Corrupted World is a metroidvania developed by Stardust Works as the first project taking place in the Nightflame Galaxy. It features a Bladikori explorer named Jin exploring Xylen V, the planet where the infectious disease known as The Spook began. It was initially released for the Stardust Dragon and Nintendo Switch only, but ports may be coming to other consoles. Currently there has only been a port to one console, the GhostDrive. It has an upcoming sequel called Dark Gods.


Corrupted World plays like your average metroidvania, with the player exploring a large area and gaining new permanent abilities as the game is progressed through. Corrupted World's twist on the formula is the Infection Bar. The Infection Bar fills up when the player is hit by most enemies and hazards, when the player is near Infected Growths and while the player is in specific areas. As the Infection Bar fills up, various harmful effects are applied to the player, such as decreased visiblity and hindered mobility. When the bar reaches full, the player will be killed and will respawn at the last visited Purity Shrine.

Purity Shrines can be found rarely around the world and empty a player's Infection Bar alongside saving the game. Other ways to lower the Infection Bar include using Pure Spells and destroying Light Crystals. Another unique part of Corrupted World is the way weapons work. Jin has two weapon slots, one primary and one secondary. Excess weapons are stored in the inventory. Only two weapons can be used at once.


Corrupted World follows Jin, a Bladikori explorer who is paid by the Galactic Alliance to explore Xylen V, the source of The Spook, a disease that has taken over much of the Nightflame Galaxy, and then nuke the planet to hopefully destroy the Spook. Jin is dropped off in the ruins of the planet's capital city, Zardozia. After defeating the area's boss, Jin is given acess to the large majority of the game. No matter what path the player takes, Jin will eventually end up in the Academy Of Magic, where she finds the accidental creator of The Spook, Archmage Tomni, who has been completely taken over by The Spook. Jin slays the Archmage and radios the Alliance dropship waiting off planet.

Jin meets the dropship and boards, but before the ship can leave, Jin's partner Vandori, who was manning the dropship, shoots her and deliberately crashes the ship into the Academy. There he reveals he was hired by a mysterious person only known as Umbre to bring The Spook back to Arkhalos in order to infect the city. He then chugs a flask given to him by Umbre and transforms into a massive monster. After a sequence in which Jin must activate seven Purity Shrines while avoiding Vandori's attacks, Archmage Tomni is freed from The Spook. With Tomni's aid, Jin manages to take down Vandori and then the two escape to the dropship. Once the credits roll, an epilouge scene is shown where Vandori is picked up by a UFO-looking spacecraft that opens up a portal and goes through it, arriving in an unknown location.


When Vandori crashes the ship, Jin seeks him out instead of activating the Purity Shrines. He asks if she wants to join him, and if the player says yes, they have to kill a Purified Tomni then escape from the planet, which is collapsing due to the nukes detonated during the battle against Tomni, in the ship. After the credits, the UFO picks up the dropship.


Jin seeks out Vandori, refused to help him and manages to defeat him, then kills a Purified Tomni and hijacks the dropship then nukes the planet with it's in built nuclear systems. Then she escapes and destroys a bunch of Galactic Alliance warships. After the credits, Vandori's remains are picked up by the UFO.


Image Name Description
Jin Redesign 2 Jin Jin is a Bladikori explorer who was commissioned by the Galactic Alliance to explore Xylen V. She is the game's only playable character. Her playstyle is geared towards evasion, but the player can change her playstyle dramatically with upgrades and weapons.
Vandori Vandori Vandori is the game's true main antagonist, Jin's former partner and a Beorn agent of Umbre. He talks to Jin throughout the entire game and acts as a helpful character but is revealed to be evil in the final act, where he is the final boss battle.

Corrupted Tomni

Archmage Tomni

Archmage Tomni Archmage Tomni is the accidental Robani creator of The Spook and later the infection's avatar. Once Jin defeats her in her boss battle, she dissapears, but returns after she activates seven Purity Shrines in her purified form as an ally to Jin in the final boss fight.
The Knight CW The Knight The Knight is a mysterious stranger who can be found in certain places around Xylen V. He will give you quests to kill certain large enemies and will reward you with abilities or weapons for completing the quest.


Image Name Description
W.I.P. Zardozia Zardozia is Xylen V's former capital. It is the least infected part of the map. It is mostly a tutorial area, introducing the game's systems and mechanics. The weapons found in it are the Cap Gun, the Stabby Fork and the Magic Machine Gun. The abilities found in it are the Dash and the Ground Pound. It's boss is Mayor Veren.
W.I.P. Lost Jungle The Lost Jungle is an enormous infected forest that has grown up around Zardozia. It can be found to the right of the capital and introduces The Knight. The weapons found in it are the Very Big Sword, the Fireball Spell and the Grapple Shot. The abilities found in it are the Wall Hop and the Roll. It's boss is the Venus Mantrap.
W.I.P. Haunted Caverns The Haunted Caverns are a network of caves that run through all of Xylen V. They are below Zardozia and link to Lost Jungle, Snowpeak and Drowned Beach. The weapons found in it are the Spam Shot, the Electro Spear and the Conjuring Wand. The abilities found in it are the Double Jump and the Crouch. It's boss is the Skelman.
W.I.P. Drowned Beach The Drowned Beach is one end of the enormous ocean covering Xylen V. It is accessed via the Haunted Caverns and leads to the Academy Of Magic across the sea. The weapons found in it are the Excalibur, the Crocogator and the Spirit Lamp. The abilities found in it are the Swim and the Acidic Surf. It's boss is Admiral Nortlyx.
W.I.P. Cyborg Factory The Cyborg Factory is an enormous skyscraper where Xylen V's technology is made. It links up to the Lost Jungle, the Haunted Caverns and the Ruined City. The weapons found in it are the Rocket Shot, the Bore Hammer and the Sentient Rug. The abilities found in it are the Charge Shot and the Swing. It's boss is the Overmind.
W.I.P. Snowpeak Snowpeak is an enormous mountain that towers over even the Cyborg Factory. It is only accessible through the Haunted Caverns as both sides are blocked. The weapons found in it are the Moon Flail, the Cold Spell and the Big Bomb. The abilities unlocked in it are the Blaze and the Snowball. It's boss is the Big Bad Yeti
W.I.P. Ruined City The Ruined City is a magnificent fortress built around the Academy Of Magic that doubles as a city. It is accessible via the Cyborg Factory and the Academy Of Magic. The weapons found in it are the Slicer, the Nightfall and the Blazing Trident. The abilities unlocked in it are the Slide and the Bash. It's boss is The Emperor
W.I.P. Academy Of Magic The Academy Of Magic is the birthplace of the Spook and a major landmark of Xylen V. It is accessible through Drowned Beach and the Ruined City. The weapons found in it are the Hyper Shot, the Hyper Blade and the Hyper Curse. The abilities unlocked in are the Spin and the Explosion. It's bosses are Archmage Tomni and Vandori.


Image Name Description
W.I.P. Dash Jin dashes forward, damaging anything she collides with.
W.I.P. Ground Pound Jin jumps, tucks in to a ball and smashes down, destroying anything below.
W.I.P. Wall Hop Jin jumps and springs off walls facing each other in rapid succession.
W.I.P. Roll Jin rolls forward, able to fit through small spaces and break objects.
W.I.P. Double Jump Jin boosts quickly up a second time while in mid air.
W.I.P. Crouch Jin crouches, able to fit through spaces smaller than she can roll through.
W.I.P. Swim Jin dons scuba gear and flippers then starts swimming through water.
W.I.P. Acidic Surf Jin hops on a surfboard and skims across the acid without taking damage.
W.I.P. Charge Shot Jin charges up a ranged weapon and fires it, able to hit specific targets.
W.I.P. Swing Jin swings from a bar, shooting herself forward violently.
W.I.P. Blaze Jin ignites breifly, melting any icy barriers or enemies nearby.
W.I.P. Snowball Jin rolls and slowly gathers objects, becoming bigger and able to break more.
W.I.P. Slide Jin slides into a tiny space and goes into crouch mode.
W.I.P. Bash Jin bashes into specific cracked walls, destroying them.
W.I.P. Spin Jin spins, deflecting any projectiles fired at her.
W.I.P. Explosion Jin detonates an explosion, destroying any enemies or barricades.



  • The game is heavily inspired by Hollow Knight
  • There is a cameo from Infinite Dungeon in every world.
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