Sterling Balham
AGE 19
CLASS Time-Traveling Gentleman
WEAPONS Steampunk machines

Corner (real name Sterling Balham) is a character created by JesseRoo (tbc) for use in various crossovers. He is an eccentric time-traveler from an alternate, steampunk Earth.


From a young age, Sterling was an intelligent boy with an inclination towards buildings robots and other machines. At the age of 18, however, he completed his magnus opus: a pilotable mecha robot, which was also capable of time travel thanks to a time machine which he received from himself from the future. Using this invention, he began to travel throughout time and space and took on the alias of Corner (for what reason, nobody quite knows, although some people think it's because of a stupid pun).

Tainted Dreams

Other Appearances

Twenty-Second Choice: Hostility

Personal Information

Physical Description

Corner is tall and handsome, with short, dark brown hair. He wears a steampunk-themed formal suit, and can be occasionally be seen with a top hat and goggles.


Corner is witty and somewhat condescending (believing himself to be more intelligent than others), but still respectful to others. He is also a womanizer, using his good looks to charm women all across the universe and through time.



Corner has what he believes to be a friendly rivalry with Nava, although she considers it much more hostile. The two go to great lengths to sabotage the other's plans, regardless of whether they conflict with their own interests or not.

When required (often for matters concerning the stability of time and space), the two can work together and often do so to great success (as their frequent battles across time and space have given them both a greater understanding of the other).

The Forgotten One

Corner had a brief altercation with the Forgotten One and the Time Keepers when they expressed desire to "fix" the timeline surrounding Earth. Corner fought against them to maintain his time machine (and, unknowingly, ensuring that Nava would also receive her time machine in the future).

After eventually getting the Time Keepers to leave Earth's timeline alone (and receiving a warning that they would return if he ever created a paradox), The Forgotten One began to see Corner as nothing more than a slight annoyance.


  • Time Machine Robot: The Time Machine Robot (name pending) is a pilotable mecha robot, which is approximately one and a half times the height of Corner (relatively small for a mecha). It is capable of time travel, due to Corner receiving a time travel device from himself from the future.
  • Skeleton Key: Corner's Skeleton Key is a mechanical key which will automatically adjust the position of it's teeth to that of the key required to open whatever lock it is placed in.
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