YoshiEgg Nook (Cracked), (More commonly known as CrackedEgg). Is the ghostly, twisted form of YoshiEgg Nook and also one of his worst enemies. He was created by

CrackedEgg CEYE
Overman Supreme by using Bloop's memories of YoshiEgg, The Groo's hatrid towards him, and the energy from a giant time hole. CrackedEgg has a large crack down his face, revealing the inside of a time hole, and is often refferred to Spectur, Spiryt, and Spavento as their "Fourth Amigo" even though he prefers to work alone and was admitted to Overman Supreme's right-hand man. He first appeared in YoshiEgg & Bloop: Tools of Destruction.

In Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered, it was revealed he was an incarnation of the Shattering, with his path of destruction being outlined in YoshiEgg Culmination. Although none of the characters are ever mentioned by name or even show up, it is implied that the events of the game aren't as forgotten as they supposedly were.


CrackedEgg has a twisted, cracked mind and will stop at nothing to kill his enemies. He is sadistic and takes pleasure in causing pain to others.


CrackedEgg shares the same abilities that Spectur, Spiryt, Spavento, and Overman Supreme have, but most of them are stronger.

His Themes

Main Theme


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