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Conjoy is a cloned Beorn crated by the uHive, a planet that is about crafting genetic clones of various species throughout the New Fantendoverse. Being a "designer" Beorn, Conjoy is nothing more than a mere product for uHive to demonstrate their prowess of genetic code. The character was created by Helena Harper (tbc) as a way to demonstrate the power of uHive and make various nods towards the amount of Boerns that have sprang up throughout the New Fantendoverse, most being false imitations of the original Zeonian Beorns.


Conjoy looks like your average Beorn, but with an impossible split between blue and red that runs across their whole body. Additionally, they feature a unique form of Beorn heterochromia, in which one of their eyes is a plus sign and the other eye is a minus sign. Their body features a unique sort of sleekness to it, almost as if their fur is unnatural in origin- which it most definitely is.


Conjoy is nothing more than a product for uHive and has been hired to be as such, joining vistors to uHive as part of their tour through the planet-wide facility. They appear to be rather carefree, not particularly phased by Relena's comments about their existence, at most telling her that she is rude or questioning her logic. Being programmed to be inoffensive and non-confrontational is likely why they are like this. He ignores comments about uHive or being subservient to it. When he was being killed by Relena, he seemed vaguely annoyed by it at the start but didn't try to fight back.


Trip to uHive

Conjoy first appears as the tour guide for Relena and Doomulus Saline while they visit uHive. Relena takes issue with his existence as he was born from nothing and can be programmed to follow any orders that his creators desire. As he took them through the facility, Relena's anger for him grew until she murdered him by snapping his neck with her barbed tentacles.


Doomulus Saline

Doomulus Saline didn't seem particularly bothered by Conjoy, although after his death she seemed more annoyed that Relena did that and how it would upset uHive as opposed to mourning his passing.


Relena was angered by his existence and Conjoy seemed to have no particular affinity for her, although did call her rude and questioned her logic. Ultimately however, Conjoy was murdered by Relena in the synthesizing room in uHive.


  • Conjoy is modeled after the Nintendo Switch's red and blue joycons. His name is a scrambling of the word "joycon" as well, and features the plus and minus buttons on the alternating joycons via his eye design.
  • Conjoy's design was leaked prior to his debut, leading to much fan speculation as to what his role could possibly be. He was speculated to have magnetic powers of some kind, which was later confirmed in outside material.