Colorload is a 2016 video game and reboot of the original 2014 game by Treefrog Productions. 


Colorload is a classic 2D platformer akin to those such as Super Mario Brothers, however there are some segments of 3D platforming as well. You progress through seven worlds, with each one having a boss at the end, along with numerous enemies. The game supports Multiplayer and Singleplayer.


The story takes place in the Color Kingdom, a place somewhere above Earth hidden in the clouds. It is where the God of Color resides, who has created creatures known as Color Sprites. However, the Color Sprites moved into six different tribes that usually do not mix - the Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Violet tribes. A deity known as Mallumo saw the Color Kingdom and thought that having different colors would be chaotic, and in a world of sameness everything would be orderly and peaceful, and thus created the Greyscale Virus. The Greyscale Virus spreads throughout the kingdom and all six tribes, brainwashing it's host and turning their colorful bodies grey. To combat the virus, the God of Color created Koloro, who could fight back the Virus and bring back color to the kingdom.

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