Cream the Rabbit Flicky Quest

Cream the Rabbit: Flicky Quest is a Sonic the Hedgehog game developed by Crash Co. for the Nintendo Switch. The game was based on Shadow the Hedgehog and TimeStrike's Big: The Search for Froggy, and how they starred a character other than Sonic; as the name suggests, the game starts Cream the Rabbit. The game canonologically takes place after the events of Sonic Rush.


The game opens on a calm, lush field, where Cream the Rabbit is picking flowers with her Chao friends Cheese and Chocola. After Cream picks some sunflowers and makes a small necklace out of them, she puts it in a small present, expressing how excited she is to give it to her mother for Mother's Day. However, he sky begins getting darker and stormier, and Cream, Cheese, and Chocola run for cover. Just as they find shelter under a tree, Dr. Eggman crashes onto the field, with a scorpion-like mech. Soon after, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy appear on the scene, ready to battle Eggman. They do battle, but Eggman's new mech proves to overpower Sonic and his allies. He takes his keep with him as he heads back to his new Egg Palace, planning to convert the heroes into Badniks.

Cream, Cheese, and Chocola peek out of their hiding place, noticing the coast is clear. However, an Egg Pawn appears, scaring the young rabbit as she scrambles to look for cover. To protect her, Cheese and Chocola ram into the Egg Pawn just as it's about to strike Cream, destroying it and revealing a small Flicky, exhausted. Cream takes the Flicky in her hands, wondering how it got in there. Cream them realizes that Eggman has been using Flickies to power his Badniks. Putting her present aside, Cream takes Cheese and Chocola on an adventure to stop Eggman and save their friends and the Flickies.


Gameplay of Cream the Rabbit: Flicky Quest is similar to that of 3D Sonic games, most notably Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2. Levels focus on high-speed acrobatics and platforming, with the player needing to travel from one level to the next in a linear progression. Unlike more recent 3D Sonic games such as Sonic Generations and Sonic Forces, the game is entirely 3D and never switches to a 2D perspective.

Different from most Sonic games, Cream the Rabbit: Flicky Quest has a focus on defeating Dr. Eggman's Badniks and opening capsules to release Flickies. The Flickies Cream saves can actually help her on her quest, providing different abilities and boosts that can help her. Abilities gained from Flickies can be comparable to power-ups like Elemental Shields in previous games. These are not required to beat the level, though they can help Cream find secrets and shortcuts around levels. This mechanic was somewhat inspired by how Flickies appeared in Sonic 3D Blast.

Rings are present, and Cream must collect them to keep herself alive. If she is damaged by an enemy or hazard, she will lose her Rings. The mechanic has been somewhat altered though, as she will only lose 20 Rings rather than all of them, with further hits causing her to lose more. Extra lives have been removed from the game completely, much like Sonic Forces. However, Cream must still collect as many Rings as she can within the level to not only open up the Special Stages, but also spend more time in them.

Special Stages are actually quite similar to those found in Knuckles' Chaotix, where Cream will be continually running along a 3D plane, with her only controls being moving left and right and jumping. She must collect all of the area's Blue Spheres while avoiding the Red Spheres that they turn into. The number of Rings she collected will determine how long she can be in the Special Stage, with 50 Rings being the minimum for one full loop around. If Cream manages to collect all the Blue Spheres, she will be rewarded with a Golden Flicky and, in turn, complete the level. At least 10 of the Special Stages must be completed to access the game's true ending, though the player can try all of them.


Character Information
Cream New Render
Cream the Rabbit

Cream the Rabbit is a young rabbit who is a friend to the Chao. She is the game's main protagonist and sole playable character. She controls quite similar to Tails in Sonic Adventure, in that she can run pretty fast on the ground and can fly using her large ears as wings. She can also use the Spin Dash and Homing Attack, both of which can be used againste enemies. Cheese and Chocola also accompany her on her quest, and she can use them to defeat enemies and destroy obstacles. Such abilities include Chao Missile, which shoots Cheese or Chocola at enemies, and Chao Spin, which has both Chao spin around Cream, damaging enemies nearby.

Dr. Eggman-2
Dr. Eggman

Dr. Eggman is the self-proclaimed "greatest scientific genius in the world". Time and time again, he has tried to take over the world so he can build his Eggman Empire, building machines to help him in his schemes. Though he usually loses to Sonic and friends, he manages to outsmart them with his newest invention, the Egg Scorpion, and turns them into Badniks to serve as the generals of his army. Cream and Cheese witness this, and make it their mission to stop him from taking over the world and save their friends.

Heavy and bomb in sonic world by nibroc rock-d90vdqb
Heavy & Bomb

Heavy & Bomb are a duo of Badniks created by Dr. Eggman. However, due to their ineffectiveness at stopping Sonic, to the point where they actually helped them at one point, he threw them out. The two appear to assist Cream throughout her adventure. Bomb runs the game's shop, where Cream can purchase various upgrades from him. Meanwhile. Heavy runs the Chao Garden, where Cream can care for and raise Chao.


As with most Sonic games, most worlds are divided into two levels, followed by a boss. Noably, most of the levels are designed to be more cute and friendly takes on common Sonic archetypes.

World Level Information
Flower Hill Spring Pass

The "tutorial" level of sorts. Only basic enemies are found here and the level is designed to let the player hone Cream's abilities. The level itself is covered in flowers, and has a pink aesthetic, rather than the usual green.

Petal Garden

Unlike Spring Pass, Petal Garden has large fields of flowers. Large flowers are also found, which can bounce Cream upward.

Starry Night Cloudy Mountain

Set at night, Cream must travel up a tall mountain. Shooting stars can be seen, which rain on the level and can destroy obstacles and enemies. Star formations can also be found along the level, which warp Cream to different areas.

Comet Cove

A level located in a large ravine, with water at the bottom. Choppers and Mega Choppers are common enemies, and will try to hurt Cream when she passes by. Shooting stars also appear, and Cream can actually ride a few to reach new areas.

Palm Beach Treasure Island

A large, tropical island surrounded in water. Sand dunes can be kicked to reveal items, though Badniks can also hide in them. Palm trees can also be climbed to reach new areas. Badniks are also sailing in the background, firing cannonballs to try and damage Cream or destroy pathways.

Pirate Armada

A level set at see where Cream must navigate through several pirate ships. At some points, Cream will need to defeat all the enemies on a ship to open a pathway to the next. At one point, Cream can actually control a ship and fire cannonballs at enemies.

Lost Ruins Ruined Dunes

An area set in the desert, with remains of an ancient temple everywhere. Cacti are found all around the area, which while damage Cream, sometimes have flowers that can be bounced on. Quicksand can also be entered to sink into the ground, allowing access to new paths.

Tomb of Ancients

Set inside a tomb, there are traps such as spikes, fire, and spears. The level takes a focus on puzzle solving, such as Cream needing to hit switches in a certain order, or Cream needing to push a block somewhere.


Basic Items

Item Information
Ring SatSR

Rings are found commonly across the game's levels. They can be found pretty much anywhere. Collecting one will allow Cream to take an extra hit from enemies. However, getting hit will cause her to lose 20 of her Rings. If Cream is hit without having any Rings, it will cause a blackout.

Red Star Ring Title
Red Star Ring

Five Red Star Rings are found in each level, hidden from the player. Collecting them will allow Cream to trade them in Bomb's shop for upgrades.

Item Box Heroes

Monitors can be found throughout levels, and hitting them will destroy them, providing Cream an item. This can range from Rings, to temporary invincibility, to temporary infinite flight.

Dash Panel
Dash Panel

Dash Panels can be found on the ground. Running over them will allow Cream to run at high speeds.

Jump Ramp

When Cream runs over a Jump Ramp, she will be boosted into the air. Usually used to cross bottomless pits to access new areas.

Dash Ring
Dash Ring

When Cream passes through a Dash Ring, she will zip forward in that direction. Also provides necessary momentum to break through obstacles.

Wide spring
Bounce Pad

Bounce Pads will bounce Cream upward when she runs over them. The smaller ones are more common, but the wide ones are used to prevent Cream from missing it while running. They both function identically however.

Sonic capsule

Capsules are found all across levels, and contain Flickies. To break them open, Cream mus jump on the red spring on top of them.


When Cream enters a Cannon, she will launch out of it, reaching a new area. In some cases, the player can also aim where Cream fires.

Star Post SC
Star Post

Star Posts serve as checkpoints. If Cream dies, she will respawn at the last Star Post she touched.

Chao Key
Chao Key

In some levels, Cream can find Chao Keys. By collecting them, she can give them to Heavy, who can in turn unlock more areas and features for the Chao Garden.


Bomb's Upgrades


Enemy Information
Motobug generations

Motobugs are ladybug-like Badniks that ride around on a single wheel. They are rather weak, and their only attack is to charge at Cream. They can be defeated with any attack.

Crabmeat 2

Crabmeats are crab-like Badniks that are armed with launchers in their pincers. Using them, they will attack Cream by launching homing missiles at her. They do stay stationary though, so they can be defeated rather easily.

Chopper Sonic

Choppers are fish-like Badniks that are found in water. When Cream is traversing over water, they will usually jump out to try and bite her. They can't be jumped on thanks to their teeth, so instead Cream will need to use other methods of dispatching them. Larger, Mega Choppers can also be found, destroying bridges and such by biting them. They are invincible.

Buzz Bomber
Buzz Bomber

Buzz Bombers are wasp-like Badniks that use their wings to fly around. They will attack b firing plasma shots from their stingers, which must be avoided. Though Cream can defeat them with any attack, their ability to fly makes them difficult to hit.

S4 Newtron Sprite

Newtrons are lizard-like Badniks. They will commonly disappear and reappear, firing projectiles at Cream. They can be defeated with any attack, though Cream must be quick to attack before they disappear again.

2016 eggrobo legacy render by nibroc rock-daouljj

EggRobos are humanoid Badniks armed with blasters and rocket boosters. They will fly through the air and try to shoot lasers at Cream to damage her. They will actively try to dodge Cream's attacks, so they can be difficult to defeat.

Egg Pawn
Egg Pawn

Egg Pawns are humanoid Badniks and make up the majority of Dr. Eggman's troops. They are basic enemies that will charge at Cream and attack her on sigh, but can be defeated easily. However, later on they can wield spears and shields, which make them more dangerous and difficult to deal with.

Heroes EggFlapper
Egg Flaper

Egg Flappers are Badniks with wings and hover thrusters. They will patrol the sky, and can be defeated with any attack. They come in several color varieties, with the red ones having no weapons, green ones having blasters, blue ones having rapidfire guns, pink ones having bombs, yellow ones being able to fire lasers, and black ones being covered in needles, making them immune to all damage.

Egg Bishop
Egg Bishop

Egg Bishops are Badniks armed with scepters. Though they actually don't attack Cream, they have a lot of health. Instead, it will spawn more Badniks such as Egg Pawns, Motobugs, and Crabmeats. As such, they sometimes serve as midbosses.


Klagens are large Badniks with small bodies but large, dragging arms. They will charge at Cream on sight and try to capture Cheese and Chocola, making them unavailable to use. To free them, Cream must defeat the Klagen, though they are fairly resistant against damage.

Egg Hammer
Egg Hammer

Egg Hammers are massive Badnisk that wield hammers. They will swing them around to attack Cream when she's nearby, and can slam it on the ground to create a shockwave. They act as mid-bosses of sorts, thanks to their powerful attacks and being extremely durable against damage.



  • Cream the Rabbit: Flicky Quest was originally intended to be revealed at Crash Co.'s April 30th, 2018 direct, but since a logo wasn't made for the game, it ended up being held off.
    • Despite this, this game was created before any of the games announced at the direct.
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