ColorLoad (spelled as ColourLoad in the UK) is a game made by Treefrog Productions. It was released in 2014 for the Canopy. It centers around a greyscale world, and your job is to make all the people in the level colorful again, and once completed, the general area is colorful again.

ColorLoad Boxart

Developer(s) Randomfrog
Publisher(s) Randomfrog
Platform(s) Wii U, 3DS
Genre(s) Adventure
Release Date(s) May 26, 2015
Mode(s) Single player
Age Rating(s) E
Media Included Nintendo Wii U Disk/3DS Cartridge


A long time ago, there were two gods. The God Of Color and The God Of Greyscale. The two were constantly battling over the world, over whether the world should be black-and-white, or stay colorful. It didn't seem like a very important choice but it indeed was. The God Of Color argued that in black-and-white, people on earth would constantly be gloomy, and eventually, turn on each other. The God of Grayscale argued that with color, people on earth constantly couldn't see reality, being distracted by colorful objects. After arguing for many years, The God Of Greyscale was sick of it. He was no longer going to argue. He created Mallumo , a being that could turn colorful objects into Greyscale ones. So to counter this, The God Of Color created a girl named Koloro. She had the ability to turn greyscale things into colorful objects, by shooting Rainbows from her hands. The God Of Color then sent her down to earth to do her job.

In the end of the game, Mallumo is restored and becomes a character named Kontrast. And eventually, The God of Greyscale is defeated.


In each level, you travel from left to right to get to the end of the stage, so you can advance to the next one. However the level is littered with Greyscale Humans and other obstacles that you need to restore/destroy. If you don't restore the humans you cannot advance.


Use the D-Pad to move, with the left and right arrows,and use the down arrow to duck. Press A to fire Color. If you hold it, you will fire out a continous stream of color until you let go, or run out of color.  Press B to jump. To pause, tap the screen.


Name Number of levels Bosses
Greyscale Greens Six

Grassy Greyscale Golem

Inky Ice Island Six Inky Ice Imposter
Smoggy Savanna Six TBA
Dreary Desert Seven


Monochrome Mountains Seven TBA
Charcoal Canyon Eight TBA
Gunmetal Gorilla Grounds Nine


Rainstorm Rivers Nine TBA

Colorless Caverns

Heather Hell Twelve


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