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Club is the second episode of What, airing on January 8, 2016.


Bill, Ada, and their friends make their own private club, but soon everyone in town wants to be a member.


The episode opens with Bill and Ada walking down the hallway to the lunchroom. Bill is lamenting that while their school has many clubs and activities, he isn't interested in any of them. Ada suggests to him that they make their own secret club with their friends. Bill walks over to a table where a number of his classmates are seated and asks if they want to start a club. Most say yes, so Bill schedules the first meeting for that afternoon at his house.

Later, in Bill's backyard, the kids are arriving and Bill is starting the meeting. He quiets everyone down and tells them that they are there to discuss "very important, top-secret business". He then asks for ideas for what to discuss. A kid named Ivy suggests that they talk about what the best kind of candy bar is, and Bill agrees, saying that they should make a poll of some sort.

The sun sets, kids start to leave, and Bill tells them that the next meeting will be on Saturday and reminds them to keep the club a secret. Holding a sheet with the poll results on it, he then tells Ada that he thought the meeting went smoothly. She responds, "I just hope no one spills the beans".

At school the next day, the walls are covered with posters advertising the club. Ada snarks, "Do you think anyone gave away the club?", and a tired and oblivious Bill only says "I sure hope not."

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