Red Crabber SM3DW
Rarity Varies
Alignment Enemies
Average Behavior Cowardly
Habitat(s) Beaches
Ability/ies Back Protection
Weapon(s) Themselves
Vulnerable To Star Spins
First Appearance Super Mario Galaxy

Crabbers are beach enemies that appear in a few Super Mario games. They try to protect their faces if Mario jumps on them. If he gets close, Crabbers will face him, protecting their back sides. If Mario spins on their backs, they will be defeated. They come in red and green colors. The green ones are more rare, and when defeated, turn into 1-Up Mushrooms. If Yoshi eats one, he cannot swallow it. Instead, he can spit it out and it will act as a boomerang which can hurt other Crabbers.



  • Crabbers somewhat resemble Corphish, a crawfish Pokémon.

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