Conker Fur Movie is a British-American animated motion picture created by Rare Studios. It is based on the game Conker's Bad Fur Day.


The movie has a running time of 130 minutes.

Conker was an alcoholic squirrel, only thinking about 3 things, cash, Jim Beam and all the land he can get his furry-yet-gloved hands, according to the dvd cover, even though the film starts the same way to the game. after calling his girlfriend Berri at a tavern, The Cock And Plucker, Conker gets drunk and attempts to get home, only to get lost due to his bad trip.  meanwhile at his castle, the Fabled Panther King spills his milk due to a broken table.

Conker finds a scarecrow named "Birdy" who offers to help the squirrel if he gives him some "Mepsi-Pax". "Would you like some beer instead?" asks Conker, and gives some to him. Before sleeping, Birdy gives him the pills to make him "Sober, or whatever word". Conker finds a cave but a gargoyle is blocking the way. Conker hits him with a frying pan, and after it laughs, the gargoyle loses balance and falls into the pond.

The king orders The Professor, Von Kripplesac to catch him a red squirrel.

the movie goes like the game, so it is pointless telling you the whole plot.

Differences from the game

  • The context sensitive parts were removed. 
  • A bit more S words are censored.
  • The Really Big Guy's testicles are put in the rear to make it more like a bum. It even refers it a bum. 


It was a more better version to the cancelled Conker: Live And Uncut film. The film is also called Conker's Bad Fur Day in some trailers, promotions and dvd covers. In fact, at the start of the film, it says the alternative title instead of Conker Fur Movie, which only appeared after the credits.

When it appeared in theatres, the film was rated MA, though on DVD covers it was rated M.  some DVD releases also included the Live And Uncut version. It included the original film plus a director's cut, and 5 scenes from the unreleased movie.


Chris Seavor- Conker, Birdy, Panther king, 36+ others.

Louise ridgeway:- Berri, Queen Bee, Sunflower, 4 others.

Chris Marlow- The Great Mighty Poo

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