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Colossal Tribes: Bronze Kingdom is the first game in the Colossal Tribes series. It is created by Moonlight Studios and it will be released in 2014 for the Wii U. It is the first game in the First Colossal Tribes Trilogy. It is followed by Colossal Tribes: Silver Shadows and Colossal Tribes: Golden Sky.

Colossal Tribes
Developer(s) Moonlight Studios Logo.png
Publisher(s) Nin.png
Platform(s) Wii u.png
Genre(s) Adventure
Release Date(s) 25px-Flag of Europe.png 2014
Mode(s) Single Player

Online (2 Players Only)


The game is set in 3D and offers a wide variety of terrains and landscapes, from grass to ice to rock. The player controls a character, which they use to defeat enemies in the area. Each character has type specific moves. A character is made a certain type allowing them to learn those type moves. Each character has the ability to learn 8 moves in their lifetime, but they can only use 4 moves at any one time. During the game, the player must defeat leaders of different towns and obtain the medal below the Bronze Statue.

When battling, a player can increase the characters power by using specific items to boost their move types, such as holding a Tennis Racket (CT) will boost the power of moves performed by Sporty Characters such as Dave (CT). But, this will result in a loss of some of their health. Players can also uses items that temporarily block the use of certain moves or lower some of their stats, but this makes them lose some health as well. But what matter most is the stats of the character. A character has 9 different stats: Attack, Defence, Sp. Attack, Sp. Defence, Aereal, Sneak, Speed, Stamina and Health. Certain characters excel in certain stats, but not in others. For example, Akito (CT) excels in Attack and Speed, but her Sp. Attack and Sneak are quite poor. To improve certain stats, a player can do specific training in gyms or in the wild. This will take a long time, but it might be worth it. For a short burst of energy, a player can eat certain foods to increase a stat for arounds 20 seconds.


Background Plot

When a person becomes a certain age, they begin to learn moves by manipulating energy. This was due to an explosion many years ago, which got mutating spores to enter into the bodies of people and creatures. Eventually, the people began to obtain powers and weapons, which they could use to fight with. The people then passed these, through their genes, into their offspring, who developed powers as well. However, the spores also made people and creatures turn bad and those people began attacking the towns and citizens of those respective towns. After a huge war, the bad mutants were fought off and the people went back to having normal lives. The ruler of the land then came up with the idea, that allowing the children to go on an adventure will allow them to experience the full uses of their powers. So, in most towns, he gave money to allow them develop places called "Challenge Facilities". Once a person has gained enough rewards from those facilities, he/she would be able to obtain a special medal from atop the Bronze Statue.

Main Plot

The game begins in the small village of Glass Meadows, being either the female character, Myleina or the male character, Kage.


Image Name Class Light Move Heavy Move Special Move Defensive Move
Akito (CT) Melée
  • Super Punch
  • High Kick
  • Karate Chop
  • Charged Swing
  • Ground Punch
  • Shock
  • Dynamo Uppercut
  • Palm Drive
Anabelle (CT) Magic
  • Fire Bolt
  • Daisy Chain
  • Magic Sword
  • Sorcerer Blade
  • Rainbow Charge
  • Blade of Light
  • Invisible Parry
  • Magic Bars
Anouska (CT) Sand
  • Desert Dart
  • Sand Bullet
  • Sand Kick
  • Sand Strike
  • Sandquake
  • Radar of Sand
  • Sand Timer
  • Sand Web
Aspen (CT) Nature
  • Leaf Tornado
  • Leaf Cage
  • Twig Slam
  • Stick Epicentre
  • Grass Snatch
  • Grass Tangle
  • Soil Pile
  • Compost Waterfall
Benjamin (CT) Stone
  • Pebble Throw
  • Rock Disc
  • Stone Strike
  • Rock Smash
  • Mountain Collision
  • Rokk King
  • Wall of Stone
  • Pebble Pounce
Brooklyn (CT) Air
  • Sudden Gust
  • Sharp Breeze
  • Deadly Cloud
  • Howling Wind
  • Stunning Swirl
  • Wind Spiral
  • Doom Bellows
  • Hallow Gales
Callum (CT)
Cameron (CT) Melée
  • Sudden Burst
  • Quick Kick
  • Backflip Kick
  • Stored Energy
  • Storm of Stomps
  • Hidden Uppercut
  • Mega Fist
  • Quick Karate
Candice (CT) Speed
  • Speed Slice
  • Quick Kick
  • Sneaky Slam
  • Wheel Collision
  • Quadrouple Slice
  • Energetic Energy
  • Alert Dodge
  • Hurried Parry
Cedilla (CT) Night
  • Purple Notes
  • Shadow Secrecy
  • Duel Claws
  • Fierce Fangs
  • Dark Illusion
  • Duskbound
  • Illusion
  • Dark Night
Corinne (CT) Sweet
  • Sugar Fire
  • Candy Bomb
  • Pastry Cutter
  • Macaroon Hilts
  • Ganache Attack
  • Vanilla Palm
  • Croquembouche
  • Caramel Shield
Danny (CT) Sand
  • Sandy Haze
  • Deadly Sands
  • Dune Spirit
  • Sand Whip
  • Desert Heat
  • Desert Dome
  • Sea of Sand
  • Sand Drift
Dave (CT) Sporty
  • Football Kick
  • High Knees
  • Handball Throw
  • Rugby Tackle
  • Hockey Stick
  • Tennis Ball Barrage
  • Tennis Racket
  • Dodgeball Dodge
Dimitri (CT) Robot
  • Bolt Cutter
  • Metal Pierce
  • Noble Nail
  • Tyrant Hand
  • Metal Rod
  • Robot Slap
  • Elite Laser
  • Laser Claws
Donovan (CT) Animal
  • Lion Claws
  • Tiger Fang
  • Monkey Kong
  • Baboon Slap
  • Crocodile Smack
  • Caiman Jaws
  • Bird Call
  • Vulture Tweet
Dougie (CT) Jungle
  • Cutting Leaf
  • Crackled Maple
  • Snake Charm
  • Poison Tongue
  • Toxic Splash
  • Humid Heat
  • Ivy Locks
  • Vine Whip
Edwin (CT) Time
  • Tick Tock
  • Clock Hand
  • Tick Tack
  • Clock Hands
  • Pocket Watch
  • Mobile Dial
  • Gearworks
  • Clock Glass
Ellen (CT) Music
  • Enchanting Melody
  • Soothing Sounds
  • Ravage Reqieum
  • Savage Serenade
  • Manic Minuet
  • Cursed Cello
  • Doomed Lullaby
  • Harsh Beat
Emilia (CT) Artist
  • Paintball
  • Brush Attack
  • Lead Markings
  • Pencil Spear
  • Pastel Trap
  • Clay Mould
  • Artist Palette
  • Wall of Colour
Emily (CT) Science
  • Potion
  • Chemical Reaction
  • Chemical Fizz
  • Bunsen Burner
  • Science Explosion
  • Oxidation
  • Gas Attack
  • Repel Medicine
Evylin (CT) Love
  • Heart Stamp
  • Heart Jab
  • Sword of Love
  • Heart Ray
  • Beauty Kiss
  • Javelin of Love
  • Love Shrine
  • Possessive Love
Harmony (CT) Ice
  • Ice Cube
  • Frozen Bullet
  • Ice Cold Kick
  • Freezing Punch
  • Icicle Storm
  • Glacier Stronghold
  • Ice Slide
  • Freezing of the Attack
Harper (CT) Insect
  • Insect Bite
  • Wing Flap
  • Wasp Sting
  • Bug Claws
  • Dung Drop
  • Ant Attack
  • Spider's Web
  • Bee Swarm
India (CT) Electricity
  • Electric Pulse
  • Bolt Buzz
  • Electric Jab
  • Electric Surge
  • Fuse Bolt
  • Volt Tackle
  • Plug Socket
  • Thunder Repel
Ivory (CT) Nature
  • Leaf Tackle
  • Twig Beat
  • Stump Charge
  • Palm Blade
  • Vine Hands
  • Tusk Trouble
  • Leaf Piles
  • Tree Growth
Jay (CT) Air
  • Strong Gust
  • Slashes of Air
  • Wind Spirit
  • Air Spirit
  • Hurricane Turret
  • Wind Charge
  • Wind Barrier
  • Air Transport
Jonathan (CT) Shadow
  • Invisible Hit
  • Inisibash
  • Ghost Tackle
  • Haunted Trip
  • Ghost Rain
  • Held by Fear
  • Ghost Orb
  • Haunted Vortex
Kacper (CT) Shadow
  • Ghost Blade
  • Spirit Stick
  • Haunted Stone
  • Spectre Rock
  • Held by Fear
  • Ghost Light
  • Invisible
  • Spirit Steal
Kai (CT) Earth
  • Earth Attack
  • Turf Smash
  • Crust Crack
  • Earth's Hand
  • Earth Tomb
  • Earth's Revenge
  • Turf Trap
  • Earth Reverse
Kage (CT) Thought
  • Moving Madness
  • Mist Haze
  • Hypnosis
  • Shining Light
  • Cosmic Bash
  • Stored Heat
  • Frozen Move
  • Lunar Shower
Katie (CT) Nature
  • Blade Blade
  • Green Smash
  • Cut of Grass
  • Leaf Knife
  • Leaf Circle
  • Spore Attack
  • Grass Capture
  • Grass Lock
Kennedy (CT) Toxic
  • Acid Spray
  • Acid Loom
  • Poison Stamp
  • Poison Kick
  • Smog of Death
  • Toxic Spear
  • Smog Move
  • Smog Cocoon
Kieron (CT) Stone
  • Heavy Pebble
  • Pebble Storm
  • Rock Attack
  • Stone Smash
  • Boulder Break
  • Cyclone Stone
  • Stone Statue
  • Pebble Mark Up
Leona (CT) Aura
  • Vertical Aura
  • Magic Delta
  • Unicorn Horn
  • Aura Boomerang
  • Pure Dragon
  • Unicorn Magic
  • Aura Shield
  • Aura Orb
Luka (CT) Night
  • Dark Claws
  • Shadow Fire
  • Dark Ember
  • Underworld Bite
  • Underworld Collision
  • Dark Storm
  • Dark Swipe
  • Hand of the Underworld
Luna (CT) Moon
  • Moonbeam
  • Solar Eclipse
  • Moon Claws
  • Nebula Roar
  • Chrome Stare
  • Moon Meteor
  • Chrome Phase
  • Moon Shade
Madison (CT) Thought
  • Dream Slice
  • Sightly Attack
  • Magic Move
  • Mist Masterpiece
  • Confusion
  • Trick Claws
  • Trick Faint
  • Super Shine
Marco (CT) Food
  • Cake Bite
  • Ice Cream Jet
  • Carrot Bullet
  • Pea Shooter
  • Marshmallow Target
  • Dough Entice
  • Bread Slices
  • Caramel Shield
Maya (CT) Music
  • Harp Tune
  • Guitar Solo
  • Record Wave
  • Pluck
  • Double Base Drone
  • Drum Smash
  • Maracas Stop
  • Cymbal Shield
Mike (CT) Electricity
  • Buzz Buzz
  • Thunder Shock
  • Electric Ray
  • Shock Spiral
  • Volt Tactic
  • Manic Volts
  • Voltalign
  • Thunderstop
Myleina (CT) Shadow
  • Shadow Slash
  • Black Dash
  • Shadow Bolt
  • Midnight Shower
  • Moon Crash
  • Shadow Engulf
  • Shadow Shield
  • Midnight Move
Myles (CT) Artist
  • Sketchpad Slap
  • Sculpture Throw
  • Acrylic Attack
  • Gouache Splat
  • Chalk Stripe
  • Pastel Slash
  • Pencil Set
  • Doodle Takedown
Nigella (CT) Food
  • Chicken Attack
  • Egg Splat
  • Milk Drench
  • Toffee Crunch
  • Haribo Help
  • Chocolate Union
  • Jam Tart Catch
  • Icing Sugar Depart
Quinn (CT) Ice
  • Ice Crystals
  • Giant Ice Cube
  • Frozen Gust
  • Bitter Cold
  • Freezing Stream
  • Chilled Horror
  • Frozen Glass
  • Black Ice
Rhys (CT) Snow
  • Snowflake
  • Snow Dust
  • Snow Crystal
  • Deep Flurry
  • Snowstorm
  • Doomed Gale
  • Igloo
  • Snow Chute
Rune (CT) Metal
  • Gear Swipe
  • Razor Gears
  • Metal Dash
  • Iron Spirit
  • Aluminium Warrior
  • Cobalt Crash
  • Iron Defence
  • Bronze Barrier
Serena (CT) Blaze
  • Burning Flight
  • Ember Throw
  • Firebird Challenge
  • Burning Charge
  • Meteor Strike
  • Destructive Meteor
  • Fiery Inferno
  • Catch Spark
Sofiya (CT)
Steven (CT) Ocean
  • Water Cutter
  • Drown
  • Murky Swamp
  • Sea Drench
  • Flood
  • Aqua Dash
  • Water Veil
  • Hydro Smash
Tallulah (CT) Magic
  • Magic Diamonds
  • Wand Attack
  • Magical Dust
  • Fairy Light
  • Blue Magic
  • Dark Magic
  • Fly Back
  • Ground Quake
Thea (CT) Aura
  • Magic Shot
  • Glaring Blast
  • Aura Phoenix
  • Unicorn Challenge
  • Aura Drill
  • Aura Disaster
  • Aura Ribbon
  • Shine Shots
Vic (CT) Robot
  • Metal Shears
  • Gear Cutter
  • Part Constructor
  • Robo Head
  • Robot Swarm
  • Game Freak
  • Machine Shield
  • Robot Deceive


NOTE: These are not in order at the moment

Name Description Unlocked Character
Glass Meadows (CT) A simple meadow with a few cottages. The small village has many glass figures and statues of famous people. The forest nearby, known as "Shattered Wood", is home to the Mist Warrior (CT), who allures people with its blinding mist. The town's Challenge Facility (CT) is the Mist Monument (CT), who is led by either Myleina (CT) or Kage (CT). Myleina or Kage
Butterspring Village (CT)
Lochbrook (CT)
Stonewick (CT)
Deepacre Valley (CT)
Violet Snows (CT)
Rockden Caves (CT)
Sagemount Wood (CT)
Lorlake (CT)
Pondell (CT)
Stonehall (CT)
Starryoak Mansion (CT)
Mallowcoast (CT)
Crystaliron (CT)
Soda Stream (CT)
Westbeach (CT)
Windmill Farm (CT)
Swynport (CT)
Winterley (CT)
Shockcourt Marsh (CT)
Wildeland Pier (CT)
Summerhall Shore (CT)
Autumnedge Fair (CT)
Maple Gardens (CT)
Aldmerrow Castle (CT)
Appleview Town (CT)
Sacred Zone (CT)


Battle Items

  • Vine Trap
  • Fire Circle
  • Icidrill
  • Shadow Cutter
  • Gravetomb
  • Igloo

Stat Items

  • Meat - Improves Attack
  • Biscuit - Improves Defense
  • ??? - Improves Sp. Attack
  • ??? - Improves Sp. Defence
  • Acorn - Improves Aereal
  • Pepper - Improves Speed
  • Chocolate - Improves Sneak
  • Energy Drink - Improves Stamina

Health Items

  • Sweets
  • Fries
  • Health Bar
  • Milkshake
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