The items you collect to defeat the Evil Black Acorn.

How Conker looks.

The game's Logo.

Conker's Rainbow Tales is the third installment to the series after Conker's Pocket Tales and Twelve Tales: Conker DS. It's a game starring Conker the Squirrel and Berri the Chipmunk collecting the legendary Rainbow Acorns to defeat the new villain, the Evil Black Acorn who is threatening to remove ALL color from the world.


It's a peaceful day in Willow Woods. The birds are singing and everything is happy. Conker and Berri are having a picnic and are eating sandwiches. All of a sudden, a ton of black clouds fill the sky. Conker and Berri look up and see a figure coming out of the clouds. It was a black acorn with a magic wand. He sees Conker and Berri and he tries to zap them. However, the attck misses. Conker asks who he was. He tells them that he is the Evil Black Acorn and he is going to remove ALL color from the world starting with Willow Woods. He disappears into the sky and the clouds fade away. Conker and Berri are now scared. So, they decide to talk to the forest guardian. The forest guardian tells them that the Evil Black Acorn used to be a forest guardian too. But, he turned evil and now hates color. The forest guardian tells Conker and Berri that they need to go on an adventure to collect the legendary Rainbow Acorns in order to defeat the Evil Black Acorn. Now, Conker and Berri go out on a quest to save the world.


  • 1.Willow Woods
  • 2.Acorn Avenue
  • 3.Water World
  • 4.Dino Domain
  • 5.Misty Forest
  • 6.Rocky Mines
  • 7.Iguana Island
  • 8.Christmas Peak
  • 9.Mount.Lava-Fury
  • 10.Wild West Town
  • 11.Rainbow Towers
  • 12.Mushroom Village
  • 13.The Colosseum
  • 14.Thunder Speedway
  • 15.Evil Black Acorn's Lair


Even though this is before Conker's Bad Fur Day, he still wears the blue hoodie.

This is a sequel to Twelve Tales: Conker DS.

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