Full Name Corbus
Current Age Over 2000 (physically 14)
Location Kraa'os
Class Hero
Main Weapon(s) Speed
First Appearance Azarak: The Everlasting Storm (2011)
Latest Appearance Azarak 2 (2012)

Corbus is a guardian angel from the Azarak series, and one of the four Elemental Heroes from Claudous. After Azarak's murder, he seperated into four seperate guardian angels that were sworn to protect the kingdoms of Claudous and Kraa'os from the fallen angel Ziniba. Despite being over 2000 years old, he looks to be about 14.


Corbus, being the reincarnation of Korbus the Brave and the Blue Guardian, is very brave, and is willing to take many risks. He loves adventure and hates travelling. He is quite smart, but not nearly as smart as Brink.

Despite being a guardian angel, Corbus is not as loyal as the other three angels, and is quite arrogant at times. Despite this, everyone thinks of him as a brave leader.


Azarak: The Everlasting Storm

In Azarak: The Everlasting Storm, Corbus is seperated from Azarak, along with Tactal, Faraoh, and Brink, after his murder. He fell in south Kraa'os, and immediately set out to save Claudous. He meets the apparent "mentor" of Azarak, Yuko, and she teams up with them, only to betray them later. In the final fight with Ziniba, Yuko returns to aid Corbus in battle. They win, and Yuko, who revealed herself to be a fallen angel, earns her wings back.

Azarak 2: Angel Apocalypse

All that is known is that it focuses on Corbus, Yuko, and their new partner, Draid.



Draid was saved by Corbus in Hallow Creek as he was falling of a cliff. Ever since then, he has vowed to stay by his side no matter what. The two have been shown to have a great friendship and pertnership in battle.


Yuko is one of Corbus' greatest friends. In his first quest, Corbus stumbled across her. She told him she was Azarak's mentor, but later revealed herself to be a fallen angel. She later rejoined him in his fight, and earned her wings back. Ever since she has been loyal to Corbus.


Tactal is the red guardian angel, and was the first of the three Corbus recruited. Tactal is shown to have a sort of hatred toward Corbus, but is also show to respect him in battle.


Brink is the green guardian angel, and the wisest. He was the second angel to be recruited by Corbus. Brink is shown to have great respect toward Corbus, but is also very demanding of him.


Faraoh is the yellow guardian angel, and the last to be recruited by Corbus. He is very loyal to Corbus, and is willing to do anything for him in battle. He even risked his own life to save Corbus' during the battle with Zeth.

Storm Corbus