Crash bashes the battle!


Crash (unlockable)


Crash Bandicoot is very quick and agile, but his power is kinda lackluster. He makes up for it, however, with moves that can strike multipull times. He also has very good recovery, as his Side and Up B's can get him airborn quickly. He, overall, is a pretty good character.


NUTRAL B: Crash pull out his bazooka and aims. You can use the control stick to aim. Once shooting a wampa fruit, if missed, you can pick it up and eat it.

SIDE B: Cras does what he does best and spins round town. While spining, you can fly a bit if your airborn. When he's done, however, he gets dizzy.

UP B: Crash straps on his jetpack and blasts off. It acts a lot like Fox's recovery.

DOWN B: Crash pulls out a crate and chucks it. There are 4 types of crates that you can throw: Wood crates, Metal crates, TNT crates, and Nitro crates.

FINAL SMASH: Crash puts Aku-Aku on and runs around. While Aku-Aku is on, you are invincable, and whoever you touch will be sent flying.


SIDE: Crash does his little dance.

UP: Crash starts acting like a chicken.

DOWN: Crash gives the thumbs up.


  • You can unlock Crash by Reflecting 10 progectiles.
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