Creator Workshop is a game developed by OH MY NETHO! and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch in 2019. The game is an RPG - platformer - maker game where the player can make custom tilesets, enemies, bosses, and more. There is also a feature to share the custom enemies, bosses, tilesets, items, and gear you create on the Time for the Fans Server.

Creating Enemies

When creating an enemy, you must first assign the stats. Fall - Yes or No. Determines if the enemy falls when they come to a pit. Shoot - Determines whether or not the enemy shoots projectiles. Shoot Player - Determines if the projectiles shot will be shot towards the player. Shoot Ahead - Determines if the projectiles shot will be shot forward. Jump - Determines whether they will hop like Parakoopas or not. Speed - How fast the enemy will go. Fire - Determines if the enemy will set you on fire. Poison - Determines if the enemy poisons you. HP - Determines how much Health the enemy has. DEF - Determines how much defense the enemy has. ATK - Determines how much attack the enemy has. Path - Determines what path the enemy will follow. If not assigned, the enemy will go straight. Graphics - What the enemy looks like. Can also assign animations.

Creating Tilesets

To create tilesets, simply just create graphics.

Creating Bosses

Bosses have all the same settings you can assign as enemies, and some new ones. Attacks - You can create attacks for the boss, such as the boss firing fireballs at you, or dashing at you. You can also assign what items or gear the boss drops.

Creating Items

To create items, you must first assign 1 thing. Graphics - What the items look like. Offensive - Makes the item hurt all enemies on screen. Heal - Makes the item heal you. Boost - Makes the item boost your stats for a limited amount of time. Permanent Boost - Makes the item boost your stats permanently.

Creating Gear

Graphics - What the gear looks like. Stats - How much of your stats is boosted by the gear. Attack - What extra projectile / sword swingin' extra attack the gear will give you.

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