Costume Party
Developer(s) Pyro Enterprises.png
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Pyrohedron
Genre(s) 3D Platformer
Mode(s) 2 Player Co-op Mode

2 Player Competitive Mode

Age Rating(s) E 10+
Media Included Pyrohedron Disc

Costume Party is a game developed by Pyro Enterprises, designed as a "3D platformer with a fairy tale-like motif". It is heavily inspired by Super Mario 3D World and The Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes, with most of the gameplay being based off of the former and the costume focus from the latter.


The story begins in the land of Fabricia. A vibrant, plentiful land with plenty of people and a low crime rate, Fabricia was the pride of the world, and the royal family was the shining jewel at the crown's center. A fair king, a lovely queen, and four children, a prince and three princesses on their way to becoming the next rulers.

One day, the king and queen of Fabricia went off on a diplomatic mission to a neighboring country. They left the eldest princesses in charge, twins named Silk and Denima, leaving the younger Princess Flannel and Prince Felt to their devices. Things went well for the first few days; the children just did what any child would do when left alone for long stretches of time and went crazy.

However, one day, a group of mysterious bandits appeared at the castle's bridge. They were the Brazen Brigands, a horde of fiendish brutes that raided the castle and stole all of its greatest treasures. The four realized that their parents would kill them (probably literally) if they found out what had happened, so while Silk and Denima did their best to repair the castle, Flannel and Felt ventured off to retrieve the treasures.


Costume Party is a fairly standard 3D platformer in the vein of Super Mario 3D World; players make their way through linear stages to reach the goal at the end, jumping and evading various enemies and obstacles. There are also many hidden areas that can be accessed, usually containing treasures of various degrees. Costume Party adds a slightly more offensive edge to the genre by giving Flannel and Felt toy swords, giving them a direct attack method other than jumping.

The main focus of Costume Party is on the titular Costumes, outfits that can be crafted out of Materials dropped by enemies or found within the level. Costumes grant special abilities to the wearer, with the exact effect being determined by the Costume worn.

The player can bring 3 Costumes into a level at any time; one is predetermined by the level (even if said Costume has not been crafted yet), and the other two are freely chosen. Players can swap between these Costumes at any time.


Name Description Advantages Weaknesses Unlocked
Princess Flannel
Youngest princess of the realm, Flannel is less concerned with preparing for the throne (knowing her sisters will wind up becoming queens first) and more concerned with helping people out in her own special way. After the Brazen Brigands assault the castle when her parents leave on a diplomatic mission, she sets off to defeat them and return safely, utilizing her handmade enchanted costumes as her weapon. None None Default
Prince Felt The only prince in the royal family, Felt is nonetheless a bit girly, having no objection to trying on any of Flannel's outfits for her. Maybe it has something to do with being raised with three beauty-obsessed sisters? Anyways, Felt reluctantly follows Flannel on her mission to stop the brigands, acting as her sidekick. None None Default (2P)
Piggingheimer A little pig who somehow managed to become a millionare in some far-off land. Now incredibly rich, Piggingheimer spends his days buying and eating corn. He offers to help clear levels for anyone who can't do it on their own. For a price, of course. Piggingheimer loses a single GP upon taking damage, does not lose or possess HP. Clearing a stage as Piggingheimer does not count towards completion percentage, cannot collect Materials. Fail 8 times in a single stage and activate Piggingheimer as a Super Guide.


Name Description Role
Princess Silk
One of Flannel's older twin sisters, Silk is bright, peppy, and usually the first one to run to help when something goes wrong. She's a bit flighty, but typically somebody one can depend on. Silk resides in Fabricia Castle, acting as a Material shop. She trades more common Materials for GP, and her stock gets better as the game goes on.
Princess Denima
One of Flannel's older twin sisters, Denima is typically seen as harsh, cynical, and occasionally a bit jerkish, on top of her already snobby disposition. Deep down, she's still snobby, but she's genuinely a nice person. Denima resides in Fabricia Castle, acting as a trading post. She takes the player's excess Materials, exchanging them for valuable GP.


Name Description Properties
Basic Clothing
The Basic Clothing isn't anything fancy- it doesn't have any special powers or anything- but it's a good starting costume and it doesn't have any real downsides either. Plus, it's completely free! Who doesn't like that? The Basic Clothing has no special properties, and is simply the basic starting outfit.
Gown of Gales
A big, poofy dress that's soft and fluffy, almost like a giant pillow, but with the added advantage of wearing it. It comes with a parasol, and has a tendency to catch the wind while falling. Luckily, it's sturdy enough to handle it. The Gown of Gales grants the wearer additional float time after a jump, increasing distance travelled.
Knight's Armor
Nothing beats good old metal armor for defensive purposes. Truth be told, it's bulky and not at all fashionable, but that's not really the point here. What you want out of this is defense, not style. The Knight's Armor increases defense by 50%, but also lowers movement speed by 25%.
Archer Tunic
Sure, swordfighting is great and all, but what if you want a more refined approach to combat? This outfits comes with a free bow and limitless arrows, so drop the sword and learn to shoot! The Archer Tunic replaces the wearer's weapon with a bow and arrow, which can be charged for higher ranged damage.





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