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Conker: Legends of the Relic
Developer(s) Zekotendo
Predecessor Conker: Live & Reloaded
Release Date(s) April 4, 2019
Mode(s) 1-4 Players
Age Rating(s) ESRB2013E10.png

Conker: Legends of the Relic is the upcoming action-adventure game released on April 4, 2019 on Nintendo Switch. This game is the enhanced remake and light-hearted reboot of Conker Bad Fur Day. The original game is originally rated mature, but the rated was toned down into E-10+ as the true main canon.


Four Character Explorations

Similar to Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric, the player can choose one of the four playable characters.


Prologue: Good Fur Day

Chapter 1: Conker's Journey

Final Chapter: Finale

As the alternate Conker fused with Ifreann the Dark Drake (who was destroyed by he and Neena) become Ifreanker, Conker and his friends rushes toward Ifreanker to battle against him.


Many characters are redesigned dramatically and some new characters with some removed as well the original game become the alternate reality since the reboot game become main timeline as Conker: Pocket Tale.

Main Protagonists

Character Information
Conker Conker is the kindhearted squirrel that he has a good day for his old adventures. He wield the very powerful staff called Dia Staff to knock off his enemies. Conker is the friend of Neena Itsuki from Heart Sins that he joins her as temporary party member before he head off to his jungle home.
Hark Hark is the hawk that he was one of Conker's friend and has a good day for his test flight.
Berri Berri is the gray squirrel and Conker's friend (or least girlfriend) who has a good day for pop star.
Gina Gina is the tiger salamander and Conker's friend as well Hark's least girlfriend and has a good day for returning the letters to her friends.

Supporting Characters

Main Antagonists

Character Information
King Panther The false main antagonist sent by Conker's alternate timeline counterpart.
Conker: Alternate/Ifreanker Conker's old alcoholic self who in his timeline that has a bad day and his beloved girlfriend was never appeared. He was the true antagonist and final boss that he used King Panther to take the mainstream Berri who was still alive.




  • As the reboot game, the two games are no longer rated M. This game was now rated E-10+ to keep the younger audiences off the adult theme.
    • Conker was now peacekeeper and a best friend of both Diddy Kong and Neena Itsuki while his alternate timeline self is alcoholic.
    • Berri is the friend and least girlfriend of mainstream Conker.
      • Berri's fate was never existed in this game.