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Enigma Contract
Mystic Contract
The Enigma Contract and The Mystic Contract logos
Genre(s) Murder-Mystery
First Story The Enigma Contract

Contracts is the name given to the duology consisting of The Enigma Contract and The Mystic Contract. The series primarily follows the characters of January, Britt Hizaro and Zander, with each story introducing more characters.

Both stories star twelve characters as they are trapped within a building with no escape. The only way they can leave is if they kill the others, with the final one standing receiving their wish and being allowed to leave. The second story as places a large emphasis on the acts behind the scenes.



Over the course of the series, there are twenty-three people who participate in the game of death in order to get their wish granted; with twelve characters being introduced in the first and another eleven being introduced in the second.

Several other characters are referenced through information in the story, though do not make appearances themselves unless through a video or audio feed.

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