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Clover Haggis Female
120 lbs
26 years old Human/Herald
Clover Haggis, the drinking Herald
FULL NAME Clover Haggis
POWERS Portals to other universes

Alcohol generation and control

BIRTHDAY March 17th
ALIGNMENT Whatever works for her!

Noel (friendly rival, holiday counterpart)
Hallow (friendly rival, holiday counterpart)


Beer, alcohol, partying


Hangovers, Noel





Clover Haggis is an Herald who was born on Saint Patrick's Day and has control of alcohol and can generate it from wheat or other sources of sugar. She was created by Helena Harper (tbc) to have a character that celebrated Saint Patrick's Day, joining the likes of Hallow, Noel, and Dara Tillertone.

Clover Haggis is a Herald originating from an alternate Earth where Corporal Cobalt crashed in Ireland, giving the country an technological advantage that made them a superpower in the race against China and America. She herself was born as a Herald with nobody else in her family being one, making that the only dimension where she was even born into.


Clover Haggis is a orange haired Irish/Scottish woman with green streaks in her hair. She has freckles on her face and shoulders and has green eyes. She has a four leaf clover embedded into her hair as a hairpin and wears a green top cap. She wears a pretty standard barmaid uniform with exposed shoulders and cleavage that are held up by green sleeves that are made of a thick gossamer material. She wears white and green striped socks with black boots.


Clover Haggis is a rather outgoing and sociable person, being an extrovert by nature. Clover Haggis will come to any universe that sends a calling card through a four leaf clover being placed in a mug of beer. Clover is of Irish and Scottish descent, and is proud of her heritage even if it doesn't line up in every reality, hence the reasons she's proud of her heritage may not be compatible or understandable to every resident in every reality.

She also likes getting drunk and absolutely plastered mentally when on her outgoings, which has caused some long term issues with her brain and body. She tends to have a bit of a short term memory and takes most suggestions without second thought. She can tend to be rather reckless and she wouldn't have it any other way, intending to burn out early in her life before she can really comprehend any damage she has done to herself.



Powers and Abilities

Clover posses the standard Herald abilities of creating portals into other universes and using Stenographer Stones to create new realities. She can also detect her calling card, which is a four leaf clover placed into a glass of beer.

Clover possesses the ability to ferment wheat or any other source of sugar into alcohol and control said alcohol like it was a malleable object, often wearing a stream of alcohol over her shoulders. She can turn it into a disinfectant against germs

Specific Powers


  • Portal Creating - Clover can create portals to other dimensions, with her portals taking on a green border with a shamrock shape. She can make these portals as big or as small as she wants.
    • Stenographer Stone - Clover can use Stenographer Stones to create new realities. She has only done this once, creating a pocket dimension where she hoards alcohol and alcohol making materials that she can pull from anywhere. She is overall not too concerned with the existence and use of Stenographer Stones unlike other Heralds.
    • Calling Card - Clover can detect her calling card, which is to place a four leaf clover in a glass cup of beer.
    • Soul Speak - Clover is able to communicate with the Spirit Universe through wine and her portal making ability, acting as a communication between the worlds of the living and dead.
  • Sugar Fermenting - Clover can turn wheat, fruit, or other sources of sugar into fermented alcohol. She turn the toxicity of such to any level she wants, creating powerful intoxicating booze if she wishes.
    • Dionysus Vine - Clover can turn an entire vine of grapes into a powerful stream of wine that entraps her opponent in both the vine and controlled steams of purple wine.
  • Alcohol Bending - Clover can bend any source of alcohol and use it however she wants, whether its as a liquid whip, a liquid shield, a steam of alcohol, a disinfectant or poison, or even freeze or warm it to a temperature she desires, similar to the ability that Sakeena Kamel possesses. Drunk people can even be controlled through this power to some extent.
    • Blood Alcohol Bending - When alcohol begins to invade someone's blood stream, changing their blood alcohol number, Clover can exert a certain level of control over their blood and hence forth, their body. The higher someone's blood alcohol number is, the more control Clover has over them.





  • Clover Haggis is the fourth Herald to be based off a holiday, joining the likes of Noel, Hallow, and Friday Blake.
  • Clover Haggis wearing a stream of beer around her neck is based visually off the Adventure Time character Canyon from the episode Mama Said.
  • Clover Haggis having the ability to control people with a high blood alcohol level is based partially off the Blood Bending ability from Avatar: The Last Airbender.
  • Clover Haggis having a mixed heritage was not originally planned for the character but it was pointed out during her development that her last name, Haggis, was of Scottish origin.
  • Clover Haggis having the ability to communicate to spirits via wine is based off the Greek god Dionysus, who historically is thought to be a communicator with the living and dead.