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Cosmic Road Trip.png
Cosmic Road Trip is a 3D open world action game following variations of Trip from alternate universes. Developed by sunset☀studios for the Horizon, Cosmic Road Trip is their first delve into the New Fantendoverse. The game itself is of a small scale in-universe, and is mostly based on building lore on Alternate Fantendoverses, as well as the "character" of Trip. The game recieves regular updates with new Trips, alternate costumes, and other features.


Over the years, many different takes on the character Trip have been introduced. It was long established that these Trips existed as parallel versions of each other, and that nobody is really sure what Trip is, or isn't.

The premise for the game centers around one Trip, known ingame as Legacy Trip. Legacy Trip is a Trip from a universe where the Earth was deemed uninhabitable, and mankind lives on a large spaceship, in which magic and science coexist. Trip was a soldier-in-training on this ship, dubbed Station V. He discovered he is part of a lineage of great heroes with the ability to tap into a pocket dimension known as the T-Verse. Legacy Trip struggled with trying to fulfill this role for a long time, before deciding the pressure was too much for him. In an act of impulse, he stole a pod from Station V and fled to the cold expanse of space. Eventually, he stumbled upon the power to use the T-Verse as a gateway between dimensions. Legacy Trip found himself in the New Fantendoverse, and soon learned of his true heritage as one of hundreds of Trips scattered throughout the multiverse. Eventually, this Trip found a run-down spaceship and repaired it, choosing to travel the Fantendoverse to track down his fellow Trips, and scavenge for supplies in the worlds they visit.


Cosmic Road Trip does not have much of an overlapping story. However, each world has an objective to reach, and a way of achieving it, as well as several sidequests.

Trips Away!

Hub Alsihr - Paradise in Ruins

Cyropolis - Frozen Metropolis


Exploration and Combat

Cosmic Road Trip is a 3D action-platformer with various open world maps to explore, much like Super Mario Odyssey. If the player's Horizon is hooked up to a TV, a map will be displayed on the controller's screen, and in handheld mode, the map will be displayed in the pause menu. This map allows the player to mark areas of interest, and will be filled out as the player explores the area.

Combat in Cosmic Road Trip finds a middle ground between the horde combat of Fire Emblem Warriors and the mostly one-on-one combat in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Each character fights in their own unique way, so find a playstyle you like best. Each Trip possess a unique personal skill, which varies between characters, as well as a Mastery. Masteries are much more useful than most skills, though there are very few of them. Characters can equip Rings to give them special enchantments.

Main Hub

See here

The Nexus Nebula is the main hub, where your Trips will relax between outings. A variety of things happen here, such as bonds being strengthened, shops being encountered, stamina being restored, items being discovered, and more.

Recruiting Trips

When in the Nexus Nebula, you have the option to spend coins on opening a Portal Beacon, similar to summoning in Fire Emblem Heroes. This will cause a portal to open somewhere in the universe, bringing a Trip to join your ranks. Since infinite universes exist, it's possible that you will summon a version of Trip that you have already recruited. This isn't entirely bad, though, as oftentimes duplicates will carry exclusive weapons or rings, and have a high chance of wearing an alternate costume.

Appearance Rates

It should be noted that this only applies for more generic Trips. Certain Trips have unique appearance rates.

Ranking Appearance Rate
Cosmic Road Trip T.png 20%
Cosmic Road Trip T.pngCosmic Road Trip T.png 19%
Cosmic Road Trip T.pngCosmic Road Trip T.pngCosmic Road Trip T.png 35%
Cosmic Road Trip T 4.pngCosmic Road Trip T 4.pngCosmic Road Trip T 4.pngCosmic Road Trip T 4.png 15%
Cosmic Road Trip T 5.pngCosmic Road Trip T 5.pngCosmic Road Trip T 5.pngCosmic Road Trip T 5.pngCosmic Road Trip T 5.png 5%
Cosmic Road Trip T 4.pngCosmic Road Trip T 4.pngCosmic Road Trip T 4.pngCosmic Road Trip T 4.png
Cosmic Road Trip T 5.pngCosmic Road Trip T 5.pngCosmic Road Trip T 5.pngCosmic Road Trip T 5.pngCosmic Road Trip T 5.png

Timeline Merges and Aberrations

When you have two Trips of the same kind, you have the option to merge their timelines. Doing this will smash their timelines together, which shouldn't be much of a problem considering they're the same person, essentially. The two Trips will become one and the same, freeing up a spot in your roster and distributing any bonuses any of them may have.

However, Timeline Merges will likely create Aberrations, if the Trip has a corresponding world. More often than not, these will be very minor changes, such as an NPC's dialogue being altered, a few new trees being planted, or a statue being destroyed. Sometimes, these Aberrations could be drastic. One of the merged Trips may come from a timeline with drastic changes, though this can be identified by them having a different greeting phrase.

Levelling Up

An Erringear

By levelling up a Trip, their stats will gradually increase. Levelling up your party members can be done in a variety of ways. The most common method of levelling up is by gaining experience by defeating enemies. However, you require more experience to level up when you are of a higher level, so while this may be helpful when you are of a lower level, you may want to rely on alternative methods later on in the game.

If you have multiple versions of the Trip you wish to level up, it's wise to perform a Timeline Merge. The result of the merged Trips will have a level equal to the sum of the component's levels (i.e. a level 13 Trip and a level 4 Trip will create a level 17 Trip). In addition, a merged Trip will gain any bonuses either Trip may have. However, it is advised to level up both Trips first, as it is much easier to gain levels with a spang-new Trip.

Finally, if you wish to boost your Trip's rank, you can use an Erringear on them. Originating from Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory, these gears are hard to obtain, but can be bought for a high price. By using an Erringear on a Trip, their star ranking will go up by 1, increasing their stats, and they will level up by 2 levels.


Default Trips

The default playable characters.

Trip Description Skills
Legacy Trip.png
Legacy Trip
Cosmic Road Trip T.pngCosmic Road Trip T.pngCosmic Road Trip T.png
"Together, we can rewrite the future!"
Legacy Trip was the Trip who assembled the Nexus Nebula and founded this team of Trips. Originally from a universe where Earth was deemed uninhabitable and mankind lived in a spaceship known as Station V, Legacy Trip discovered he was part of a lineage of great heroes with the ability to tap into a pocket dimension known as the T-Verse. The pressure became too much for him, and he fled to the New Fantendoverse, founding a team of Trips from across the multiverse to rewrite his destiny.

Portal Master

Rihlat Qasira.png
Rihlat Qasira
Cosmic Road Trip T.pngCosmic Road Trip T.pngCosmic Road Trip T.png
"Ready to make your wish come true!"
Rihlat Qasira is from an old Arabic universe, and was once a poor thief named Trip. One day, she stole from a sorceress, who cast a curse on her, trapping her in a lamp. Once freed from this lamp, she would be obligated to grant 3 wishes, before retreating back in. Thus, the legend of Rihlat Qasira, the jinn of the lamp (named after an inscription on the lamp), spread across the land. The lamp, being ornately decorated, eventually wound up in the possession of the royal family. The beautiful princess accidentally freed the genie, and fell in love. During their time together, the princess only made one wish: to revive her friend after he was killed by the royal guard. Shortly after, though, the lamp went missing during unknown circumstances and wound up in Legacy Trip's hold. Rihlat Qasira now seeks to find her lost love, as she is still under her ownership.

Trophy Master

Wandering Trips

These Trips have a chance of appearing in the Nexus Nebula launchpad and can be recruited from there.

Trip Description Skills
Cosmic Road Trip T.pngCosmic Road Trip T.pngCosmic Road Trip T.png
"Hi-ho! For the Mistress!"
Trippy is a version of Trip from a fairy tale universe where a short-haired Rapunzel is on a quest for revenge and a prince named Phillip has recruited a girl raised by wolves to slay a dragon. Recently in this universe, Snow White has cast a curse on the dwarf forest, causing the dwarves to follow her blindly. Trippy was in the middle of mining when he was summoned to the Nexus Nebula launchpad, and he's not very happy about being taken from his work. The curse has weakened significantly now that Trippy is in another dimension, but he still believes that he has joined the team of Trips because it's what Snow wants. As his name implies, Trippy is very clumsy.

Trap Master

Bounty Hunter Trip.png
Bounty Hunter Trip
Cosmic Road Trip T 4.pngCosmic Road Trip T 4.pngCosmic Road Trip T 4.pngCosmic Road Trip T 4.png
"This better have a good pay."
Bounty Hunter Trip comes from a universe where bounty hunters travel to the reaches of the universe to take out their targets. Even iconic characters like Unten, Strafe, Leah, and Rachel are bounty hunters in his universe. Trip does the job for the money, but he loves his job with all his heart. He's skilled at what he does, and he enjoys nothing more than meeting new people on his journeys, making a friend or maybe two, and shooting them in the head.

Subspace Master

Barbarian Trip.png
Barbarian Trip
Cosmic Road Trip T 5.pngCosmic Road Trip T 5.pngCosmic Road Trip T 5.pngCosmic Road Trip T 5.pngCosmic Road Trip T 5.png
"I'll be your front line of attack."
Barbarian Trip comes from a universe that fell victim to a near-apocalyptic event. Barbarian Trip was once a lawyer, but has since built up strength to survive in his difficult world, and has taken the law into his own hands. He has a large following in his universe, but is glad to have left that disastrous universe. Barbarian Trip is willing to do whatever it takes to protect those weaker than him, but will jump at the chance to fight.

Trophy Master

Magical Girl Trip.png
Magical Girl Trip
Cosmic Road Trip T.pngCosmic Road Trip T.pngCosmic Road Trip T.png
"O-oh! I've been noticed! I'll do my best to help, Trip-kun!~"
Magical Girl Trip is from her universe's Tokyo, which has been overrun by monsters. Trip took it upon herself to find the legendary artifact, Kanari Pinku no Hōseki, which gives her magical powers and a skimpy outfit. Her hair remains shiny no matter what, and doesn't seem to follow the laws of physics. Magical Girl Trip is eternally optimistic. She just wants to help people, and look cute doing it!
Light Magic

Portal Master

Chess Trip.png
Chess Trip
Cosmic Road Trip T 5.pngCosmic Road Trip T 5.pngCosmic Road Trip T 5.pngCosmic Road Trip T 5.pngCosmic Road Trip T 5.png
"I'll let you make the first move.~"
Chess Trip is a mystery wrapped in an enigma. Nobody really knows anything about her past, or where she comes from. She refers to herself as a queen, and holds herself as such. Chess Trip is constantly flirting with her fellow Trips. It's... a bit weird since they're all technically the same person, but I guess it's fine? It's easier not to get into that. The chess pieces on her tights aren't just for decoration, as Trip can move them around to command larger pieces in battle.
Rook Command

Trophy Master

Ketchup Trip.png
Ketchup Trip
Cosmic Road Trip T.pngCosmic Road Trip T.png
"This'll be easy squeezy!"
This guy's weeeeiiiiird. I mean, yeah, he's a Trip, but c'mon! He's a bottle of ketchup! How low have standards gotten? If this is really what we're doing, Ketchup Trip comes from a universe where condiments live alongside people. When he was summoned, he was participating in a global racing phenomenon known as the Fast Food Race. Who writes this? He's cute, so we'll let him stay.
Tomato Trail

Trap Master

Jerry Cosmic Road Trip.png
Cosmic Road Trip T.png
"W-Who are you!? Where am I!?"
Hey, we never said the summoning portals were perfect. Jerry's not a Trip at all. Nobody's sure how he came through the portal. The most popular theories are that he was near his universe's Trip when the portal opened and he fell in, or just a malfunction with the portals. Jerry's pretty useless, to be blunt. His only attack consists of playing a cute cat video on his phone - which seems to get coverage in any dimension. What plan is he on? Jerry gets easily scared and will refuse to go anywhere scary. You're better off just purging his timeline. Nobody needs Jerry.


Beorn Trip.png
Beorn Trip
Cosmic Road Trip T 4.pngCosmic Road Trip T 4.pngCosmic Road Trip T 4.pngCosmic Road Trip T 4.png
"I was beorn ready to help out!"
Beorn Trip comes from a universe where Unten had a fellow beorn helping him out in his adventures. Together, they defeated Doomulus Grime much easier than either thought possible, and Trip kept a piece of the drill as both a souvenir and a weapon. The Doomulus Drill attaches onto either one of his "rings" and can be fatal if Trip manages to get close enough. After the victory, Trip and Unten eventually drifted apart, but Trip remained exceptionally confident in his abilities. Maybe a bit too confident, according to some of the other Trips.
Doomulus Drill

Subspace Master

Pyunny Girl Trip.png
Pyunny Girl Trip
Cosmic Road Trip T 5.pngCosmic Road Trip T 5.pngCosmic Road Trip T 5.pngCosmic Road Trip T 5.pngCosmic Road Trip T 5.png
"Hey, you know anybody waiting on some Needlenam Grape Juice? No? Liameno's gonna be so mad..."
Pyunny Girl Trip is one of Liameno's brainwashed slaves, who works in the food court of his ship. Pyunny Girl Trip's original universe is very similar to the main universe, except Brix and Kass never stopped Liameno. Pyunny Girl Trip was in the middle of delivering a glass of Needlenam Grape Juice when the portal opened, and she's still looking for the person who ordered it. Everybody's a small bit creeped out by her unfaltering loyalty to Liameno and her tendency to act like a Pyubbit.
Unten Twinkie

Trap Master

Witch Trip.png
Witch Trip
Cosmic Road Trip T.pngCosmic Road Trip T.pngCosmic Road Trip T.png
"Nyahaha! ...Was that okay? I'm working on my evil laugh for extra credit."
This Trip is a witch-in-training at a prestigious magic school. She tries very hard to be intimidating, but she just can't keep a straight face. Trip has devoted herself to studying witchcraft and spends every moment she can reading up on unfamiliar spells. Unfortunately, she hasn't learned any off by heart, so she needs to read enchantments out of her book. Keep away from water.

Subspace Master

Pickle Trip.png
Pickle Trip
Cosmic Road Trip T.png
"I'm Pickle Trip!"
This Trip turned himself into a pickle. Why? Because he can. I hate him.

Trap Master

Event Trips

These Trips have a chance of appearing in the Nexus Nebula launchpad and can be recruited from there. However, these Trips are only available as long as the event lasts. They tend to be more powerful than your average Trip.

Summer Festival

Cosmic Road Trip Summer Festival.png

The Summer Festival, also known as the End of Summer Splash is an event held near the end of summer of 2017. It featured Trips in beach attire, likely inspired by events from the Fire Emblem games. This event includes 2 summer Trips, including one entirely new Trip.

Trip Description Skills
Chess Trip Summer.png
Chess Trip
Cosmic Road Trip T 5.pngCosmic Road Trip T 5.pngCosmic Road Trip T 5.pngCosmic Road Trip T 5.pngCosmic Road Trip T 5.png
"Queen of the seaside, at your service~."
When she was summoned, Chess Trip was in the middle of building sandcastles with exquisite details - an art she calls "castling". This Trip loves sunbathing, though it's evident she doesn't do it very often. She has hinted that it's because of the weather in her home dimension, but nobody has been able to use this information to decipher exactly where she comes from.
Bishop Command

Trophy Master

Bounty Hunter Trip Summer.png
Bounty Hunter Trip
Cosmic Road Trip T 4.pngCosmic Road Trip T 4.pngCosmic Road Trip T 4.pngCosmic Road Trip T 4.png
"Look, no comments about the get-up, alright?"
It's always summer somewhere in the multiverse, right? Bounty Hunter Trip was on a mission to take down an important target, and had to disguise himself as a poolgoer to complete the task. Unfortunately, it's hard to look the part when you need to carry a 30kg suit of high-tech armour filled with weaponry. Trip is surprisingly cool about you summoning him and possibly ruining of his only chance of taking out his target.

Subspace Master

Alternate Costumes

Each character has 3 alternate costumes, which can be unlocked by summoning a Trip that you have already recruited. These duplicate Trips have a high chance of possessing one of these alternate costumes. Legendary costumes, however, have a significantly lower chance of appearing.

Legacy Trip 2.png
Legacy Trip
Legacy Trip Alt 1.png
Mystery Sleuth
Legacy Trip Alt 2.png
Alien Force
Legacy Trip Alt 3.png
Rihlat Qasira.png
Rihlat Qasira
Rihlat Qasira Alt 1.png
Rihlat Qasira Alt 2.png
Friend Like Me
Rihlat Qasira Alt 3.png
1001 Arabian Whites
Trippy Alt 1.png
Bird Set Free
Trippy Alt 2.png
Shadow Preacher
Trippy Alt 3.png
Bounty Hunter Trip.png
Bounty Hunter Trip
Bounty Hunter Trip Alt 1.png
Man of Iron
Bounty Hunter Trip Alt 2.png
Federation Force
Bounty Hunter Trip Alt 3.png


Personal Skills

These skills are exclusive to each Trip.

Skill Description Trip
Bishop Command By summoning pieces to move on her cloth, Chess Trip can summon a large bishop to move along a large grid, damaging any enemies it comes into contact with. Chess Trip (Summer Festival)
Bounty If an enemy drops items when defeated, these items will be displayed above the enemy's head, allowing the player to decide if the enemy is worth taking on. Bounty Hunter Trip
Broomstick Witch Trip can ride an enchanted broomstick high into the air to get a clear view of the surrounding area. You can attempt to fly, but Witch Trip isn't very good at it. Witch Trip
Doomulus Drill By using the Doomulus Drill, Beorn Trip can drill into designated areas to uncover secrets, as well as smash breakable walls. Beorn Trip
GHOST SMILE II When standing idle, Jerry will play GHOST SMILE II on his phone. This creates a very dim light that won't be of much use. Maybe somebody out there wants to play GHOST SMILE II? Jerry illegally downloaded the game onto his phone. Jerry
Lamp Rihlat Qasira can hide in her lamp, making her a very small target to hit, but takes a lot of damage if she is hit. Most enemies will ignore the lamp. Sometimes, an enemy or an NPC will pick up the lamp and carry it somewhere, leading you to a secret or allowing you to get into areas you couldn't get to beforehand. Rihlat Qasira
Light Magic Magical Girl Trip's attacks use light magic, which might blind enemies. Magical Girl Trip
Liquifier Bounty Hunter Trip blasts a blue ray at an enemy, giving them a blue tint. When defeated, the enemy will burst into water. Bounty Hunter Trip (Summer Festival)
Mighty Barbarian can use two-handed weapons with ease. He can hod them in one hand, preventing his speed from being lowered, and has significantly less lag. Barbarian Trip
Miner Trippy can swing his pickaxe at ores or breakable stone, shattering it. Ores will drop precious minerals, which can be sold, forged into rings, or given to NPCs. Trippy
Pickle Since this Trip turned himself into a pickle, enemies will try to eat him. It's not a good skill to have, if I'm being perfectly honest with you, but at least it draws enemies away from your allies. Pickle Trip
Rook Command By moving the rook on her tights, Chess Trip can summon a large rook to move along a large grid, damaging any enemies it comes into contact with. Chess Trip
T-Verse Legacy Trip can open small portals to the T-Verse, allowing him to store items and weapons for later, and increasing his inventory size. Legacy Trip
Tomato Trail Sometimes while running, Ketchup Trip's bottom will become loose, spilling a bit of ketchup. This can be useful for keeping track of where you've been. Ketchup Trip
Unten Twinkie Pyunny Girl Trip can place down an Unten Blue and Black Twinkie to distract enemies. Though it heals a bit of health, it should help in taking them down. Allies can also eat the Twinkies. Pyunny Girl Trip seems to have a near unlimited supply. Pyunny Girl Trip


Each Trip has one of the following Masteries. Jerry, not being a Trip, has none.

Mastery Description Icon
Subspace Master Subspace Masters have the ability to fill the area around them in a bubble of Subspace, a mysterious purple matter with distorting properties. This area has distorted gravity, and will gradually harm anybody caught in the bubble. The radius increases with the amount of stars your Trip has. TBA
Trap Master Though it requires a decent bit of charge time, Trap Masters have the ability to create traps that engulf one enemy at a time. This can be useful for immobilising enemies, though its main use lies in the fact that there is just under a 50% chance that the enemy will become an ally if left alone until the Trap releases them. Trips with more stars have a shorter charge time, and 5 star Trips can sacrifice a bit of their health to increase the chances of the enemy joining their side. TBA
Trophy Master Trophy Masters have the ability to throw blue trophy bases. If it hits a weakened enemy, item, or NPC, there is a chance that they will become a trophy. In battle, you can choose any trophy from your collection to assist you in battle, though this has a rather large cooldown rate. Trophy Masters with more stars have a higher chance of making trophies, as well as 5 star Trips having a faster cooldown rate. TBA
Portal Master Portal Masters have the ability to create a set of corresponding portals. These can act as checkpoints, be used to solve puzzles, ambush enemies, or otherwise. A true Portal Master knows how to make the best usage out of this ability. Trips with 3 stars or below have only one pair of portals to work with, 4 star Trips can use two pairs, and 5 star Trips can make use of 3 pairs. TBA

Spotlight Events

While most events allow you to summon exclusive Trips to recruit, Spotlight Events increase the chances of certain Trips appearing.

Victor's Ballot

The Victor's Ballot is a regularly occurring event in Cosmic Road Trip, where a set of Trips will be pitted against each other. Players will vote for their favourite Trip out of the set by using them in a challenge where you take on the other Trips one by one. The winning Trip recieves a special alternate version, which is distributed to everybody who voted for them.

The first Victory Gauntlet is rumoured to be held very soon.


Victory Devotees

The Victory Devotees are a mischevious group bent on causing destruction throughout the universe. They disguise themselves as iconic Fantendoverse characters in order to give them a bad name. Rumour has it that they met at a support group after losing loved ones in battles fought by these so-called "heroes". They recognise that Trip is a staple in the Fantendoverse, what with there being so many different versions of them, and have made the Trips their enemy.

Victory Devotee Description
Miss Jackson.png
Miss Jackson
"Name's Miss Jackson. Nastiest on this side of the multiverse."
Miss Jackson leads the Victory Devotees. For the most part, she prefers not to get her hands dirty. The other Devotees don't do anything about it out of fear. When she's needed, though, Miss Jackson is a formidable opponent. She has the ability to manipulate the smoke that she breathes, and is exceptionally skilled at what she does. Miss Jackson makes it a point to personally greet the Trips each time they encounter the Devotees. While the rest of the team go by codenames, nobody knows what Miss Jackson's real name is.
"You're in for a real tragedy if you think you can take me."
Klon is a member of the Victory Devotees determined to give Unten, the saviour of Zeon, a bad name. While Unten is a nervous wreck, Klon oozes confidence. The rest of the team joke that he's a "bear" impersonating a bear, but he doesn't mind. Klon's husband was an expert mechanic before he was killed in one of Unten's battles, and engineered Klon's weapon, though it wasn't intended for its current use. Klon uses the generators on his belt to channel electricity through his gloves. That, combined with his strength, make him a tough opponent to beat.

Non Playable Characters

Character Description World

Rachel Harel
Princess of Hub Alsihr
"Princess? I don't know what you're talking about. I'm just a merchant."
Hub Alshir

Rubelline Tifft
Leader of the Tifft Clan
"Y'know, I've been pretty thirsty lately. I don't know how you got past my underlings, but you looks tasty...~"
Hub Alsihr
Dafadae Frog.png
Potion Frog
"Potions! Potions! Hey you! Wanna buy some potions?"
Dafadae is the resident potion frog of Hub Alsihr, located in the Huxxabu Market. He's very sensitive over his appearance, and believes that fine jewellery will make him even more attractive. He will buy items off of you, but you'll fetch a very low price for anything that isn't shiny. Dafadae sells potions, which will boosts your stats and heal you.
Hub Alsihr
Azure New.png
Soon-to-be Ice Sculpture
"You're Trip, aren't you? And you're... also Trip? I have a proposal for you, mon ami."
Azure is a resident of Cyropolis. Though she works as a simple wedding planner, Azure took it upon herself to venture up the Congélé Mountain when the city began to freeze over, armed with a shotgun. She can't remember how it happened, but she returned from the mountain with half of her left arm gone, and ice slowly creeping up her arm. Contact with her frozen arm will cause instant freezing, so Azure keeps to herself. When the Trips cause a scene on main street after an encounter with some masked foes, Azure is certain that they can assist.
Unten Snowboarder.png
Master Snowboarder
"Name's Unten, master of the Zeon slope! If you don't mind, me and Fanti are trying to practice here."
Cyropolis's version of Unten isn't a hero, villain, or anything, really. Unten is just a dude who really loves snowboarding! His backstory is pretty similar to the main Unten's, but with a whole lot less trauma. Instead of becoming the zappy depression bear we know and love, this Unten discovered he had a secret passion in snowboarding. He trains daily with his snowboard named Fanti on the Zeon slope - both aptly named - in the hopes that he can become the world's best snowboarder one day. Unten makes a mean hot chocolate.

DJ Sparklers

Rave Goddess
"They call me the goddess of raving, but the name's Vindozz. What's it to you?"

Rollerblading Waitress
"Take a seat over there. I'll wheel over soon to take your order. If you wanna help out, though, that'd be bodacious."

Sakeena Kamel
Amatsuchi! Fangirl
"Hey, welcome to Amatsuchi-Con! I've got a quick survey for you to answer, baka. First off, dubs or subs?"

Perfume Frog
"Bonjour, good patron! Hon hon hon, could I interest you in a bottle of perfume?"

Valerie Heartgold
White Palms Resort Manager
"Welcome to the White Palms Resort! We hope you enjoy your stay, and if there's anything I can do to make it more enjoyable, let me know...~"
Eventide Archipelago

Rose Gold Idol
"How are y'all doing tonight? Ready for another showstopper performance?~"
Eventide Archipelago

Master of Disguise
"Oh, you must be a fan! Are you coming to see my one woman play tonight, The Tragic Tale of Leanne and Zeroz?"
Eventide Archipelago

Cosmic Lighthouse Keeper
"Hey, you don't look like you're from around here. Heh, could you be the one to put me back in the stars where I belong?"
Eventide Archipelago

Eventide Tour Guide
"Aloha! Is this your first time visiting the Eventide Archipelago?"
Eventide Archipelago

Alexandria Earhart
Legendary Sailor
"Looking to get around the archipelago? You've come to the right place, my friend."
Eventide Archipelago

Melodie Blue
Tourist Extraorinaire
"Wow! Isn't this place absolutely breathtaking? I just wish I didn't have to go so soon."
Eventide Archipelago

Martini Frog
"Hey hey! Havin' a good holiday? How's about you try a martini to get the party started? I've taste tested them myself..!"
Eventide Archipelago



Hub Alsihr
Hub Alsihr is Rihlat Qasira's home dimension. Once the home of great riches, architecture and art, the kingdom is now practically in ruins. It's being ruled over with an iron fist by a woman who was revived from the dead by a genie, and now seeks to harness that genie's power. The princess has gone into hiding, and nobody has seen her in a long time.
Qaleatan Harel
Once the beautiful palace of the Harel royal family, it has been destroyed beyond recognition. It is now the base of the Tifft group's operations. Many treasures hide within, but getting to them will be very tricky. Princess Rachel's room has remained untouched. Perhaps there's a hint to where she's hiding in there?
Huxxabu Market
Sorceress's House
Cyropolis is a bustling city with towering skyscrapers and a vaguely Parisian aesthetic, nestled at the foot of a mountain. There's only one problem: it's frozen over. Nobody's really sure why, but they're certain that it's something to do with the nearby mountain. However, it's extremely dangerous to climb. One such citizen attempted to scale the Congélé Mountain, and ended up with a frozen arm and dangerous abilities.
Congélé Mountain
A snowy mountain that towers over Cyropolis. Clouds have gathered at the top of the mountain, around the same time that everything began to freeze. Many icy monsters have begun to appear on the mountain, so you're in for a long and tedious climb.
Congélé Ski Lodge
Not everybody is panicking after the sudden freeze. Some clever individual has made the most of a bad situation and opened a ski lodge on the slopes of the Congélé Mountain. It's attracted a lot of business, and is in the middle of a snowboarding tournament. Unten's been practicing on the toughest slope there is - the Zeon slope - and wants nothing more than to win the cup.
Chargio Club
Rollercoaster Diner
An 80s themed diner, where all the waitresses wear rollerskates. The chefs used to wear rollerskates too, but that didn't go down very well. It's very popular due to its low prices, quality food, and unique aesthetic, but they don't have the staff or funds to accommodate for the crowds. Regular customers are happy to volunteer, luckily. The Rollercoaster Diner is the source of a lot of controversy after hiring their first android waitress, Cura.
Eau de Stinque
Easily recognisable by the fact that it's shaped like a big, pink perfume bottle, Eau de Stinque is a perfume shop run by a frog named Grenouille. The prices may be high, but the perfumes have useful effects.
Even though a lot of the city is frozen over, the annual convention for fans of the famous anime, Amatsuchi!, goes on. People have gathered from across the world to share their stories about how they came to love the show, buy fish lover merchandise, and meet the crew behind it. Though they're technically allowed there, fans of Amatsuchi!: Piza chijo no seikatsu are heavily frowned upon, as fans view the spin-off as a disgrace to the integrity of the original. If you watch dubs, get out.

Event Worlds

These worlds are unlocked once an event is held, and will stay unlocked.

Eventide Archipelago
Unlocked during the Summer Festival.
The Eventide Archipelago is a popular holiday destination for tourists across the multiverse. A series of islands with boats and bridges connecting them, where the sun is always shining. At night, there are various forms of entertainment across the islands. The owner of the White Palms Resort, Valerie Heartgold, has hidden a treasure somewhere in the islands, and nearly all of the holidaygoers are racing to find it.
White Palms Resort
A subsidiary of the Silent Seas Resort, the White Palms Resort is owned by the rich Valerie Heartgold. The building towers above all the trees, and can be seen from any of the islands. Most holidaygoers stay here, despite the steep cost. Facilities include a restaurant, a gift shop, a telescope on the roof, and an Unten-shaped pool.
Marble Beach
Cosmic Lighthouse
Earhart Ferry Service
Kaehi Holiday Village
Silver Stage


In the Arena, you can take part in various minigames in an attempt to earn prizes, including rare Trips and Erringears.

Kolorb Ball


Trip of the Hill


Chain Challenge


Devotee Challenge


Nexus Nebula

The Nexus Nebula is a large spaceship wherein the Trips live, and rest between excursions. While using the various functions available within the Nexus Nebula, various interactions may occur between Trips that may affect missions.


As you use the various facilities within the vast Nexus Nebula, your Trips may interact with each other, or have problems of their own. These events may have effects on missions, such as causing a pair of Trips to have boosted attacks around one another, or a Trip being slower than usual. It's important to check the status of your Trips before heading out on an excursion.

While most events can happen between nearly any Trips, romantic events are an exception. Each Trip has a specific group of Trips that they can form romantic connections with, and some have none at all. However, romantic events are very rare.

Interactions have the chance to increase or decrease chemistry. Chemistry is an important factor when planning a team, as good chemistry will cause increased stats when around each other, and bad chemistry will lower their stats.

Interaction Description No.
Budding Friendship A Trip wants to be friends with another Trip! Depending on how you play it, the pair may have good or bad chemistry with one another. 2-3
Dimensional Differences The Trips are arguing about something, not knowing that they're all correct in their respective home dimensions. If left unsolved, the Trips will have bad chemistry with one another. 2-4
Cancelled Series A Trip is upset that their favourite TV show was cancelled. With all these Trips, one of them is bound to come from a dimension where it wasn't cancelled! Solving this will increase their speed. 1

Bulletin Board


Road Trip


Trip Trade


Off-Brand Shop


Pawn Star


Vending Machine


Trophy Hall


Ring Forgery









Item Description Vendor
Sweet Potion CRT.png
Sweet Potion
A potion that restores some of your health. Tastes vaguely sweet. Dafadae
Minty Potion CRT.png
Minty Potion
A potion that increases your defense. Tastes vaguely minty. Dafadae
Spicy Potion CRT.png
Spicy Potion
A potion that increases your attack power. Tastes mildly spicy. Dafadae
Bitter Potion CRT.png
Bitter Potion
A potion that increases your speed. Tastes vaguely bitter. Dafadae
Sour Potion CRT.png
Sour Potion
A potion that increases the range of your attacks. Tastes vaguely sour. Dafadae
Stardew Potion CRT.png
Stardew Potion
A potion that restores all your health, and gives you extra health. It tastes amazing, but you can't put a name on it... Dafadae

Strawberry Perfume
Perfume that, when sprayed, will attract enemies and NPCs. Can be used for puzzle solving. Grenouille

Bee Perfume
Perfume that, when sprayed, will summon a swarm of bees to attack anybody with the scent. Grenouille

Garlic Perfume
Perfume that, when sprayed, will repel any enemies and NPCs. Grenouille

Acidic Perfume
Perfume that, when sprayed, will poison anybody caught in the cloud. Who buys this stuff? Grenouille

Loveshack Perfume
Perfume that, when sprayed, will cause anybody caught in the cloud to fall in love with the nearest character or enemy. Grenouille

Sunset Martini
A martini that, when drank, will skip the time to sunset. Aouli

Sunrise Martini
A martini that, when drank, will skip the time to sunrise. Aouli

Everglow Martini
A martini that, when drank, will cause your character to glow in the dark. They say it's made of everglow rampion. Aouli

Mana Martini
A martini that, when drank, will boost all your stats temporarily. Made of mana fruit. Aouli

Prism Dust Martini
A martini that, when drank, will increase the effect of the next item consumed. Made of prism dust. Aouli


Trophies can be used in battle by Trophy Masters, with each one functioning differently. They can be bought in shops or collected by Trophy Masters.

Trophy Description
Azure Trophy.png
Cosmic Road Trip T 4.pngCosmic Road Trip T 4.pngCosmic Road Trip T 4.pngCosmic Road Trip T 4.png
Azure's just a young wedding planner in Cryopolis, trying to stay out of harm's way. Unfortunately, Cryopolis's sudden freezing affected Azure, causing ice to creep up her arm.

When summoned, Azure will get scared and create a wall of ice. This wall can be broken after enough attacks, but the ground around it will be slippery.
Cosmic Road Trip T.png
It's Sam Underworld! Blenda is Cura's doppelganger, from Fantendo Sports Resort. She's a goat girl who comes from a cult in the 60s. Did her parents really name her after a blender?

When summoned, Blenda will carefully aim her firework rod at a nearby enemy. She launches a green firework, which flies high into the air, and lands pretty far away from the target. The chance that it will hit something is pretty low, but at least it looks pretty!
Dafadae Trophy.png
Cosmic Road Trip T.pngCosmic Road Trip T.pngCosmic Road Trip T.png
Dafadae is but a humble potion frog, selling his wares in the Huxxabu Market. He's a very sensitive guy, so try not to insult his necklace. He thinks it's awesome.

When summoned, Dafadae will drop a random potion, then hop away. The potion can be any potion purchasable from Dafadae, aside from the Stardew Potion.
Izzy Skarp
Cosmic Road Trip T 4.pngCosmic Road Trip T 4.pngCosmic Road Trip T 4.pngCosmic Road Trip T 4.png
Izzy Skarp is a massive fan of Unten's, and supposedly has a bit of a crush on him. She's subscribed to the Unten Crate service, and receives several per month, just to ensure that she has all the merchandise.
When summoned, Izzy will drop randomly selected Unten merchandise, all of which are healing foods.
Rachel Victory Trophy.png
Rachel Harel (Victory)
Cosmic Road Trip T 4.pngCosmic Road Trip T 4.pngCosmic Road Trip T 4.pngCosmic Road Trip T 4.png
Originally, Rachel's whole shtick was being a completely normal person in the midst of the madness that is the Fantendoverse. Unfortunately, that title has seriously faded.

When summoned, Rachel will put up barriers using her gauntlets. These will shield enemy attacks, though you and your team can still attack through them. The barriers disappear when Rachel does.
Princess Rapunzel Trophy.png
Cosmic Road Trip T.pngCosmic Road Trip T.pngCosmic Road Trip T.png
Rapunzel's a princess from a faraway world, with exceptionally long, enchanted hair. This doesn't affect her canon, so it's okay, right?

When summoned, Rapunzel uses her long hair as a whip. It's a rather weak attack, but it stuns foes. During the time when she's not attacking or preparing an attack, her hair will lie around, tripping anybody who walks into it.
Red Money Trophy.png
Red Money
Cosmic Road Trip T.png
Money, money, money! It's Red Money, honey! Red Money's the coolest kid on the block! I wish I could be as cool and bodacious as Red Money...

When summoned, Red Money will carefully aim his firework rod at a nearby enemy. He launches a red firework, which flies high into the air, and lands pretty far away from the target. The chance that it will hit something is pretty low, but at least it looks pretty!
Cosmic Road Trip T 4.pngCosmic Road Trip T 4.pngCosmic Road Trip T 4.pngCosmic Road Trip T 4.png
An alternate universe Unten who really isn't very heroic. He lacks any real morals or smarts, but he loves guns. So that counts for something, I guess.

When summoned, Reten will wield his dual handguns, Sol and Heartbreaker. He waits for the perfect opportunity, then strikes! Reten can even hit enemies behind him by turning his head 180°.
Rubelline Tifft Trophy.png
Rubelline Tifft
Cosmic Road Trip T 4.pngCosmic Road Trip T 4.pngCosmic Road Trip T 4.pngCosmic Road Trip T 4.png
Rubelline Tifft is a vampire who resides in Seattle, and has the ability to harness Red Energy. Interestingly, her trophy can only be found in Hub Alsihr.

When summoned, Rubelline will sprout bat-like wings and take to the skies. When you're in danger, she will swoop down and bite your foe, causing tremendous damage. However, Rubelline will burn in sunlight.
Unten Snowboarder Trophy.png
Unten (Snowboarder)
Cosmic Road Trip T.pngCosmic Road Trip T.png
This Unten has given up his usual life of heroics and adventures for a more peaceful life of snowboarding. He's constantly training in the hopes that he can master the Zeon slope.

When summoned, Unten will snowboard in the direction of enemies. He's quick, but he doesn't do much damage. His path will remain slippery for a short time.
Unten SR Trophy.png
Unten (Sports Resort)
Cosmic Road Trip T.pngCosmic Road Trip T.pngCosmic Road Trip T.png
Everybody needs a break now and then, and what better way to relax than taking part in a few sports? It's fun if you ignore the goddess forcing you to play dodgeball. I promise.

When summoned, Unten will serve a volleyball in the air. He jumps up and spikes it, charging it with electricity, and homing in on a random enemy. There's a chance that the ball will rebound off, and hit another enemy.
Unten (Victory)
Cosmic Road Trip T.pngCosmic Road Trip T.pngCosmic Road Trip T.png
The original saviour of Zeon, it's the starry-eyed zappy depression bear himself! It seems that in nearly any universe, Unten has a fascination with scarves.

When summoned, Unten will attack with his sword, Imperium. He charges directly forward, and will get close and personal with the first enemy he hits.

amiibo Compatibility





  • Many Trips are based on existing concepts for Trips
    • Legacy Trip is from an abandoned concept known as T-Verse
  • Many Trips come from previously existing universes
    • Trippy is from the Happily Ever After universe
    • Bounty Hunter Trip is from the bounty hunter universe, which was only hinted at in What-Ifs?
  • Jerry's phone in his official art contains the logo for the Cosmic Road Trip Summer Festival, unannounced as of Jerry being released
    • He wears a Team Unten shirt, much like the ones commonly worn in Fantendo Sports Resort
    • Jerry's skill involves him playing GHOST SMILE II on his phone
    • Jerry seems to be loosely based on Jerry Smith from Rick and Morty
  • The Nexus Nebula comes from a scrapped concept
  • Miss Jackson is based on the Panic! At The Disco song of the same name, with her smoke powers coming from the music video
  • The Victory Devotees are named after Victorious and LA Devotee - songs by Panic! At The Disco - and Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory
  • Klon's design, while based on Unten, takes a lot of inspiration from his Banned from Fantendo iteration
  • All the frog vendors are named after "frog" in the native language of the real world country that their world is based on
    • Dafadae is Arabic for frog
    • Grenouille is French for frog
    • Aouli is Hawaiian for frog
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