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Developer(s) Super Studios
Publisher(s) Super Studios
Platform(s) The Newt
Genre(s) Platformer,RPG
Series Constellation
Age Rating(s) E10+

Constellation is a 3D adventure platformer with some RPG elements thrown in as well. This game will be developed and published by Super Studios.


The story begins one night on Observatory Hill: a peaceful town on top of a hill when all of a sudden the sky goes dark and all of the stars vanish.

More to be added.


The gameplay is very similar to other platformers as the player can do things such as running and jumping. however, the main mechanic is what defies this game from the rest, the constellation making mechanic is a ability that the player has which allows the player to create constellations that can effect the game in various ways such as giving the player new abilities and temporarily changing the physics in the stage.

However, stars must be collected in order to make constellations. Stars are the main collectables in the game and can be found in a variety of ways including finding them scattered across the game or completing side missions.

Combat & HP

Combat in the game mainly involves punching and kicking as well as using temporary weapons that can either be found in the world or bought from shopkeepers.

HP is a fairly simple thing in the game as it works like it does in pretty much any other game, the player starts out with 15 HP but that can be increased up to 30 HP later on. Enemies and Bosses also have HP.


Shops in the game are very common in the game and sell items not usually found in the areas while exploring.

There are two different main shopkeepers in the game. Karen Smith is a traveling shopkeeper and will sell the player healing items and weapons that will change depending on the area she is in the game.

The Fishface Mage is the second shopkeeper in the game, unlike Karen Smith he will stay in the same place throughout the game, however he will gain more items in the shop the more the player buys from him. He mainly sells secondary items with the occasional exception.

However these shops are not free nor do they cost stars, shops require coins which are very similar to stars as they can also be found in the various areas in the game as well as being a reward from completing side missions.



Name Description
Travis Jones Travis Jones is one of the observatory keepers that saw the stars being stolen by a mysterious stranger. He is a optimist and always has a positive outlook on life. His best friend is Ross Turlin.
Ross Turlin Ross Turlin is one of the observatory keepers that saw the stars being stolen by a mysterious stranger. He is very unlucky and is always the one to point out the worst case scenario which may be why he's a big coward. His best friend is Travis Jones.

Major Characters

Name Description
The Starcatcher The Starcatcher is the main antagonist of the game. He stole all of the stars in order to become all-powerful and take over the world! (Somehow).
Oldman Keeper Oldman Keeper is a old man who built the observatory with his BARE HANDS many years ago, his role in the game is to teach the player how to play the game and make constellations.
Fishface Mage The Fishface Mage used to be beautiful but one day he was cursed by a evil witch because he was too vain, he became a mage with the hopes of reversing the curse. In the game he is a simple shopkeeper that will sell the player magic fish.
Karen Smith Karen Smith is a traveling shopkeeper who appears in every area in the game except for Shadowy Volcano. She sells a variety of items from apples to bombs.

Peylo is a paleontologist found in the Prehistoric Dunes where he'll trade the player rare-ish items for fossils.

Zee & Zed Zee & Zed are twins who appear to of haven a falling out in the past. While Zee is over it and is ready to apologize, Zed still isn't over it and won't forgive him. It's up to the player to get these two brothers back together, after doing this they will give the player a special reward.
Orbreak ???


Name Description Mini-Boss Boss
Observatory Hills Observatory Hills is a simple grassy area with a small village in the middle of it. It has a small forest as well. None Gigantis Mantis
Prehistoric Dunes King Cobra Bonechill Rex
Junglira Island Monster Flower Poison Plantation
Bottomless Mines Metal Mole Stone Crusher
Poisonous Creek Viva Pirahna Poison Gigantis Mantis
Jailbird Peaks Robo-Guard The Jailbird
Shadowy Volcano The Starcatcher ????




Healing Items

Name In-Game Description How to get it
Apple A simple little fruit that heals 3 HP. It's that simple. Buy from Karen Smith/Find from apple tree
Coconut A tropical fruit somewhat famous for having milk and hair, kinda gross if you ask me. It heals 6 HP. Buy from Karen Smith/Find from coconut tree
Watermelon A really big fruit..... that's all I got for this one. Heals 10 HP. Buy from Karen Smith
Magic Water Buy from Fishface Mage
Better Magic Water Buy from Fishface Mage
Best Magic Water Buy from Fishface Mage
Chicken Soup
French Fries
Healthy Medicine
Gummy Bear
Chili Pepper
Mystery Fruit