Cook Islands to Cali is the first episode of Know Your Fantendo. It was written by RTA fan (tbc) and first aired in May 2016.


A girl from the Pacific Islands moves to California in the hopes that things go up for her.


A young woman is seen in a plane, surrounded by suitcases and trying to keep herself warm.

Woman: What airline puts their suitcases in a space like this?!

She kicks a suitcase open and a sweater, jeans and a pair boots fall out. The woman grabs them and puts them on.

Woman: Ooh, these are cozy. (in her head) Really, Taylor? Cozy? That's the only word you could think of?

Taylor shrugs and warms herself up as a narration voice is heard.

Narrator: I'm Taylor Jamison. Girl from the Cook Islands who decided to move beyond her home country. I thought the ride would be easier than it was, but sneaking aboard a plane isn't exactly glamorous.

She takes some money out and counts it.

Taylor: $23. That's not gonna get me far.

She sighs as she sits back.

Taylor: Wonder if California's gonna have some cool guys.

She sits back.

Taylor: There's gonna be more people, I know that. Just... gotta keep calm.

She lies back and sleeps on some suitcases.

Taylor: How did I come to this decision? Well...

An abandoned sugar plantation is seen, surrounded by foliage, as the camera shows Taylor sitting on a conveyor belt in the plantation.

Taylor: I made a big mistake buying this.

The camera shows what Taylor looking at, which appears to be a wall covered in vegetation.

Taylor: Well, I've barely got any money left now...

She gets some money out, showing to be a few dollar bills and some coins.

Taylor: On the bright side, there's enough food here to last me a few months.

Taylor walks through the plantation to see a large field of sugar cane.

Taylor: Whoa. If I knew how to make sugar, I could make a fortune from this.

Taylor hears a buzzing noise and whips out a PDA. She checks a message informing her about work.

Taylor: Shit!

Taylor runs out of the plantation and makes a mad dash toward her hometown of Avarua.

Taylor is seen stretching, as the door to the luggage opens and a security guard shines a light on her.

Security guard: What are you doing in here?

Taylor stutters as she runs off toward the fence in the airport.

Security guard: Get back here!

Taylor runs as fast as she can as she makes a big jump and lands about halfway up the fence and climbs over it. She stops at the side of the road, exhausted as she catches her breath.

Taylor: That... was too... close...

Taylor looks up to see the Los Angeles skyline.

Taylor: ...Whoa. Is this that place from Independence Day?

Taylor looks around and realises she is in the exact place she thinks she's in.

Taylor: Well... time to see what this place is actually like.

She walks down the road as the scene cuts to her arriving in downtown L.A..

Taylor: ...Ah shit.

Taylor notices all the people walking around as her heart is shown beating extremely rapidly.

Taylor: Heart, don't be a dick now...

Taylor's heart continues to speed up as Taylor passes out and the camera cuts to black.

The black screen is still seen as a voice is heard.

Voice: Ma'am! Are you okay?

The camera shows a first-person view from Taylor's point of view, with her sight being blurry.

Taylor: Where am I?

Taylor turns her head to see a blurry figure with blonde hair and a hibiscus in her hair. The figure is revealed to be Amy Jackson.

Amy: You're in Anaheim.
Taylor: ...I swear I was in Los Angeles when I passed out.
Amy: You were, but I saw you in the street so I picked you up, put you in the back of my car and drove you here.
Taylor: ...That sounds creepy.
Amy: It probably looked creepy.

Taylor looks around the building she's in, with it being full of fancy things.

Taylor: ...Who are you?
Amy: Amy Jackson XV.
Taylor: Huh?
Amy: Amy Jackson the fifteenth.
Taylor: Oh. I'm Taylor Jamison.
Amy: Cool. Where you from?
Taylor: Avarua.
Amy: Cook Islands?
Taylor: Yeah, how'd you know?
Amy: Wild guess.

Taylor raises her eyebrows as the scene fades out.

Taylor and Amy are seen walking in Anaheim.

Amy: A bit of a warning, there's a ton more people here than there are on your home island.
Taylor: I guessed. How many more?
Amy: Put it this way, there's about 350,000 people here, compared to... about 5,000 in Avarua?
Taylor: Yeah.
Amy: Hmm.
Taylor: So, where are we going?
Amy: Wherever, really.
Taylor: Is there... anything Maori-related here?
Amy: Not as far as I know.
Taylor: Hmm... rugby?
Amy: There's football. That's similar to it, but with pads.
Taylor: I thought football used feet only...
Amy: Oh, not that sort of football. That's called soccer here.
Taylor: Oh, stop with the culture lessons already!

Amy shrugs as they continue walking.

Taylor is seen, swimming through sugar canes as she gets back to the plantation.

Taylor: Yeah, this was a real mistake.

Taylor gets her PDA out again to show a message from the Rarotonga Airport.

Taylor: Goddammit.

Taylor wrestles through the sugar cane again as she is shown running to the airport, exhausted. A man is seen stood next to the airport building.

Man: Jamison, you look like you ran halfway across the island.
Taylor: As a matter of fact, I did.

Taylor puts her hand over her heart.

Man: ...Why did you run halfway across the island?
Taylor: Bought a sugar plantation out in the forest.
Man: Oh. Why?
Taylor: I... don't know myself. I saw it in the newspaper and thought it'd be a good idea. Turns out there was a ton of sugar cane and I don't know how to handle sugar cane.
Man: Well, to be fair, you had that coming to you.
Taylor: True. So, what did you need me for?
Man: We've got some tourists.
Taylor: Oh.

The tourists come out of the airport as Taylor greets them and takes them on a tour.






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