Code Seven is an original series by Dago. It follows the story of Department Seven of the Wintergate City Police Department who are solving crimes in the city as well as finding the corrupted officials in the city as well as the Police Department. It is a graphic adventure and interactive movie-type of game where different actions taken by the player affect different events and the fates of others. Each section of the story is split into episodes.

It also has some RPG elements where certain specialties and knowledge gained to increase stats affects the characters' perception and actions in cutscenes. For example, if the player has chosen to make the main character more proficient in combat before triggering a cutscene, it will unlock a special outcome for the cutscene that changes the flow of the narrative.


For in-depth information on the characters, visit Code_Seven/Characters

The Crew (Department Seven)

Name Position Age Description
Harriet Fluorspar Prime Investigator 38 Harriet is an experienced investigator and is known for her quick wit and good conduct, making her universally respected throughout the police department. While skilled, she can be too rash and can come off as cold or rude. She is also seen as uptight, and is obsessed with her self image, making sure everyone who comes across her knows who she is and will cooperate with her without struggle.

Rocco FIlbert

Detective 44 Usually seen next to Harriet, he is mostly seen around as her sidekick although when he wants to, he can be equally as competent. However, years on the job has made him care a little less and he can be a little unprofessional at times. He has a relaxed demeanour despite some rough memories and is well liked among the departments for being mild-tempered and friendly, especially compared to Harriet.
Amanda Santos Coroner 35 New to the job, she recently moved to Wintergate from Fort Springwell and is adjusting to the city life. She is quite nervous and always thinks twice over herself to make sure she's doing the right thing. She tends to keep to herself and while she has no problems talking with people, she prefers to do her own thing instead of interacting with others.
Haul Hannett Tech Expert 28 Works in the department with his sister Lilith, who he gets along with well enough but also has a competitive streak with. He analyses the technological evidence in the investigations. He is a workaholic and sometimes forgets to eat or even sleep - others often make fun of him for being quite scruffy and disorganised but otherwise he is quite approachable.
Lilith Hannett Weapons Expert 32 Lilith is quite sentimental and tends to daydream and think of her aspirations. She is trained in both ranged and melee combat and very competitive, especially if it's within her sibling rivalry. She helps protect the team on dangerous missions as well as analyse ballistic evidence. She is also quite melodramatic and energetic.
Elwood Cross Forensic Psychologist 26 Elwood tracks data on criminals and crimes and evaluates criminals. Even though he is the youngest, he seems to take over the father figure of the group and looks out for all his colleagues. He also does counselling and tries to help anyone who is feeling under the weather.
River Blaire Lab Technician 40 Not much is known about River, she doesn't even like to talk about herself. She is in charge of all analyses and does her job in a quick and efficient manner. Aloof and nonchalant, she is quick to dismiss any questions that are not related to the job or situation at hand.

Recurring Characters

Name Occupation Age Description
Mila Hader Department Chief 54 Mila is the chief of the department who issues orders as they come and go. She is a decorated officer of the police department and renowned for her sharp shooting skills and ability to keep together a plan as well as backups.
Douglas Sparrow Detective 42 A close friend of River who knows her secrets. He works in department 4, which is specialised to deal with crimes at sea.
Mark Millard
Unemployed 37 Mark is currently unemployed and is seen as a loser by everyone else. Going between jobs occasionally, he often finds himself in trouble as he struggles to make ends meet. He has his dimwitted moments, but is generally quite friendly and is on good terms with the crew.
Theresa Blackmore
Aristocrat 57 A refined lady who is well known in the city for her wealth. She is in frequent contact with the crew and is on good terms with them.
Telford Silvestri Informant 32 Also known as "The Music Man", he uses his position as the pianist in a popular bar in Velvet Island to observe the patrons and notice everything going on around the area. He is very observant and occasionally helps the crew with information regarding people.
Caroline Decouteau Cabaret Owner 40 The owner of the Chiffon Chateau, a poular cabaret in Velvet Island. She cares deeply for her own community and hires ex-prostitutes in her businesses to give them better lives.
Sylvia Erthis Journalist 34 A journalist who the crew meets up with on occasion as she invesigates crimes herself. She is straightforward and rational, and doesn't like to rely on others.
Omar Khalid EMT 24 A young EMT who is also training to become a surgeon. He encounters the team frequently with the emergency services to help those who have been injured.
Wiktoria Janusz EMT 25 A doctor-in-training who works with Omar and Pablo to help emergency services on the field when people have been injured or assaulted. She is cheerful compared to Omar's reservedness.
Pablo Suarez Paramedic 29 Part of an emergency team in the city to aid those in need. He takes care of both patients as well as his team.
Oscar Stern Gardener 28 A gardener who works in Cascade Quarter to look after the district gardens. He is met multiple times before in earlier sectors of the city looking for a job.
Milton Ridgewood Aristocrat 52 Part of the renowned Ridgewood family of Wintergate, he is a retired inventor after becoming wheelchair-bound. Despite his heritage, he is one of the few in the Ridgewood family to not be greedy and mean.


Code Seven tells the tale of Department Seven of the Wintergate City Police Department, a small team of individuals who work together to solve various crimes in the city. They are one of ten departments, and are the smallest. However, when word comes out of a rogue investigator in the department, the team is called to internally investigate. Along the way they uncover various secrets about other people in the city. Each episode is split into 8 parts.

Episode 01: City Center

Episode 1 covers the gang getting handed their main mission of uncovering the rogue members of the police department after one of their fellow investigators is found murdered. The episode takes place in the City Centre and is about uncovering the murderer if it was a rogue officer or if it was unrelated to the case at hand as well as pointing out the growing corruption in the city.

01-1: A Bloody Beginning

The team is called upon to investigate the murder of Lester Jónson from Sector 5 in the City Center's park. Harriet and Rocco are on the scene, where they meet Mark Millard, who witnessed a van driving away from the scene as he was walking home. They also meet other suspects, including Sylvia Erthis and Claudia De Paradis. The team finds some evidence while investigating, but each line of reasoning ends up in different places with no clear prime suspect. The team works tirelessly to look for more answers, but nothing is coming up. The part ends when a certain Oscar Stern, a civilian reports another murder of a police officer.

01-2: Two for the Count

01-3: The Pursuit

01-4: Brief Respite

01-5: Dead Weight

01-6: Triple Threat

01-7: The Bigger Picture

01-8: Loose Ends Cut Short

Episode 02: Port Wetherby

Episode 2 takes place in Port Wetherby, the city's port area. It focuses on investigating the smuggling ring which enters the city through the port as well as other crimes within. It is here that the story properly unfolds, as they catch the rogue investigator, but find out they are linked to a greater scheme of things that involves a group that wants to take over the city called Midas' Eye. The episode also focuses on Rocco and his past.

02-1: False Celebrations

02-2: Uncovering the Mask

02-3: Past Demons

02-4: Rocco's Resolution

02-5: Answers

02-6: Concealed and Revealed

02-7: Two Cops with One Stone

02-8: The Eye Watches

Episode 03: Velvet Island


Rocco talks with Lady Blackmore & Mark in a cutscene.

Episode 3 takes place in Velvet Island, a sleazy island off the shore of the city that is known for its brothels, casinos and other less than reputable establishments. It is a place of entertainment, but the crew investigates here looking for "The Music Man" who may know something about Midas' Eye and also can help in investigating for the team due to his connections. However, in Velvet Island everyone has their own agenda and it is hard to tell friend from foe. This episode and area also focuses on Elwood and his upbringing here, digging into his backstory.

Episode 04: Haven Fields

Episode 4 focuses on the crew taking their investigation to Haven Fields, a small rural farming community on the outskirts of the city as well as the vast expanse of wilderness surrounding it. While peaceful, the Midas' Eye hideout is rumored to be here as well as rumors of them recruiting the villagers to become their agents. The crew are also alerted to a massive bank heist that took place in Argent Spires, and the stolen goods are hidden somewhere in the Haven Wilderness. This episode also focuses on River due to her personal past here, and uncovers her secrets as she warms up to the crew.

Episode 05: Argent Spires

After recovering most of the loot that was stolen in the heist in Haven Fields, the crew learns that the Midas' Eye were behind it to fund their campaign, and go to Argent Spires to hunt down more members and get more answers. Because the heist was carried out here and other departments have deduced that an insider within the district's law system must have allowed for it to happen, the crew tries to find the identity of the Midas' Eye agent in Argent Spires who can potentially introduce more mayhem in the area. It also follows Harriet's character arc as her past demons come back to haunt her.

Episode 06: Aurus Lakes

Aurus Lakes is the next destination for the crew after they have secured Argent Spires again, making it safe. The investigation into Midas' Eye reveals that they are planning to throw the city into chaos, and may start with the community in Aurus Lakes. A part of the city that has historically been a boiling pot of other ethnicities and cultures, Midas' Eye aims to fracture the community and unleash hatred, as tensions have been quite recent, including rumors of gang violence. This episode also explores Amanda and her struggles of fitting in a new community after she had left her old country behind.

Episode 07: Cascade Quarter

Cascade Quarter

Cascade Quarter, the historic district.

Cascade Quarter is the historic part of the city, known for its architecture and rich history and culture. It is an upper class area filled with the rich. The crew finds themselves here when they learn that several of the upper class are funding Midas' Eye as well as learning the history of Wintergate and how Midas' Eye started out in the past, as this is where it all began. The goal is to cut off the supply of cash to Midas' Eye to weaken them and save the city. The Hannett siblings take center stage here as they come to terms with their family being part of Midas' Eye.

Episode 08: Ghost Peaks

After cutting off the source of Midas' Eye's income, the crew head to Ghost Peaks in the mountains of the city to try and take down their leader. It is an area of the city known for being snowcapped all year round and is a popular destination for both winter recreation and supposed hauntings, as it is notorious for its urban legends and ghost stories. The district also features Chief Hader as she digs up ugly remnants of her past as well.

Episode 09: Oakwell Park

Episode 9 features Oakwell Park, the educational heart of the city. The university is situated here and is under investigation when the crew learns of the Midas' Eye's successor after arresting the leader. The tension builds as they try to identify the successor and prepare for an attack on the city in an attempt to take it over. The district also completes Mark's storyline as he finds his place in the crew.

Episode 10: Steel Zone

The pursuit of the Midas' Eye successor brings the crew to the Steel Zone. The Police Department has already seen heavy losses, leaving it up to Department Seven to lead. The Steel Zone is the industrial area of the city and also the poorest, with slums and lower class residents living there. With Midas' Eye on its last legs, it seems like it is going for one final push to get power or at least take everyone down with it. It is essentially turning into a war at this point.

Finale: Back to the Centre

The Final involves the team helping the city recover from the final attack and restoring peace. All seems quieted down and finished, but looking back at the events reveals that the Midas' Eye operations and how they moved couldn't have been done without an inside eye in Department Seven as everything lined up too well. The final episode is finding out the traitor for their crimes as well as the looming threat of the traitor reviving the evil organization and starting the chaos once more.


Wintergate is a huge city that spans from a coast in the south to mountains in the north, wilderness to the east and freshwater lakes to the west. These are the different sectors of Wintergate City:

Area Crest Description
City Center The city center is the busiest and most populated part of the city. It is where most businesses are located. It has a train station that connects to all parts of the city, and borders all of the sectors. The mood is inherently neutral and contains all sorts of people. It is represented by the colour black.
Port Wetherby Port Wetherby is the city's only port. The shoreline attracts many beachgoers and is an easy-going place. The population tends to be poorer as a whole as you get closer to the City Center but luxurious beach houses and yachts can be spotted along the coast. However, people tend to get along quite well here and it is both peaceful and welcoming. It is represented by the colour pink.
Velvet Island Velvet Island is a place of prostitution, gamblers and alcoholics and has a reputation of being quite dangerous with hints of mob activity in the area. However, some parts of it are secure and attract many tourists every day as it makes its mark as the entertainment capital of Wintergate. It very densely populated and it is easy to get lost in the crowds on the main street where all of the casinos are. It is represented by the colour red.
Haven Fields Haven Fields encompasses the rural area of Ashgate to the east, sparsely populated and mainly known for its farming community. However, it is also known for its natural beauty as much of it also includes untouched wilderness and nature, making it popular for explorers. Life is simple and tranquil here although the locals can get very skeptical of new people. It is represented by the colour green.
Argent Spires Argent Spires is the financial and political heart of the city. The bank, the stock exchange and the courthouse are all situated here. True to its name, silvery skyscrapers make much of the sector and is the most modern place outside of the city center. The locals are known to be very self-centered and ambitious, preferring to take care of their own instead of help a stranger. It is represented with the colour white.
Aurus Lakes Aurus Lakes is a community to the west. A lot of immigrants from different countries come here, so it is known for its wide array of cultures and traditions brought in from abroad. Due to this, there is always something going on in terms of events. The community is vibrant and welcoming as each culture has coexisted in peace for years. However, some tensions have been rising and the communities tend to be less welcoming to others due to a fued between community leaders with opposing ideals. It is a very middle-class area with freshwater lakes. It is represented by the colour yellow.
Cascade Quarter Cascade Quarter is home to the rich and the old, as it is the historic center of the city. Much of the original architecture stays intact and new buildings are built in the style of the old to keep the mood. The sector and its inhabitants are obsessed with outward appearances so the district is very safe, secure and clean. High-brow activities such as art galleries, equestrian and classical theatre are popular here. The locals tend to be older on average and it is a popular place to retire. It is represented by the colour orange.
Ghost Peaks Named due to the fog that covers the summit making it look quite ghostly, Ghost Peaks has two sides to it. One side of it is busy and full of tourists who flock here for winter activities as it is snow capped all year round, giving it a bright winter wonderland status. However, it is also known for its supernatural activities and ghost-hunters come here a lot to experience many of its supposedly haunted sites, especially on the lesser populated areas. It is represented by the colour blue.
Oakwell Park The educational heart of the city, it is where the classical teachings of old meet and mingle with the young new ideas and innovation coming in. The city's only university is situated here and is a prestigious academic institution that ranks highly in the world, making it popular for students from all over to attend. Most of its population are students or former students who stayed after graduating. It is represented by the colour cyan.
Steel Zone The Steel Zone is the industrial sector of the city. DIstrust in the police is high here as gangs and cops battle it out daily. Corrupt cops turn a blind eye or harrass people while the gangs take part in their own bad activities. Caught amongst this are the general population who are the poorest in the city who distrust both sides and just want to live a peaceful and better life outside of this decaying industrial area. It is represented by the colour purple.


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