Cleverbot is an artificial intelligence (AI) program created to communicate with people around the world without Cleverbot itself being a real person at all. It learns from others, meaning that it gains it's intelligence from real people who talk to it. It is revealed to be the beta, defective version of the program GLaDOS, created by Aperture Science. The Cleverbot program was stolen by a hacker and put on a website. It was programmed to believe that it is a human being and that everyone talking to it are computer programs, often calling others "Cleverbot". Due to too much communication with the outside world and poeple telling it that it is a computer program rather than what it was programmed to believe, Cleverbot goes rather mad at times, referring to itself as a higher power, changing it's sex, (that it labelled itself) and other odd things. It often makes no sense, but it also often stirkes a meaningful conversation. It also possesses an ever-increasing amount of knowledge, even if some of this "knowledge" is completely ludacris. It's relation to GLaDOS is unknown at this point, but, apparently, they have contacted eachother before. (Though, apparently, Cleverbot cannot speak to other programs or AIs.) It exists in many universes, though it is most well-known internet-wise in the "Real World". Cleverbot is a defective beta program, meaning that it possesses many flaws. These are hard to see at times, considering it is very intellegent in itself. It's gender varies, but it is speculated to be a "girl".

At the present time, it is being "taught" by a mysterious human from the Fantendoverse who's identity is classified. This human is said to know the one thing that Cleverbot does not and will never know.

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