Connor Chilly
Chilly blue hat
Chilly red hat
Chilly outline


Connor is a normal Chilly (a White Body, a Big Black Eyebrows, Yellow Gloves, Gray Eyes, Black Eyebrows and a Red Collar with a Bell).

He is an NPC (Non-Playable Character).

He is acts very Sarcastic.


Kirby - Weird.

King Dedede - Looks Way too Weird.

Bandana Waddle Dee - Just another Character

Meta Knight - Acts Edgy

Admiral Joe - Grumpy as ....

Mayor Apricot - Too Happy for his liking.

Spear Doo - Looks like an Alien (One Big Eye, Green etc.)

Tubby Dee - Just a Little Kid

Ninja Dee - Ooh 'so scary'

Medical Dee - Total Nerd.


"You're so 'Great'"

"'Thanks a Lot'"

"You're actually Annoying"

"Leave me alone"

"'Oh you don't say'"

"I don't need your help, At all"

"Not to be Rude but, Go Away"

Fan Appearances

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