Connie Webster Female
96 lbs
21 years old Human
FULL NAME Constance Taylor Webster
POWERS Toxikinesis
BIRTH LOCATION Flag of the United States Liverpool, New York
CURRENT LOCATION Flag of the United States Los Angeles, California


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Connie Webster is a woman from the RTAverse. Owner of a convenience store hidden away in the bright lights of Los Angeles, Connie has become known for her short fuse with certain customers and is making an attempt to turn it around before she drives her store into the ground completely.

Physical appearance

Connie is a short 21-year-old Hispanic woman with black, wavy waist-length hair. Connie also wears a pink beanie and has brown eyes. Connie tends to wear a blue leather jacket with an olive green shirt underneath, black skinny jeans and purple Doc Marten boots. Connie also has a nose ring.


Connie was born with toxikinetic abilities. Her powers allow her to insert poisonous materials into multiple things, as well as giving her immunity to most toxins. Connie can influence her poison in multiple ways, such as simply scratching somebody's neck with her nails, which is usually indicated by her fingernails turning purple, or taking a bite into something. Connie's powers allow her to easily intimidate people who start getting on her nerves. Connie is also athletically gifted to some extent, being able to run 100 meters in a good 10 seconds flat.


Connie tends to have a bit of a short fuse. She has a tendency to lose her patience very quickly if people tend to mess around while they're in her store and she will not hesitate to kick them out if they start going at her herself. Connie tends to relax more after her store is closed, but doesn't want to close it due to the store being her only source of income.


  • Connie was originally a very different character, created in 2016, but has been reworked for the sake of a new series.
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