Copter KoopaSMWWii

A Copter Koopa.

Copter Koopas are actually just regular Koopa Troopas who wish to fly, appearing in the Super Mario series. This type of Koopa must have their shell painted tan in order to sport the propeller. Once the propeller is attached, the Koopas will be able to float on air (like a helicopter) and attack their enemy from above.

Their roles have varied over their appearances. While introduced as enemies in their debut, they were rideable similar to Yoshi in Super Mario Panic.


Copter Koopas are Koopa Troopers with propellors on their back. They have typically come in a tan/brown color, but also have appeared in both a green and red coloration.


Super Mario Evolution

Copter Koopas appear as enemies in Super Mario Evolution, where they are theorized to be descended from Parakoopas. They likely are able to fly upwards into the air and then glide similar to Propeller Mario.

Mario Kart Wii U

Copter Koopa is listed as a newcomer to this game. He is listed as a starting character but is actually a unlockable character for some reason, as he has a unlocking criteria listed on the article. You unlock Copter Koopa by winning against him in all Battle Courses. He is likely a middleweight as he appears right before all the heavyweights.

Super Mario Panic

Copter Koopa appears as a rideable character in Super Mario Panic. He's a quick character that can propel upwards and then float. He can carry players across gaps and holes and unlike other rideable characters, the riders can use powerups while riding him, however they must use them while flying.

Mariomon Red and Green Versions

A red and green Copter Koopa appear as Mariomon. They are the final evolutions of the Red Koopa and Green Koopa, respectively. They are both classified as Rock and Flying types.


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