was uniquely designed with no overlap what so ever and the world design being all kinds of strange, beautiful, fantastical and even terrifying.


Creatures of the Spectroverse is an open-world game where you pick from one out of dozens of many different types of creatures and roam around various biomes and terrains.

Certain creatures perform better in certain terrains than others either due to their biology, element, adaptations and most importantly what they eat to survive because eating is a pretty important feature in this game.

Eating the correct diet will boost a creature's stats and inch them closer to unlocking new techniques and moves to help them progress through more and more hostile terrains and takedown bigger threats without too much of a worry.

There are multiple classes of eaters that specialize in eating a specific type of edible matter.

The types of eaters are as follows.

  • Carnivores: Creatures who specialize on eating other animals for survival
  • Herbivores: Creatures who specialize in eating plants, bark, flowers, and grass
  • Mineralvores: Creatures who specialize in eating pure rocks, minerals, and sand
  • Filtavores: Creatures who specialize in filter-feeding
  • Solavores: Creatures who specialize in harvesting light rays for food 
  • Omnivores: Creatures who specializes in eating all types of edible matter

While each creature does specialize in eating specific types of food, there is nothing stopping them from eating the wrong kind but it does provide a lower increase in stats and actually stunts the development of the creature, meaning that it doesn't bring your creature closer to learning a new skill so try not to be too munch happy because that can lead to your creatures not progressing at all and that's not good in the slightest.

There are 7 stats in total with each creature being specialized towards either 1-3 stats

The stats are

  • Attack-How much damage a creature does
  • Defense-How much damage a creature can take
  • Stamina-How long a creature and sprint, jump and climb for
  • Jump-How high a creature can jump
  • Speed-How fast a creature can run for
  • Special Attack-How much damage a creatures damaging special ability does
  • Special Defense-How much damage a creature can take from a damaging special ability

The Many Life-Forms of the Spectroversee

In the Spectroverse there is a cavalcade of creatures to run around as and play with, accompanied with their own unique builds and setups which are all very unique. Each creature also has a specific pallet they must stick to so the creatures can continue living in...pseudo-peace but on some rare occasions, some animals substitute other foods if their main source of sustenance is running dry like a carnivore dining on plant matter or a mineral eater feasting upon small insects and creatures if the rocks in the area aren't rich with minerals.


This is a Thrusterhound, one of the Spectroverses top predators, able to reach speeds of up to 35 miles an hour using its back metal thruster to gain a huge burst of speed to hunt down their prey.

These alien dogs are carnivorous for obvious reasons, they have 32 razor-sharp teeth to help bite down on their victims, couple that with the Thrusterhounds innate ability to spit fire, cause smokescreens with its exhaust pipe tail and it  being really durable it's almost unstoppable; very few things can hurt this species because they have no immediate natural predators so that helps with the survival of the species as a whole

Nagaderm transparent

This stone snake creature is wrapped in mossy bandage patches that naturally grow on the skin of these creatures. They possess a large head crest that can be flared out to ward off larger threats, to act as a form of mating ritual or to block off the intense heat that looms over the desert and oasis regions these creatures reside in. Their skin has the same consistency of stone and feels like extremely coarse and rough sandpaper giving them an extra defense when face to face with an up-close encounter with other beasts. Nagaderms also have a dull beak that's used to break rocks, tree bark, bones, and cactuses. Their beaks can also split open to reveal a razor-sharp proboscis that's able to pierce thick and tough hides of its prey items and drain their vital fluids and harvest organs.

Zatcherzaur transparent

Zatcherzaurs live in electrified lakes that would be deadly to any other creature but unlike those creatures, Zatcherzaurs actually benefit from being in these electric lakes due to the fact get a lot of their nutrients from the many minerals flowing on and in these massive navy blue bodies of water; feeding off of these minerals is what gives this mysterious creatures their electric generation and pale yellow coloring.

The Zatcherzaurs tail is also tipped with a metal alloy that can store said electricity and shoot it out in the form of an invisible static shock comparable to an electric eel, however, unlike the electric eel the Zatcherzaur’s can actually emit this shock in the air but it won't be as lethal as it is in the water.

Zatcherzaurs shock their prey to death and then swallow it completely whole just like what a python does, a Zatcherzaur’s stomach is also filled with extremely acidic gastro-acid which is 100x more acidic than a human’s stomach acid. Lastly, Zatcherzaurs can let out loud bellowing noises that act as a form of communication between other members of their kind.

Aeralyion transparent

Aeralyion's are blue whale-sized wyvern like creatures who fly over the tops of snowy mountains in search of clouds to filter feed off of.

These massive behemoths are usually docile and peaceful, only ever attacking other creatures when it or it's young feels threatened.

When it is threatened it either rapidly flaps its wings to whip up micro hurricanes or use its spiked tail to ward off foes.

Since these creatures inhabit snowy and cold environments their hide is made up of a thick substance akin to blubber to keep themselves warm and to keep body heat in.

Corrupted Jaggerfly transparent

Corrupted Jaggerfly's inhabit massive empire state building-sized hives that can house up to over 2 billion of them.

They travel in massive swarms of up to 100,000 as they scavenge the land for food to quench their bloodthirsty tendencies and massive appetites.

The Jaggerfly's jaws consist of 6 larger teeth while the back of the jaw is lined with hundreds of smaller teeth to help grind down meat easier.

When a Jaggerfly bites another creature it will leave a horrible poison effect that will linger forever, couple this with its insanely high speed and maneuverability these are quite the force to be wrecked with, however, Jaggerflies are insanely frail and fragile due to their bones being hollow and  lacking any real density so one good hit will probably be enough to bring this creature down.

Troxanoid transparent 3
(the Troxanoid's description coming soon)
Godfaelzen transparent3
(the Godfaelzen's descriptions coming soon)
Scorcannon transparent
(the Scorcannon's description coming soon)
Ghorcese transparent
(the Ghorcese's description coming soon)
Phendropteryx transparent
(the Phendropteryx's description coming soon)
Haedrenix transparent
(the Haedrenix's description coming soon)
Xocagornis transparent
(the Xocagornis's description coming soon)



Story Mode




Trivia and Development History

  • Before Creatures of the Spectroverse became an open-world game it was originally a 2.5D fighting game similar to the ever-popular Super Smash Bros. series.
  • Some un-used sound effects in the game's files suggested that enemies from the real-time strategy game Pikmin were going to appear because of these sound effects, 2 of them belonged to the Emperor Bulblax the final boss of Pikmin 1 and the walking sound effects of the Gatling Groink, an enemy from Pikmin 2. 
  • Before scarlet decided to go with the concept of a universe sized landscape, there are many crude and poorly done drawings of over 20+ planets found in the files of the game
  • The first 5 creatures to be shown off for the game were Thrusterhound, Nagaderm, Zatcherzaur, Pectoral-Darter, and Xocagornis


  • IncarnateParanoia - Helping on the code for the tables
  • JayOkumura - Helping name the Scorcanon and putting forth some feedback on a few of the alien designs
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