Cloud Flower
The Cloud Flower's appearance in Super Mario Galaxy 2
Item Type Power-Up
First Appearance Super Mario Galaxy 2
Allows Mario to create Cloud Platforms to stand on

The Cloud Flower is a power-up that Mario can obtain that turns him into Cloud Mario. The Power-Up first appeared in Super Mario Galaxy 2


When acquired the power up turns Mario into Cloud Mario allowing him to create Cloud Platforms which he can use to temporarily stand on for safety avoiding most enemies attacks or to reach new heights. Though Mario can retain the item's power-up appearance he can run out of clouds and must restock them with another Cloud Flower.



The Cloud Flower appears visually similar to the Fire Flower featuring a standard stalk and leaves pairing with the distinction of a cloud-like bulb as opposed to the flat ovular face of the Fire Flower. It retains the two eyes all Flowers share as well.


Inferno's Version

This version of the Cloud Flower features a more Cottonweed appearance to it iwth the stem re-shaped to be broader and the addition of small leaves on the body as well as the underside of the arms, its arms also feature small clouds on each end. Its heads is comprised of three clouds increasing in size from the stem with the largest featuring a pair of eyes much like the original design.



  • The Cloud Flower was one of three major power-ups introduced in Super Mario Galaxy 2 the others being the Rock Mushroom & Spin Drill
  • The Cloud Flower was the only new Flower Added in the Galaxy Games
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