The Cop is an enemy in Mother 3.5 and a form of brainwashed law enforcement instigated by the Pig Army to control the cities among the Nowhere Islands. Usually, Cops are just NPCs that will attack if you disobey their orders or any of the Pig Army's laws. They'll proceed to give chase until they engage you in a battle, or if you have enough DP you can pay their outrageous fines. Chances are you'll never have enough cash so you have to battle them.


  • Swung a Truncheon: Damages one target.
  • Attacked With a Crushing Chop: Damages one target.
  • Yelled "Freeze!": May cause one target to be briefly paralyzed.
  • Blew a Whistle: Does nothing.
  • Called for Backup: Calls other Cops and sometimes Pigmask Privates.
  • Let You Off Easy: If you somehow managed to pay him, he'll engage you in battle and then immediately call it quits.


Battle Descriptions

They ask you to pay fines, but the truth is that most of them are simply crooked cops.

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