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The Color TV-Game 15 was the second entry in Nintendo's Color TV-Game line, the company's first attempt at breaking into the video game business. It was only ever released in Japan, in 1977, and was so named because it featured nine more "games" than its predecessor, the Color TV-Game 6.

The "games" were all clones of Pong, however.

The consoles languished in Nintendo's history until Smash 4, which introduced the CTVG15 as an Assist Trophy. In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, should you get this Assist Trophy, the rest of the screen dims, likely to increase visibility, as in both Smash 4 games, the borderless white sprites could have been impossible to see on some stages. It is currently the oldest entity in the Smash Bros. games, beating out both Mr. Game & Watch and Pac-Man, the oldest playable characters, by three years. In the Smash Bros. games, the "ball" inflicts severe damage and knockback on opponents and can reflect back projectiles.

In Ultimate, the CTVG15 cannot appear on:

  • 3DS 3D Land[1]
  • 3DS Wii-U Boxing Ring[1]
  • GCN Brinstar[1]
  • Wii Castle Siege[1]
  • Wii-U Coliseum[1]
  • GCN Corneria[1]
  • 3DS Dream Land[1]
  • Wii Figure 8 Circuit[1]
  • Wii-U Flat Zone X[1]
  • Wii Frigate Orpheon
  • Garreg Mach Monastery
  • 3DS Golden Plains[1]
  • GCN Green Greens
  • Wii Green Hill Zone[1]
  • GCN Jungle Japes[1]
  • GCN Kongo Falls
  • Wii Lylat Cruise[1]
  • Mementos
  • 3DS Wii-U Midgar[1]
  • Moray Towers
  • GCN Mushroom Kingdom 2
  • Wii Mushroomy Kingdom[1]
  • 3DS Mute City[1]
  • Wii New Pork City
  • Wii Norfair[1]
  • GCN Onett[1]
  • Wii-U Pac Land[1]
  • Wii-U Pilotwings[1]
  • Wii Port Town Aero Dive
  • GCN Princess Peach's Castle
  • 3DS Prism Tower[1]
  • 3DS Spirit Train[1]
  • 3DS Tortimer Island[1]
  • Wii-U Town and City[1]
  • Wii WarioWare Inc.[1]

Fanon appearances

Almost every Smash Bros. fangame on Fantendo made after the release of Smash 4 (or those who made a lucky guess...) will have this thing as an Assist Trophy, functioning much like it does in canon. Some specific examples:

Super Smash Stadium

The CTVG15 appears here as an Assist Trophy. However, there are a few differences compared to canon:

  • The game is played using a "first to three points" format; the number of points may change depending on the amount of lives the match was set for
  • Outlines and shadows were added
  • The ball treats the top and bottom kill zones as walls
  • Partially owing to the fact that it debuted WITH Pilotwings, there are no stage restrictions.
  • Pong was an actual stage on the show briefly.


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