#??? Colkandrin
Colkandrin's artwork for Pokémon Cobalt and Crimson.
Category Cobalt Pokémon
Original Region Ruima
National Dex Nr. #???
Ruima Dex Nr. #???
Generation Z
Pokémon Color Blue
First Appearance Pokémon Cobalt and Crimson
Latest Appearance Pokémon Cobalt and Crimson
Type(s) Cosmic/Water
Ability/ies Blue Energizer
(Hidden: Sturdy)
Average Height 9'04"
Average Weight 585.8 lbs.

Colkandrin is a Legendary Pokémon hailing from space, along with it's brother Crimdroze. Both of them landed on the man-made region of Ruima, where they were experimented on and held captive. It also appears in the lore of the New Fantendoverse, being the origin point of the blue energy powers used and harnessed by various characters.


Colkandrin is a large, steel-like Pokémon that has a thin steel head with a gap in the center, attached on top of a ring like torso that has a floating flame of Blue Energy in the center. Four tentacular arms stick out from the torso. The torso rests on a glass-like flask of blue liquid. Four more tentacles stick out to support this massive creature's weight. It also has a blue, curled tail that splits into two spirals.

Colkandrin is the originator of the strange power of Blue Energy. This power allows for a variety of attacks to utilize. Those who it blesses with it's power can carry it onto their offspring or gift it to others. The creature itself exists alongside it's brother Crimdroze to disperse and spread this power, visiting other worlds to do so.

Fanon Appearances

What is the New Fantendoverse?

While it has yet to be actually seen in this Fantendoverse canon, Blue Energy powers used by Griffin Malor and Bondi Carbine, amongst others, can be traced back to this Pokémon's existence in this universe alongside it's brother Crimdroze, which spreads Red Energy powers.

Boss Battles

Likewise, Boss Battles also features the use of Blue Energy but no actual sighting of Colkandrin. Blue Energy is used by Awakened Mike Tyson, a Omega Boss in the game.



Colkandrin is not necessarily based off anything other than the element of Cobalt. Due to it's extraterrestial nature, the fact it is not neccessarily based off any creature or thing on Earth is quite intentional. It's flask-like design does however suggest that it may also be based off Cobalt's alchemical purposes.

Name Origin

Colkandrin gets it's suffix from the word "Colbat", although how the rest of the name was formed is unfortunately unknown.


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