Another Crazy Party game.


The villains have teamed up yet again! And now it's up to the heroes to take them down by teaming up into three teams! Can they do it?


These are the teams playable.

Team Mario

Mario was relaxing in the Mushroom Kingdom, when luigi appeared along with Yoshi running up to Mario. Luigi explains that Bowser kidnapped Peach once again. So, Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi team up to beat Bowser.

  • Speed: Luigi
  • Flight: Yoshi
  • Power: Mario

Team Hyrule

In Hyrule, Ganondorf was attacking with his minions. Link and Zelda watched from the palace. Deciding they couldn't wait any longer, they decided to fight him together. They then encounter a man named Zanos who agrees to help them.

Team Sonic

Sonic was running through the desert when he is encountered by his friends, Tails and Knuckles. They give Sonic a letter from Eggman that says that he has teamed up with the villains. Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles decide to stop Eggman once more.

Team Star

King Dedede has taken most of the food in Dreamland, leaving many to starve, including Kirby. He wasn't happy about what the king did. Meta Knight soon came along with Knuckle Joe, saying they must team up to stop him. Kirby agrees, and they set off.

Team Marvel

Dr. Doom was triumphing over the crowd, he had finally made the infinity sword. Iron Man refused to surrender and decided to fight. Wolverine and the Hulk tried to talk him out of it. But instead, Iron Man talked Wolverine and Hulk into fighting with him.

Team DK

King K. Rool and his Kremling army were finally getting the revenge (and bananas) they craved. Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong did not want to loose to K. Rool. Dixie Kong wanted to go with them, so they teamed up to stop the krool king again.

Team Pokeball

At the Pokepark, Mewtwo was ruling over the land, enslaving various Pokemon to do his bidding. But three Pokemon remained unslaved, and those three were Pikachu, Staravia, and Mankey. Together, those smalle few would defeat Mewtwo.

Team Misc.

Zim was ruling over all the other cartoons, making them his slaves. Dib was the only one left to fight Zim. Well, him, and Garfield, and Snoopy. Together, they teamed up to stop Zim, because Garfield was just plain outnumbered.

  • Speed: Garfield
  • Flight: Snoopy
  • Power: Dib
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