Crash Bandicoot: Crates of Chaos
Developer(s) Endgame Enterprises
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Genre(s) 3D Platformer
Series Crash Bandicoot
Predecessor Crash: Mind Over Mutant
Release Date(s) 2017
Mode(s) Adventure Mode
Age Rating(s) +6
Crash Bandicoot: Crates of Craziness is a game developed by Endgame Enterprises. It is the fiftheenth installment, though it's the eighth chronologically. It takes places after Crash Mind Over Mutant, which came out nine years ago.


After crashing down to Wumpa Island from Cortex's spaceship, Crash decides to go on a vacation to take a break for saving the island. Then, not realizing, Cortex then decides he should make a new plan to destroy the bandicoot's tiny brain. He then creates the Crazy Crate, a create which makes Crash go crazy so he can "destroy all island's inhabitants' hope". After putting in 100 gallons of Wumpa Whip juice, he sends out the Crazy Crate, blended in with Basic Crates. Crash spins them all, but the Crazy Crate wasn't broken. Upset, Cortex tells Crash to spin it. With Crash's unintelligence, he obeys Cortex and spins the Crazy Crate. Causing Crash to lose his mind and spin out of control and destroy the Wumpa Fruit, and part of his house. Coco, who suddenly notices this, goes to stop her brother from the havoc and damage he is causing.

When Coco surrounds Crash in Wumpa Island's Edge, Ripper Roo appears from the cliff and battles Coco, only to fall down the cliff and hit his head on loads of TNT Crates which explode oh him. After with Ripper's defeat, Coco realizes that Crash went away. She finds a portal next to her, with Crash's face on it. Seeing that her brother went into that portal, she goes through it. She finds herself in the medieval times. She finds lots of medieval lab assistances in this area. She goes on battling them until she reaches the arena, where she sees a tiger, who looks like Tiny Tiger himself.

Coco finds his brother at the arena cheering for Tiny, Coco faces the fericous tiger. Tiny was defeated like always. Crash leaves and goes into another portal, with Coco chasing him. When she lands to the ground, she notices she is in a snowy area with Polar, who is beaten up by Crash, who still has lost his mind. Polar helps Coco by letting her ride on him. They reach to an iceberg, where she finds Dingodile with his flamethrower and not to mention, his freeze gun.











Image and Name Locations Paterns


Ripper Roo

In the first phase, Ripper starts throwing TNT Crates at you. Dodge three of them and then he starts to jump on you. Dodge him for a few seconds and spin attack him. That will allow you to proceed to the next phase.
In the second phase, now he'll randomly throw Nitro Crates along with TNT Crates still. This time he'll throw six TNT Crates and four Nitro Crates at a random patern. Dodge them and he'll start to jump on his cane. This time you'll have to jump on him for him to fall off and become dizzy, that's where you spin attack him, moving on to the last phase...
In the third and last phase, he'll only throw Nitro Crates at you, some of them don't explode when they touch the ground. After throwing the Nitro Crates, he then starts throwing Basic Crates at you for Wumpa Fruit, however these crates can harm you when they hit you. After throwing several Basic Crates, he starts jumping. Lead him to a Nitro Crate so it can explode on him. This time you'll have to spin attack him until he reaches the edge, that's where he falls and the battle is finished. If you fail to spin attack him off the cliff, he'll get back up and the battle restarts from the first phase.





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