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Clawdia Koopa is something of a running gag/urban legend within the Mario/Nintendo fandom. She is the alleged "wife" of Bowser, and by extension, the "mother" of the Koopalings and Bowser Jr.. However, contrary to what may have once been popular belief, she does not exist, not even in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! or other non-Nintendo produced licensed media.

The rumors that a "Clawdia Koopa" may have existed appear to have begun in the same places as the "PokéGods". According to then-popular urban legend, a magazine allegedly known as "Nintendo Power UK" once joked about her existence. But not only has evidence of this joke not been found, but "Nintendo Power UK" doesn't even exist...although Britain HAS had an official Nintendo magazine, it's never had a title related to Nintendo Power in any way (its last known title was "Official Nintendo Magazine").

"Clawdia Koopa" actually originates from the defunct Mario fansite "Lemmy's Land". The site owner created this character in 2002 for use within his own fanfics. Since he had always made clear that Clawdia was his character, the person or people who actually started the "Clawdia Koopa" rumor remains unclear.

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Clawdia Koopa is the mother of Bowser Junior the kooplings and the wife of bowser. Her appearance looks like ms.Broddal, but a little diffrent has a pink shell with spikes,and a necklace shaped like super stars.She has a snappy attitude,and hates princess peach,she sometimes tries to flirt or convince mario that princess peach is not the one.She's wants to kill princess peach so that mario doesn't have a girlfriend and clawdia can be his replacement,She loves coins so she tries to steal some from princess peach.

Apperences in games

Super Mario Maker 3