Climber in Star Smashers.
Full Name Climber
Current Age 13
Location Pengville
Class Hero
Main Weapon(s) Strength, Climbing
First Appearance iPenguin (Game) (2011)
Latest Appearance Star Smashers (2015)

Climber is a green, anthropomorphic penguin, and one of the main characters in the iPenguin series. he is often seen as cowardly and and shy, but has also been seen to be very strong. He is currently an agent at iPenguin.


Climber has been seen to be quite cowardly; the exact opposite of his best friend, Speedy. He rarely ever likes to take part in action, and is always the last to take part in missions given to his team.

He is also shown to be quite shy, and isn't very comfortable meeting new people, friendly or not. He is also shown to have some sort of rivalry with Nudge.

Despite these flaws, he is also shown to be quite strong and kind, which counter his cowardness. He is also quite humble, which is a very good aspect that a lot of people look up to.


iPenguin (Game)

Climber first appears 2 months after joining iPenguin, meeting his soon-to-be best friend, Speedy. He is shown to be partners with Petunia at first, but is later switched to being Speedy's partner. he teams up with Speedy, Petunia, and a few new faces to stop the evil Agent P. from his plan to destroy iPenguin.



Speedy is shown to be the closest thing Climber has to a brother, especially after his was killed. He is Climber's partner in iPenguin, and would sacrifice himself to save Speedy in a heartbeat.



Agent P.


  • Despite his name being Climber, and originally having the ability to climb, that seems to have sort of faded out, as his main ability is usually strength related in more recent games


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