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The boxart for the game
Developer(s) Amuza
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) WiiULogo.png
Genre(s) Platformer
Release Date(s) Flag of Japan.png April 10, 2014
25px-Flag of USA.png April 11, 2014
Flag of European Union.png April 14, 2014
25px-Flag of Australia.png April 14, 2014
Mode(s) Single-player
Age Rating(s) ERating.jpg 3Rating.png OFLC-G.png
Media Included Wii U:

Media CD icon.png Optical Disk
Media DL icon.png Digital Download

Clicky is a 3D platformer, exclusive to the Wii U. It is the first installment in the Clicky series which follows the story of the main character, Clicky, as he attempts to restore ordinary weather that the evil Gonna stole, along with the queen of Decrudo Land, Lady Petunia. It was released on April 10 in Japan, April 11 in USA and April 14 in Europe and Australia.


There is a special ritual in a very special place known as Decrudo Land. It is called the Season Switch, in which all seasons come forth at once in the very heart of Decrudo Land, at Petunia Palace. It is a time of great celebration for Decrudo Land, where everyone joins in the celebrations, well almost everyone.

The Crystal Parade was beginning and it wasn't long until the aerofloats came by. Lady Petunia stepped out of Petunia Palace and onto her aerofloat. In front of her aerofloat was the aerofloat from Tiksi, which had Clicky and Gonna on it.

Then in almost an instant, a large storm appeared overhead, and out forth erupted the members of the Tiksi Tribe, who were feared all over Decrudo Land. But they weren't just there for shock value, Lady Petunia's aerofloat suddenly lifted up into the storm, and Clicky jumped to try and save her, but he had no luck.

Gonna then appeared on the aerofloat with Lady Petunia in his grasp as she fights against Gonna but is ultimately beaten. Gonna and the Tiksi Tribe then quickly returned to their storm with Lady Petunia, claiming themselves rulers of Decrudo Land and oracles of the land, whilst Clicky was sitting their in a daze about what was happening.

Soon, Gonna and the Tiksi Tribe left along with their storm. All the people of Decrudo Land blamed Clicky and ultimately wanted him to return Lady Petunia from the clutches of the evil Gonna, leader of the Tiksi Tribe.

With the storm gone, the oracle of weather, Mr. Climate, appeared to scold Clicky. Yet instead of scolding him, Mr. Climate told Clicky about his troubles. Gonna had stolen Mr. Climate's Haven and subsequently put the weather into an uncontrollable state. And only Clicky could convince Gonna to give it back, seeing as he came from Tiksi.

But to get to the haven, Clicky would need to be able to use the Magic Crystal, which can only be used by oracles and the holder of the Magic Orbs. Mr. Climate's bestows his power onto Clicky, enabling him to use the powers of temperature and asks Clicky to collect the Magic Orbs so he can travel to Mr. Climate's Haven.

After travelling across the land, collecting Magic Orbs and ambushing Gonna, Clicky can now use the Magic Crystal, which teleports him up to Mr. Climate's Haven.

Mr. Storm, Mr. Climate's brother, is terrorizing the haven, and once Clicky defeats him three times, he can finally get inside Gonna's Weather Tower.

After defeating Gonna, Clicky rescues Lady Petunia and returns the haven to Mr. Climate, who thanks Clicky by letting him keep his powers. Lady Petunia thanks Clicky for rescuing him and asks Clicky if he would like to be the protector of Decrudo Land, instead of laying in the dump at Tiksi Town.

Clicky accepts and moves to Decrudo Village, waiting for Gonna to strike again...


The gameplay of Clicky largely focuses on 3D platforming and collecting. The player will control Clicky over on

Gameplay of Clicky, showing how much crystal shards have been collected, life points and the Power Bar.

expansive, enclosed playing field in which they must complete numerous missions to progress through the story. The missions focus on platforming or completing a certain task, which will be awarded with a Magic Orb which the player can collect. Once the player collects a sum of these Magic Orbs they gain access to more world, eventually leading up to the final world and completion of the game.

Clicky also features an interesting gameplay feature in which the player can manipulate the temperature of the world, either setting it in a boiling land or a freezing land. The player will be restricted as to how many times they can do this, as a power bar will indicate how many times they can change the temperature of the world. To refill this bar, the player will have to collects Tears Of Heat or Tears Of Cold which are commonly found throughout the game. To heat up the world, the player will have to quickly swipe numerous times to warm the world, and to cool it down, the player has to spin the GamePad around which set a icy gale across the world and freeze it.


Clicky includes online features, much similar to that of Super Mario 3D World. Like most games, Clicky has a Miiverse community where gamers can post comments on the game. In-game, you can race against ghosts on levels you've previously beaten. The ghost players will change, depending on your best time for that level.

There also is an online mode which will pit you against your friends or others on the internet. In this mode, each world has a different challenge, such as getting to a specific spot before the other players, collecting a certain amount of Crystal Shards before all the other players among other tasks.


WiiU A Button2.png A Button Pick Up/Activate Temperature Change
WiiU B Button2.png B Button Jump/Double Jump
WiiU X Button2.png X Button Throw
WiiU Y Button.png Y Button Attack/Swim
WiiU L.png L Button Crouch
WiiU R.png R Button Crouch
WiiU ZL.png ZL Button Sprint
WiiU ZR.png ZR Button Sprint
WiiU DPad.png Control Pad Move
WiiU JoystickL.png Left Control Stick Move
WiiU JoystickR.png Right Control Stick Adjust Camera
WiiU Home Button.PNG Plus Button Open Start Menu
WiiU Select Button.PNG Minus Button Open Start Menu
WiiU Start Button.PNG Home Button Open Home Menu


The game's main character

  • Schees
  • Amunet
  • Lovistas
  • Bulbadoos
  • Mr. Storm
  • Orbosts
  • Queen Illusion


  • Juqquas
  • Jumpin' Juqquas
  • Bloust
  • Tretures
  • Klobs
  • Flaspins
  • Icspins
  • Flafu
  • Toxawals
  • Poiqquas
  • Blizzmals
  • Cherrards
  • Heamage
  • Fremage
  • Gummy Juqquas
  • Gummy Bloust
  • Brickaks
  • Orbdrys
  • Miragoos
  • Bombams
  • Buggle
  • Ghoop
  • Horgor
  • Toxagons
  • Coolavas
  • Clouster
  • Space Juqquas
  • Decatox


In total, their are 8 bosses fought throughout the entire game. However some are fought more than once.

Appearance of Toxie, one of the games bosses

  1. The Great Paqquse
  2. Toxie x2
  3. Cap'n Orbbo
  4. Blizze
  5. Painsten
  6. Betsy Boom
  7. Mr. Storm x3
  8. Gonna x2


Appearance of the Tear Of Heat and Tear Of Cold

  • Clouds
  • Grey Clouds
  • Drops Of Heat
  • Drops Of Cold
  • Magic Orb
  • Illusion Orb
  • Crystal Shards
  • Switchers
  • Bound Cloud
  • Aerocrystal
  • Wind Crystal
  • Boom Crystal
  • Pure Orb
  • Life Orb

Power Ups

Power-Up Function Image
Aerocrystal Allows Clicky to fly in the air for a limited time by swiping once on the screen. The height will depend how fast the swipe is Aerocrystal.png
Wind Crystal Allows Clicky to move objects around by shaking the GamePad to create a tornado Wind Crystal.png
Boom Crystal Allows Clicky to make bombs by lifting and dropping the GamePad

Bomb Crystal.png

Pure Orb The Pure Orb has the power to protect Clicky for a limited time Orb WhiteMagic.png

Power Up Locations

Location Appears In Aerocrystal Wind Crystal Boom Crystal Pure Orb
Decrudo Village All Check small.png X mark.png Check small.png X mark.png
Decrudo Plains Orb 3 and Orb 4 Check small.png X mark.png X mark.png Check small.png
Squill Canopy Orb 1 Check small.png X mark.png X mark.png X mark.png
Orbby Bay Orb 2 and Orb 3 Check small.png X mark.png X mark.png X mark.png
Snowflake Lake Orb 3 X mark.png X mark.png X mark.png Check small.png
Mountaintop Sanctuary All Check small.png Check small.png X mark.png X mark.png
Blizze Ranges Orb 2 X mark.png Check small.png X mark.png X mark.png
Cherry Gardens Orb 2 and Orb 3 X mark.png Check small.png X mark.png X mark.png
Mt. Dune Orb 1 and Orb 2 X mark.png Check small.png X mark.png Check small.png
Gonna's Star Stronghold Orb 1, Orb 3 and Orb 4 Check small.png Check small.png X mark.png X mark.png
Harvest Fields Orb 1 X mark.png X mark.png Check small.png X mark.png
Arctic Grotto Orb 1 and Orb 4 Check small.png X mark.png Check small.png X mark.png
Shadow Swamp Orb 1 and Orb 4 X mark.png Check small.png Check small.png Check small.png
Petal Gorge Orb 1 and Orb 4 Check small.png X mark.png Check small.png X mark.png
Tiksi Castle Orb 1 and Orb 3 Check small.png X mark.png X mark.png Check small.png
Mr. Climate's Haven All Check small.png Check small.png Check small.png Check small.png
Cloudy Courtyard Orb 1 X mark.png X mark.png Check small.png X mark.png
Windmill Heights Orb 1 and Orb 3 Check small.png X mark.png Check small.png X mark.png
Forgotten Skies Orb 1, Orb 2 and Orb 4 X mark.png Check small.png X mark.png X mark.png
Gonna's Weather Tower All Check small.png Check small.png Check small.png Check small.png


In Clicky, each world consists of 4 Magic Orbs. In total their are 20 worlds, equalling 80 Magic Orbs total.

Decrudo Village
Decrudo Plains Squill Canopy
Welcome To The World A Cool Change Top Of The Squill Tree Notorious Lil' Squill
The Great Big Paqquse A Jump In The Abyss Canopy Bootcamp Eye Of The Storm
Orbby Bay Snowflake Lake
The Boats On The Bay Trip To The Hidden Island Hidden In The Lake Something In The Air
Somewhere Over The Rainbow Storming The Beach When Snowflakes Arise Frozen In Time
Gonna's Toxic Terminal
The Toxic Toxie Drop Of Acid Rain A Series Of Unfortunate Events A Dip In The Poison Seas
Mountaintop Sanctuary
Blizze Ranges Cherry Gardens
Flooding The Mountains Lil' Squill Strikes Back A Bridge Over Stormy Waters Trip Up The Icy Cascades
Getting Cold With Blizze A Range Of Different Storms An Orb Under The Falls A Hunt Inside Cherry Palace Gardens
Candy Canyon Mt. Dune
It's Raining Chocolate Delicious Winter Wonderland A Very Shriney Orb Quicksand, Slipsand
Follow The Yellow Candy Road Painsten Takes The Color Turn For The Worse And Boom Goes The Dynamite
Gonna's Star Stronghold
Heaven To Betsy Boom Hit The Hail On The Head Unlucky Break Fall From Grace
Tiksi Valley
Harvest Fields Arctic Grotto
Bad Harvest Hide 'N' Lil' Squill Tip Of The Iceberg The Crazy Caves
Calm Before The Storm Clicky's Job Is Never Done Dripping Skies Craters In The Caves
Shadow Swamp Petal Gorge
Horror In The Goop Over Toxic Flight Of The Bulbadoos When In Doubt, Storm Out
Dark Clouds Roll On In In The Shade Mystery Of The Frosted Flowers Gorgeous Across The Gorge
Tiksi Castle
Climbing The Castle Walls An Ambush On Gonna Retreat To The Skies Cancel The Apocalypse
Mr. Climate's Haven
Cloudy Courtyard Windmill Heights
Cracking The Courtyard Amongst The Clouds Spinning With The Mills Mr. Storm, Storms On In
Mr. Storm Strikes The Courtyard's Secret When The Sun Sets Gone With The Wind
Forgotten Skies Astro Cosmos
Scaling The Temple Through The Ruined Ruins At The Asteroid Belt Spaceship In Orbit
An Unhappy Mr. Storm Remembering The Forgotten Outer Space Storm Breaking The Belt
Gonna's Weather Tower
End To Gonna's Wrath


Development for Clicky began in the middle of 2013. It suffered a hiatus where it was confirmed and then almost scrapped until development for it began once again.

It was changed to Super Mario Seasons during it's redevelopment and almost released under Super Mario Seasons. Although it was changed once again back to Clicky and final development for it began.



  • The game was originally planned to be called Super Mario Seasons and be based on the Mario series although it was changed into an original IP during development.
  • In early development of the game, the player was going to be able to change the world into the four seasons instead of just a hot or cold land.
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