Coaster Constructinator is the second game in the Constructinator series. Unlike its predessecor, Zoo Constructinator, Coaster Constructinator is themed around building amusment parks and roller coasters. The game is inspired by games such as Roller Coaster Tycoon and Planet Coaster. The game is on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC, with the game getting free updates.


Coaster Constructinator has two viewing modes: Aerial and Guest views. Aerial View is where you do most of your stuff, managing finances, placing down scenery, manipulating the terrain, and building coasters. Guest View is a new addition, inspired by the Zoo Tycoon series. In the park, your in-game avatar, created once you start the game, will be walking around. At anytime, you can go into this avatar, walk around the park, and ride rides.

The game features 2 main modes: Campaign and Freeform. Campaign allows you to play on a pre-set park, where you must complete certain challanges. While in Freeform, you are given an empty park, where you can build the park of your dreams. The game also features an Editing Area, where players can create their own Scenarios, Coasters, and Buildings, along with options.

The game has online functionality. Players can connect to the internet, to visit and colloborate on parks, along with sharing custom Coasters and Buildings with eachother.


Guests are the things you will need to focus on in this game. They ride the rides and buy stuff from you. Each guest has multiple things they need to be happy.

  • Entertainment - Increased by riding rides or buying souvineers.
  • Hunger - Restored by eating food.
  • Thirst - Restored by drinking drinks
  • Restroom - Restored by using the restroom
  • Heat - Restored when under a place that gives shade, or from getting wet in a water ride.

If a guest in unhappy, they may leave the park, or even vandalise.


Staff make this stuff work. They do important things that are needed to make your park a great place. Here's a list of all of them:

  • Janitor - Cleans up trash and trash cans
  • Mechanic  - Repair and inspect rides. 
  • Security Guard - Stop vandalization
  • Vendor - Work and manage shops
  • Entertainer - Entertain park guests

Staff need to rest in staff buildings. They also want as much money as how much they work. If these requirements aren't met, they will become unhappy, and may quit their jobs.


Rides are the main source of entertainment and money. There are three types, Flat Rides, Track Rides, and Roller Coasters. Rides have an excitement, intensity, and nausea. You want to keep excitement as high as possible, and nausea as low as possible. Intensity should vary, depending on what you want you want it to be. Just don't make it too high. 

Family Rides

Name Variations
  • Carosuel: A double-decker carosuel where riders ride on horses, as fairground organ music plays in the background.
  • Racing Derby: A larger, single-story, fast-paced carosuel ride. It has a Western theme.
Tea Cups
  • Tea Cups: A ride where riders ride in teacups. The track the teacups on spin around, as the teacups spin around as well, leading to a disorientating ride.
  • Tilted Temple: A ride in which you ride on spinning cars on a tilted base. This ride has an Adventure theme.
Bumper Cars
  • Bumper Cars: Riders control cars to try and bump into eachother. 
  • Flying Saucers: Riders control flying saucers to try and bump into eacother. This ride has a Sci-fi Theme.
Wave Swinger
  • Wave Swinger: Riders sit in suspended chairs, as they are spun around a central pole, sending them into the air.
  • Giant Swing: Riders sit in suspended chairs, as they rise high into the air and spin around a central pole.
Ferris Wheel
  • Eccentric Ferris Wheel: Riders can choose between stationary cars or swinging cars that follow a track. 
  • Centerless Ferris Wheel: A large ferris wheel without a center, allowing other roller coasters to go through it.​​
  • Western Wheel: A smaller ferris wheel with a Western theme.
Observation Tower
  • Observation Tower: This very tall ride is slow and relaxing, and allows riders to get great views of the park.

Thrill Rides

Drop Tower
  • Launched Tower: A drop tower in which riders are launched into the air, and come crashing back down.
  • Skidive Tower: Riders climb up a large tower, then come crashing down. While the riders are dropping, they face the ground, increasing the excitement
Pirate Ship
  • Pirate Ship: This ride has riders swing back and forth on a pirate ship.
  • Looping Starship: This ride has riders swing back and forth on a space shuttle, going upside-down. The ride has a Sci-Fi theme.
  • Double Swinging Inverter: This ride has riders swing back and forth on two swinging cars, going upside-down.
  • Troika: Three arms each spin a large "star" which holds several cars in which the riders sit, leading to a mild thrill ride.
  • Scrambler: Three arms each spin 3 cars, leading to a mild thrill ride.
  • Octopus: The arms of a large octopus spin riders as they bob them up and down, leading to a mild thrill ride.
  • Enterprise: Starting off on the ground, this spinning ride later rises until it reaches an angle of 90 degrees, then tilting the wheel until it spins high above the ground. A thrilling ride
  • Giant Discovery: Riders are swung back and forth, and the large pendulum they are riding on spins 
  • Star Shape: Riders are swung back and forth, as the gondalas the riders are sitting on spin and flip.
  • Barnstormer: Riders are swung back and forth, as the large arms swinging them swing simultaniously with eachother. This ride has a Western theme.
  • The Claw: Riders are swung back and forth, riding on a large claw-like structure.
Top Spin
  • Top Spin: Riders are held by two large arms that swing and flip the gondala they are riding on. 
  • Skyfly: Riders sit in cars, that are swung by a large arm. Riders can control the rotation of their seat by swinging the arms around them.
  • Unicoaster: Riders sit in circular cars and roll along a track. As the wheel rolls, riders roll along with it, leading to several inversions. This ride has not theme.
  • Sledgehammer: Riders are swung around by large arms, all being spun and controlled by a central pillar.
  • Zipper: Riders are spinned and flipped in gondalas that travel across a spinning boom

Track Rides

Dark Ride
  • Haunted Mansion: Riders ride in cars which are able to turn 360 degrees. This ride relies on scenery to be fun.
  • Trackless Dark Ride: Riders ride in cars which are able to turn 360 degrees. This ride relies on scenery to be fun.
  • Shooting Dark Ride: Riders use guns and shoot at "light points" (which can be place by the player) to get points while traveling through the ride.
Car Ride
  • Antique Car Ride: Riders ride in antique cars. It's a slow-paced ride that mainly relies on scenery.
  • Go-Karts: This ride features freely-controlled cars, which riders use to race against eachother.
Log Flume
  • Log Flume: Riders ride in log-shaped vehicles, that are propelled by water.
River Rapids
  • River Rapids: Riders sit in circular rafts, and attempt to stay dry as they are assaulted with waterfalls, rapids, and water guns.
Miniature Railway
  • Miniature Railway: A transportation ride where you ride a train.
  • Monorail: A transportation ride with a monorail

Roller Coasters

Steel Coasters

Accelerator Coaster
  • Accelerator Coaster
  • Reverse Freefall Coaster
Corkscrew Coaster
  • Corkscrew Coaster
Family Coaster
  • Junior Coaster
  • Mine Train Coaster
  • Water Coaster
Hyper Coaster
  • Sleek Trains
  • Classic Trains
Inverted Coaster
  • Inverted Coaster
  • Flying Coaster
  • Suspended Coaster
Single-Rail Coaster
  • Single-Rail Coaster
Spinning Coaster
  • Spinning Coaster
  • Spinning Wild Mouse
  • Half-Pipe Coaster
Twister Coaster
  • Sit-Down Coaster
  • Floorless Coaster
  • Stand-Up Coaster
Vertical Drop Coaster
  • Dive Coaster
  • Euro-Fighter
Wing Coaster
  • Wing Coaster
  • Multidimensional Coaster

Wooden Coasters

Hybrid Coaster
  • Hybrid Coaster
Wooden Coaster
  • Articulated Trains
  • Classic Trains

Launched Coaster Almost all of the coasters (with the exception of the Wooden Coaster) in the game are able to launch.


In game, you are able to duel any roller coaster. Just select a roller coaster, select the duel button, then select the coaster you would like to duel with it. When a coaster is dueled, then they will dispatch riders at the same time, and will also share names.


Shops are where guests will get food, drinks, souvenirs, etc. The player can increase and decrease prices of individual products, and also choose the amount of condiments on them. Similar to Planet Coaster, shops are simple boxes that can be expanded onto a building.


  • Burgers
  • Fries
  • Chicken
  • Hot Dogs
  • Pizza
  • Tacos
  • Ice Cream
  • Donuts 


  • Soda
  • Coffee
  • Lemonade
  • Bottled Water


  • Balloons
  • Souvenirs
  • Clothes
  • Toys


  • Toilets
  • Information
  • First Aid
  • A.T.M.
  • Staff Building
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