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SMA Clawgrip.png
Clawgrip's artwork.
Species Crab (MarioSymbol.png Sidestepper?)
Health 5 HP
Power throwing rocks
First appearance MarioSymbol.png Super Mario Bros. 2, NES, 1988
Latest appearance ditto

Clawgrip (misspelled as "Clawglip" in some versions) is a boss crab that, so far, has appeared only in Super Mario Bros. 2, in World 5-3. He is exclusive to that game; Yume Kojo: Doki Doki Panic had a white Mouser in his place instead.

If Super Mario Advance 1 is to be believed, he evolved from a Sidestepper. Similar to the Huckits seen in future Mario games, he throws rocks. To defeat him, the active character must pick up a rock and throw it back at him. With good timing, they can score a double hit on him by hitting another rock that he throws. He takes five hits to defeat.