Greater Location Pokéarth
Current Capital N/A
First Appearance Pokemon - Shadows of Illusions
Latest Appearance N/A
Current Ruler Corakuda's Council
Current Inhabitant(s)

Corakuda is a city appearing in Pokemon - Shadows of Illusions. It is one of the major cities during the game and is one of the first to have the game mechanic of recruiting non-major allies. Corakuda is most famous for it's ports, which make Corakuda one of the most wealthy cities in the game.

Important Areas


The town in is close to the enterance, so it should be easy to reach.


In Corakuda there is an entire market. Each stall will sell different products and generally there is a more wider variety of products than in a regular town:

  • Pink Stall (Medical Items) - Owned by a Chansey, the Pink Stall mostly sells medical items such as potions and the stall-exclusive Softboiled Egg. The Stall also sells items which heal stat problems and provide temporary buffs such as Attack increases and other such things.
  • Black Stall (Equipabble Items) - The black store, owned by a Duskull, sells items which permenantly enhance the stats of an ally/the player and can be equipped forever. However the amount of items that the player can carry is limited. The Black Stall sells a variety of stat-enhancing items.
  • Blue Stall (Slot Machine) - Owned by a Sealeo, the Blue Stall has a slot machine set up in it which lets the player test his/her luck, with rewards ranging from nothing to one of the best items in game, one spin costs 500 Gold, tha chances of an item are listed below:
    • Nothing (49%)
    • Super Potion (15%)
    • Hyper Potion (10%)
    • Medallion of Chance (10%)
    • Medallion of Strength (10%)
    • The Serrated Edge (5%)
    • Armor of the Ancients (1%)


From here you can recruit allies to battle with you. You can only have 5 allies present in your party so you can go back and forth from the tavern. Major Party Members will appear in every Tavern you visit, though others will differ from tavern to tavern. You can recruit certain allies depending on your Reputation stat for each area, which is earned for doing quests. The stronger the ally, the more reputation you need in the area.


Main Quests

Quest Name Quest Giver Description from Quest Giver Reward Unlocked
The Arsenal Council Member Joseph They're coming, the entire Lone Shadows Navy Fleet are coming straight at the coast. Don't hold anything back and kill them all! 3500 Gold, +60 Reputation (Corakuda) After resting in the Inn for the first time

Side Quests

Quest Name Quest Giver Description from Quest Giver Reward Unlocked
Diggy Diggy Hole Karen the Buneary Every single time I seem to turn the water, it never goes on. And why? Because of those Dugtrio underground, constantly causing tremors under my house which break the water pipes and they do it for entertainment. I've lost over 3000 Gold dealing with the pipes and the authorities can't do anything about it, so would you kindly try to stop them? I'll give a reward, don't worry. 1000 Gold, +15 Reputation (Corakuda) Talking to Karen (Party Leader must be at least Level 18)
Adopt an Ally The Tavernkeeper You must be new here, ain't ya? T' people here, they're looking for somebody t' partner up with. Why don't ya say "Hi" to one and take him into yer team. Iron Ring (And the Ally) Talking to the Tavernkeeper


- Corakuda Overworld Theme (Welcome to Corakuda)
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