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Clash X
Developer(s) GrapePixelArt
Publisher(s) FruitBits
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and S, Steam.
Genre(s) Fighting, Party
Release Date(s) June 20th, 2020 - Digital Release (Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Steam)
December 20th 2020 - Digital Release (PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and S)
December 20th 2020 - Physical Release (Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and S)
Age Rating(s) CERO: B
ESRB: T for Teen
PEGI: 12
USK: 12
Cost CAD 28.61
EUR 18.77
JPY 2326.09
USD 19.99

Clash X (pronounced Clash Cross) is a crossover one-on-one close-quarter combat fighting game developed by GrapePixelArt and published by FruitBits. The game was released digitally for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and S, and Steam, and released physically on December 20th for all platforms. This game serves as an author appeal title, with indie titles appearing under the author's tastes. The game intends to be a celebration of IPs (and oddities) owned by indie developers such as Devolver Digital, Yacht Club Games, WayForward, and more.

The game features gameplay elements that are from the typical fighting game genre, featuring one-on-one battles where players aim to deplete their opponent's health bars. The game features characters from various indie game titles, a big selling point for the game. The game features created pixel art for its visuals as well created by GrapePixelArt. As many can tell, the game takes heavy inspiration from Super Smash Bros, Marvel Vs. Capcom, and Card Saga Wars.


Clash X is inspired by Card Saga Wars, therefore making its gameplay mechanics heavily based on the said game. It is a traditional arcade-style fighting game, meaning that battles consist of one-on-one fights. Like many fighting games, the goal is to defeat your opponent by reducing their health bar to zero with a plethora of attacks and abilities. Gameplay has attempted to be simplified to welcome casual players but to still be comfortable for competitive audiences. Fighter's movesets have been aligned to be similar to the actions and controls of the Super Smash Bros. series of games.

Unlike in most fighting games, every character in Clash X controls virtually the same, such as in the Super Smash Bros. series of games. Every character has access to attacks and special attacks and depending on the direction that the control stick is held, attacks can vary in many different ways applying to four directions. There are various movement actions as well such as jumping, shielding, dodging, grabbing, and countering. Players can fill up two meters as well. If a player fills up their Rathe Meter Meter, they can perform a Rathe Combo, a super-powerful attack landing many hits upon an opponent. If a player fills up an assist meter, they can summon a random or chosen assist to help them in battle. They can perform various amount of actions. Both these meters fill up from fighting. Whichever player that is losing currently will have their meters fill up much faster to help them make a possible comeback.


  • C-Stick: Movement.
  • A: Attack.
  • B: Special.
  • L/R: Jump.
  • X: Shield.
  • Y: Grab.
  • ZL: Rathe Combo.
  • ZR: Assist Call.

  • C-Stick: Movement.
  • A: Attack.
  • B: Special.
  • Z: Jump.
  • Y: Shield.
  • X: Grab.
  • L: Rathe Combo.
  • R: Asssit Call.

  • C-Stick: Movement.
  • X: Attack.
  • O: Special.
  • L1/R1: Jump.
  • : Shield.
  • : Grab.
  • L2: Rathe Combo.
  • R2: Assist Call.

  • C-Stick: Movement.
  • A: Attack.
  • B: Special.
  • Bumpers: Jump.
  • X: Shield.
  • Y: Grab.
  • Left Trigger: Rathe Combo.
  • Right Trigger: Assist Call.


  • Jab / Jab Combo: A standard method of attack. Jabs are fast, short-ranged, and weak. Pressing the attack button again after the first is thrown jab leads up to an instant follow-up attack. Characters usually have a three-hit jab combo.
  • Dash Attack: An attack performed by pressing the attack button while moving forward. If missed, it can be punishable due to ending lag.
  • Tilts: Attack is performed by pressing the attack button while tilting the control stick. Has good range, but weak knockback. Can be performed in three different directions (forward, up, down).
  • Aerials: Attack performed in midair with the attack button. Can be performed in four different types (neutral, forward, up, down).
  • Grabs and Throws: If an opponent is grabbed, they are temporarily held in place by the player until they break free or are thrown. Grabs are unblockable and cannot be shielded. While an opponent is in the player's grasp, the player can pummel them by pressing the attack button for small damage. Players also have the option to throw their opponent in whichever direction they tilt their joystick (forward, behind, up, or down). If a player throws the enemy behind them, they will swap sides of the screen, but their health bar and gauge locations will not be swapped and will still correlate to who is Player 1 and 2.
  • Shield: An energy bubble that encircles the user and can block all attacks (besides grabs). Shields cannot be held up forever as they will shrink as attacks are blocked and time passes. If held for too long they will break and stun the user for a few seconds. They will recharge when not in use.
    • Spot Dodge: A dodge where the player becomes intangible for a few frames upon input.
    • Roll: The player can roll forwards or backward while under intangibility for a few frames.
    • Aerial Dodge: Similar to the spot dodge, the player will be granted short intangibility but in midair.
    • Dash: Cook up wacky combos with an omnidirectional dash system. This move allows you to do a quick dash in any direction. If you land the attack that your airdash is canceled with, you’re free to continue to follow up. And for anyone wondering: yes, you can use it to wave dash. This action is performed by shield in midair and quickly tapping on any direction.
  • Counter: Counters are used to block and redirect knockback and damage to the attacker when the user is hit. If missed, it can be punishable due to ending lag. They are performed by quickly double-tapping the shield button.
  • Specials: Special Attacks are unique moves that are homages to a character's abilities within their source material and are unique to them. There are five different types of Special Moves (Neutral, Forward, Back, Up, Down).
  • Assist Call: Players will charge up an Assist Gauge as they deal and receive damage, but will charge faster if they are losing. The Assist Gauge charges up relatively faster than the Rathe Gauge. When an Assist Gauge is charged up to Level 1, a randomized character applying to said level will be available to use. A portrait will appear in the bottom corner (bottom left for player 1, bottom right for player 2) displaying who the player got for an assist. When activating an Assist Call, the assist will appear to help the user. Actions can range from attacking the opponent to healing the user, and so on. Levels signify how strong an assist with three being the highest.
  • Rathe Combos: Players will charge up a Rathe Gauge as they deal and receive damage, but will charge faster if they are losing. The gauge will initially charge up to a Level 1 Rathe Combo, but if the player waits and has it charge longer, it can go up to Levels 2 and 3. These attacks are quick and deal large amounts of damage, with them being stronger as the level raises. Level 3s will always be a cinematic attack.

Game Modes



Versus is the standard mode of Clash X. Versus is a multiplayer mode that allows players and/or CPUs to fight in a variety of settings. There are nine different gameplay combinations to choose from. Players can create and save Rulesets as well so they won’t have to put in their preferences every time. Up to 4 players and CPUs can battle with any character, on any stage, with whatever ruleset they want.

Style Selections

  • Traditional: A basic 1v1 setting.
  • Team: A 2v2 setting with four player and/or CPU controlled fighters.
  • Marvelous: A 1v1 setting where players can select teams of three characters and can switch between them during the match as long as that character is still alive. Players can switch by tapping the right control stick to the side. This is inspired by Marvel Vs. Capcom 3.

Modes Selections

  • Traditional: The basic mode selection. Players must use their various attacks to decrease their enemy’s life gauge in a best out of three or five setting. Whoever is the last standing in a round or has the most cumulative health when time runs out will receive a point. Whoever reaches two points (or three in best out of five) first wins. Players can affect how long rounds are or remove the timer as a whole.
  • Stock: Players must KO the opponent to cause them to lose their stocks. When a player’s health bar reaches zero, they will implode and move onto their next stock. If a player is KOed and doesn’t have another stock, they are eliminated. The last player standing wins. Players can also control how many stocks everyone will have. This is inspired by the Super Smash Bros. series.
  • All-Star: Players can only KO each other by landing Rathe Combos. If you KO an opponent, you gain a point, and if you get KOed, you lose a point. Players must gain AP in order to fill up their Rathe Gauge. AP is dropped when an opponent is hit, and can be collected by either player upon contact. Whoever has the most points before time runs out wins. Players can also control how long a match will go. This is inspired by PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.


Tourney is a multiplayer mode where up to 64 players can be placed into a bracket. All of the gameplay combinations and rulesets saved to the game are available to use. Two players can use the same characters by using different palette swaps. Players also have the option to choose from a single or double elimination bracket.



Arcade Mode is a single-player campaign game mode. In this mode, the player must choose a character from a roster and select a difficulty indicated by the position on a scale. The highest allowed starting intensity is 5.0, and it will increase slightly, depending on how well the player performs after each victory to a maximum of 9.9. Players will only have one life (rules apply to whichever style selection the player is in). If the player loses, they have the option to continue via either spending Gold, which lowers the difficulty by 0.7 points or use a Arcade Mode ticket (which is won randomly in Versus matches or bought from the Shop) to keep the current difficulty. Using a Arcade Mode ticket at any point during the run will stop the difficulty from rising to 9.9, making the maximum possible difficulty 9.8 for the rest of the run. If the player loses again after using a ticket, they will receive an automatic game over.

The layout of Arcade Mode consists of 10 stages, with Level 4 being a round of Endless Targets, Level 9 being a 1v1 mini-boss match-up, and Level 10 being a boss. The rest of the rounds are various Versus matches with a variety of different settings. If a player loses Level 4, they will not receive a lose or game over, but it will effect their end score. Level 9 will feature a random skin of a character taken as more evil with increased stats and more health, and the final boss of Level 10 will predetermined boss fight at the end of their route that applies to whichever character the player has chosen. The player must deplete the boss's HP in order to defeat them.

When the player completes Arcade Mode with a given character, there will the possibility that the player will be confronted by Challenger Approaching duel. All of the six starter characters have their own character unlock trees. They are updated as the game receives updates, but the player will never lose their current roster of characters if a starter's unlock tree is changed. The challenger is determined by the 1st Player character's assigned tree, and will be the next character from the top of their tree down who has not already been unlocked by a Challenger Approaching duel. When all the characters in a tree are successfully unlocked, completing another Arcade Mode run with any of those characters will unlock the next available character from Cadence's tree, then Duck's tree, and going forth.

Unlock Order CadencePortrait.png DuckPortrait.png KnightPortrait.png MadelinePortrait.png ShovelKnightPortraitCLASHX.png WelltaroPortrait.png
1st CXKraggPortrait.png CXGoosePortrait.png CXGangBeastPortrait.png CXCandymanPortrait.png CXBeheadedPortrait.png CXZeroPortrait.png
2nd CXCupheadPortrait.png CXCrewmatePortrait.png CXSpelunkerPortrait.png CXBigBandPortrait.png CXShantaePortrait.png CXJakcetPortrait.png

Endless Targets

Endless Targets is a single-player game mode with optionable multiplayer. Inspired by Break the Targets from Super Smash Bros., the goal of this game mode is to break incoming targets on a close quarter flat stage in sync with background music. Targets will pop up in the background identifying their placing and will curve into the battlefield where the player is able to break the them. The targets get faster as time progresses. There are three game types players can choose from.

Game Types

  • Song: Play a song to a preset length to see your score.
  • Endless: Play on a song endlessly until you miss three targets.
  • Versus: Two players compete to see who has the greatest score at the end of the song or until one of them messes up.


Training Mode is a game mode where the player can manipulate overall gameplay of a match and experiment with the CPU without the restrictions of standard Versus Mode. The mode's features, behaviors, and properties vary throughout the series. This allows players to practice in a non-serious setting.


  • Combo: Displays how many hits the player has attained on the opponent in one standard combo; this data is saved, with the longest combo done by each individual character being displayed on the character select screen for the mode.
  • Damage: Displays amount of damage most recent attack inflicted by the player.
  • Enemy: Shows the behavior set by the player for any CPUs in play.
  • Speed: Shows the speed at which the game is running. Not visible if the default 1x is selected.
  • Total Damage: Displays how much damage the present combo has done on opponents. Like the Combo counter, it maxes out at 999.


Online is a subsection of the normal Clash game mode, except, instead of fighting against CPUs and local players, you play against people online via the internet. Players can also link up exclusively with just their friends, and are capable of changing a variety of rules available, or can fight against strangers in specific match types. In addition, players can also participate in Tourneys and Endless Targets's versus mode online.

When playing With Anyone, players can participate in either Versus matches (with preset game types), Tourneys (rules changed weekly), or Endless Targets (preset song selection weekly). With Anyones, players do not get any choice of what stage the match will take place on as one of the stages will be selected at complete random. When playing With Friends these restrictions don't apply as players can choose a stage and the game will randomly select one of the stages out of those each player has selected. Players can create lobbies that friends can join or can make lobbies for people around the world to join.

Players can also make private rooms for Endless Targets with their own customizable rules and song choices.


The Shop is a feature where the player can buy a variety of in-game collectables using Gold. Gold is an in-game currency gained from completing Arcade runs, Versus matches, Online matches, and numerous other ways.

When selecting the shop, the player will be brought to a side-scrolling hub. The player will control Fex from Fez, with a JobBot from Job Simulator as the cashier. In front of the entrance is the counter where JobBot will greet Fez. To the right of the counter are various aisles with different categories of collectables. When the attack button is pressed while Fez stands in front of an aisle, a menu will pop up featuring all of said aisle’s available collectables relating to their category. The player pays for all the items via the menu, so they don’t actually have to go up to JobBot and pay him. However, Arcade Mode tickets are available for 1,000 gold each at the front counter. The player can buy up to three a day. Once the player walks out of the entrance, the player will return to the main menu.


  • Stages
  • Music
  • Alternate Costumes
  • Entrance and Victory Animations

Vault and Options

  • Rulesets: Allows players to modify rulesets created in Versus.
  • Controls: Allows players to alter the control configurations to assigned names.
  • Sound: Allows players to modify the volume of sound effects, music, and speech.
  • Display: Allows players to control the deflicker and screen brightness.
  • Language: Allows players to decide upon one of several languages the game will display.
  • Move List: Allows players to see a description of every playable fighter’s movesets, as well as a description of assist actions.
  • Replays: Allows players to view previously saved matches. Players can also toggle if replays will automatically be saved or not.
  • CSS Customization: Allows the players to set the character CSS how they prefer. Characters will be sorted alphabetically by default, but it’ll have the option to organize the fighters by debut in the game, or customly organized in any order the player chooses. Added in 1.1.0.
  • Assist Toggle: Allows the player to toggle on and off what assists will appear and which won’t or if they’ll appear at all. If assists are turned on there must be at least two toggled on for each level category.
  • Victory and Entrance Animations: Allows the player to customize preferred victory and entrance animations to assigned names. Players have the option to select one specific animation to play everytime, or have it be randomized which one will play every time.
  • Erase Data: Allows the player to delete certain save data.

Playable Fighters

At launch, there were six playable characters within Clash X with twelve unlockable characters. Unlocking fighters can be done through a variety of methods as they can be either unlocked through random fights against them after normal matches or under a unique requirement for each character. Each fighter has their very own unique moveset and attributes that applies the them only. Every character has strengths and weaknesses.

After the game's release, the game plans to add multiple free DLC fighters to expand the roster. Characters are added alongside game patches. Players can also customize the character selection screen organization within Vault and Options.

Multiple additional fighters were added via DLC. The Fighters Pass was released, revealing six new characters and one reflection fighter. They were all released throughout the year of 2021. A second pass started shortly after the first. More DLC was later added on as time progressed.

CXReimuPortrait.png CXShantaePortrait.png CXMadotsukiPortrait.png CXQuotePortrait.png CXSpelunkerPortrait.png CXMeatBoyPortrait.png CXJakcetPortrait.png CXCubePortrait.png CXBigBandPortrait.png DuckPortrait.png ShovelKnightPortraitCLASHX.png CXLilacPortrait.png CXGunvoltPortrait.png CXCandymanPortrait.png CXGangBeastPortrait.png CXOriPortrait.png CadencePortrait.png CXVaingloriousGhoulPortrait.png CXFroggitPortrait.png CXKraggPortrait.png WelltaroPortrait.png CXFishPortrait.png CXBulletKinPortrait.png KnightPortrait.png CXYookaLayleePortrait.png CXBeheadedPortrait.png CXCupheadPortrait.png CXHatKidPortrait.png MadelinePortrait.png CXCrewmatePortrait.png CXZagreusPortrait.png CXToejam&EarlPortrait.png CXZeroPortrait.png CXGoosePortrait.png CXGrimReaperPortrait.png CXSaffronPortrait.png CXJudgementBulletKinPortrait.png CXOmoriPortrait.png

Characters: © Adult Swim Games / Autumn Games / Boneloaf / Brace Yourself Games / Dan Fornace / Derek Yu / Devolver Digital / GalaxyTrail / Gears for Breakfast / HumaNature Studios / Innersloth / Inti Creates / Łukasz Piskorz / Matt Makes Games / Moltion Twin / Moon Studios / Nicalis, Inc. / OMOCAT / Panic Inc. / Placeholder Gameworks / Playism / RobTop Games / Studio MDHR / Supergiant Games / Team17 / Team Cherry / Team Meat / Team Reptile / Team Shanghai Alice / Thomas Moon Kang / Toby Fox / Vlambeer / WayForward Technologies, Inc. / Yacht Club Games, LLC.


Reimu - Touhou Project

Reimu from Team Shanghai Alice’s Touhou Project series is a playable character in Clash X. She is a DLC fighter released for Fighters Pass 1. Reimu Hakurei is a person that can be described by her desires, such as the desire to be wanted, to have good food, and to find happiness. Her duty as the Hakurei shrine maiden gives Reimu a sense of purpose and identity.

In this game, Reimu is a Dynamic fighter, utilizing her strong Spell Cards.


  • Neutral Special - Spell Card: Reimu's Neutral Special allows her to access all seven Spell Cards. All these cards are taken from Touhou 12.3 Hisentokusen. Reimu had five card slots aside her meters that fill up left to right. Reimu charges up this meter by receiving and dealing damage. When a slot is all filled up, a spell card will reveal itself. Reimu can cycle through her usable cards by pressing B, moving the leftmost one to the end of her card list. To use a card, hold down the special button. Doing so will get rid of the required amount of available cards from the list, moving remaining cards and slots to the left and replacing any empty areas with card slots, and activate the used card's move. A flash will signify when a Spell Card has been activated. Reimu is vulnerable in this state and could be interrupted by an attack (though hitstun moves will not count against this. Luckily, if interrupted this won’t take up Reimu’s card slot, giving her a second chance. If it happens once more in two successions, she will sadly then lose her card.
    • Jewel Sign "Concealed Orbs of Light": Reimu jumps back and shoots out three yin-yang orbs. Their distances are randomized. Each orb will bounce on the ground two times before disappearing. Costs 1 card.
    • Dream Sign “Demon Binding Array”: Reimu slams her hand on the ground, creating a tall vertical light pillar that strikes foes. Cost 2 cards.
    • Spirit SIgn “Fantasy Orb'': Reimu spawns ten colorful energy projectiles behind her before shooting them forward, homing in on the opponent. Cost 2 cards.
    • Treasure Sign "Yin-Yang Orb": Reimu creates a close range flaming energy orb in front of her. This attack can also delete projectiles. Cost 2 Cards.
    • Boundary "Expanding Boundary": Reimu creates an array of borders around her body, covering a large area around her. Cost 3 cards.
    • Divine Arts "Wind God Kick": Reimu performs a series of Ascension Kicks ending in a powerful upwards kick after the last one. Cost 3 cards.
    • Divine Arts "Demon Binding Circle": Essentially a stronger version of Dream Sign "Demon Binding Array". Cost 4 cards.
  • Forward Special - Hakurei Amulet: Reimu summons an amulet and launches it forward. The angle can be adjusted by tilting up or down as it hurls forward. If the move is charged up, will fire more amulets with the maximum of four being shot. The charged versions send the amulets flying in a spread formation, curving inward to converge at a single point later in their flight pattern.
  • Up Special - Spirit Sign: Reimu summons seven large orbs of light which home in onto nearby targets before exploding. Reimu cannot perform this attack again until after a two second cool down.
  • Down Special - Cautionary Border: Reimu forms a barrier a short distance away from her that lasts for 3 seconds. This barrier will reflect any projectiles that hit it from either side. Holding down the special button will allow Reimu to launch the barrier further.

  • Level 1 - Holy Relic "Yin-Yang Sanctifier Orb": Reimu creates a large blue sphere that slowly travels forward until it goes offscreen or 7 seconds pass. Upon contact, it will deal multi-hitting damage.
  • Level 2 - Divine Spirit "Fantasy Seal": Reimu summons 10 larger colored bullets out in a circular formation before launching them, homing in on the nearest target. While the shots are supposed to only hit once, they don't vanish after hitting a target, allowing them to hit multiple targets or even hit as they spawn in before homing in on an already damaged target.
  • Level 3 - Fantasy Heaven: Reimu uses up all available Spell Cards and summons 7 yin-yang orbs that spiral around her, disappear after 15 seconds and light up each time Reimu lands a melee attack. When all orbs are lit up, the opponent hit by the attack that triggers the last orb will be dragged into a cinematic where Reimu unleashed a screen-filling surge of bullets, launching them at the end of the attack.


  • Pal1: Default.
  • Pal2: Resembles the color palette of Marisa.
  • Pal3: Resembles the color palette of Sakuya.
  • Pal4: Resembles the color palette of Cirno.
  • Pal5: Resembles the color palette of Sanae
  • Pal6: Resembles the color palette of Youmu.

Shantae - Shantae

Shantae from WayForwards’s Shantae series is a playable character in Clash X.  She is a half-genie, the daughter of a human father and a genie mother. Because of this, she is granted magical abilities. Her job is to be the Guardian Genie of Scuttle Town, defending it from the evil lady-pirate, Risky Boots.

In this game, Shantae is a verstitle and well rounded fighter, being a jack-of-all-trades.


  • Neutral Special - Spitfire: Shanate puts out both of her hands and charges up an orange energy from each hand. When finished, Shanate will slam her hands together and make a gun gesture with her hands, releasing a large fireball that will launch straight forward. Upon contact with an opponent, the fireball will explode.
  • Forward Special - Scimitar Slash: Shantae stops in place for a bit and takes out her scimitar. She will charge up in place before doing a horizontal dash with her scimitar that ends with a slash. This attack can also be performed in midair.
  • Up Special - Cannon: Shantae will take out Risky Boots’ cannon and climb on top of it. It will fire a cannonball straight downwards, pulling Shantae up into the air. She is capable of firing three cannon shots one after the other, but afterwards she will be left vulnerable until she reaches the ground again.
  • Down Special - Belly Dance: Shantae will perform a belly dance and will be given the option to transform into four different transformations. There will be an icon above her she can toggle through that’ll decide what move she does. For shortcuts after performing the command, A button performs Monkey, B button performs Elephant, Y button performs Harpy, and X button performs Spider.
    • Monkey Dance: Shantae will quickly transform into a monkey and perform the Monkey Bullet, launching herself forward. If she reaches an opponent she will attach herself to them and claw them down before kicking them away and transforming back to her normal self.
    • Elephant Dance: Shanate will quickly transform into an elephant and performs a mighty stomp, burying any opponents nearby.
    • Harpy Dance: Shanate will quickly transform into a Harpy and will flap her wings three times before rising upwards. She will then rush down quickly diagonally downwards, slamming into opponents on the trip down.
    • Spider Dance: Shantae will quickly transform into a spider and shoots a thin string of web forward. If it hits an opponent, Shantae either has the choice to reel them in for a swift headbutt, or dash towards them and tackle them.

  • Level 1 - Flintlock Pistol: Shantae fires her trusty flintlock pistol and fires five rounds. If angled when performing the attack, Shantae can also aim diagonally upwards to take down aerial opponents.
  • Level 2 - Elephant Rushdown: Shantae transforms into her elephant form and rams forward, pummeling down anyone in her way.
  • Level 3 - Risky's Revenge: Shantae takes out her pirate sword and rushes forward. If Shantae makes contact with opponents they would be paralyzed in place as they are transported to a cinematic where the captured opponents are transported to a dock in front of Risky Boots’s ship. Risky smirks and points at the opponents as Shantae yells, “Open fire!” as a barrage of cannon fire fires at the opponents. Shantae flies back to her starting spot and transforms back as the final smash ends.


  • Pal1: Default.
  • Pal2: The Blue palette swap from Half-Genie Hero.
  • Pal3: Resembles the color palette of Shantae’s pajamas.
  • Pal4: Resembles the color palette of Sky.
  • Pal5: Resembles the color palette of RottyTops.
  • Pal6: Resembles Nega Shantae.
  • DLC1: Resembles Shantae’s Ninja costume from Half-Genie Hero.
  • DLC2: Shantae’s Ninja costume from in a black color palette.

Madotsuki - Yume Nikki

Madotsuki from Playism’s Yume Nikki series is a playable character in Clash X. She is a DLC fighter. Madotsuki is a rather mysterious girl, experiencing many disturbing and terrifying dreams throughout her game.

In this game, Madotsuki is a rushdown jack-of-all-trades fighter.


  • Neutral Special - Medamaude: Madotsuki will use her Medamaude effect to grab an opponent. If successful, she will disappear, and then reappear a bit forward from her original spot and throw the opponent down. If she fails to grab the opponent, she will teleport nonetheless.
  • Forward Special - Bicycle: Madotsuki hops onto her bicycle and starts riding it forwards. She can get off of the bicycle by pressing the attack or special button, or by crashing into the stage border. Upon coming in contact with the opponent, Madotuski will launch them a short distance when hit, or will bury them into the ground if the opponent is on the surface.
  • Up Special - Witch: Madotsuki will hop onto a Witch’s broom and spiral upwards, hitting enemies multiple times while spinning. The final hit has decent diagonal knockback. The move can also be steered diagonally left or right.
  • Down Special - Fat: Madotsuki turns fat and performs a ground pound. If down on the ground, Madotuski will just cause a small shockwave. When used in the air, Madotsuki remains airborne for a short time before landing down with the ground pound. Upon contact with the ground, Masotsuki will cause a shock wave. The size of the shock wave will depend on how far Madotsuki descended.

  • Level 1 - Lamp: Madotsuki turns into a lamp and begins headbutting forward in rapid succession. If caught by this attack, the opponent will be dragged along until the attack ends.
  • Level 2 - Frog: Masotsuki will turn into a frog and lunge her tongue forwards. If she catches the opponent, she’ll grab the opponent with her tongue and reel them into her mouth, taking seven chomps before spitting them out.
  • Level 3 - Zippertile: A Zippertile suddenly appears, which Madostuki promptly stabs, causing it to turn into a trapping portal. If the opponent is near, they would be sucked into the portal, being taken to an empty room with a set of stairs. Madotsuki then follows the opponent into the room and takes out her knife, slashing the opponent down in rapid succession, ending off the cinematic with one mighty stab forward.


  • Pal1: Default.
  • Pal2: Based on Poniko
  • Pal3: Based on Mafurako.
  • Pal4: Based on Monoko and Monoe. Also based on her unused Monochrome sprite.
  • Pal5: Based on Yonaka Kurai from Mogeko Castle.
  • Pal6: Based on her Yuki-Onna effect.

Quote - Cave Story

Quote from Nicalis’ Cave Story series is a playable character in Clash X. He is a DLC fighter released for Fighters Pass 1. Despite his human-like appearance, Quote is actually a soldier robot whose mission is to eradicate the hidden dark power of the Island.

In this game, Quote is a ranged zoner, utilizing his many weapons and projectiles.


  • Neutral Special - Fireball Gun: A fireball projectile attack. Quote will take out his Fireball Gun and fire a Fireball that bounces a small distance before disappearing. If done in midair it will simply fall downwards before beginning to bounce. Upon contact with the fireball the opponent will take small damage with low knockback. At Level 2 the fireball will become slightly bigger hence giving it a bigger hitbox. It will also deal slightly more damage and knockback. At Level 3 the fireball will become blue indicating it will deal more damage. It will no longer disappear after contact with an opponent and will rather disappear by itself.
  • Forward Special - Bubbline: Quote shoots with the Bubbline. The bubbles will cluster around him before flying forward. When clustering around Quote, the bubbles can delete weak projectiles. Once all the other bubbles shoot forward, the oldest shoots forward as a fast projectile. When the special button is released, all bubbles launch forward. The amount of bubbles fired are dependent on Quote’s level.
  • Up Special - Booster v2.0.: Quote flies with his jetpack for a short time. While the boost is in progress, the player can tilt in any cardinal direction to make Quote fly in said direction chosen. He can perform any aerial attacks in this state during the boost, but he will be put into freefall afterwards.
  • Down Special - Nemesis: Quote fires a blast of lightning from the Nemesis with a short stun effect. Unlike every other attack, this one grows weaker at higher levels. It’s range will decrease and the Level 3 version causes no knockback, merely flinching.

Unique Traits

  • Quote has an experienced mechanic. Whenever Quote attacks land he gains experience that fills up a meter. When the meter fills up, some of Quote’s attacks become more powerful in damage output or can do entirely different actions. Quote starts out at Level 1 with an empty bar and goes up to a maximum of Level 3. When the meter is filled at level 3, the extra experience only acts as a buffer to prevent himself from getting leveled-down as when Quote gets hit, he will lose experience.

  • Level 1 - Blade: Quote tosses his blade forward like a boomerang, returning to him eventually. It only causes flinch damage at first, but on the trip back it will massive multi-hit.
  • Level 2 - Missile Launcher: Quote takes out his Missile Launcher and fires three missiles forward. Any missile will explode upon impact with anything, dealing a massive amount of damage.
  • Level 3 - Spur: Quote whips out the Spur  and fires a devastating laser. If a cardinal direction is held during the windup animation, Quote fires in that direction. The laser is a multihit.


  • Pal1: Default.
  • Pal2: Curly, Quote’s partner in Cave Story.
  • Pal3: Easy Mode color palette.
  • Pal4: Resembles Colons.
  • Pal5: Hard Mode color palette.
  • Pal6: Resembles Misery.

Guy Spelunky - Spelunky

Guy Spelunky from Derek Yu’s Spelunky series is a playable character in Clash X. Guy Spelunky descends into the mysteriously shifting caverns beneath the desert in search of fame and fortune. Undertaking his father’s honor, he is on the search for the Giant Idol

In this game, Guy Spelunky is all-around jack-of-all-trades, being on the most balanced opponents in the games.


  • Neutral Special - Whip: The Guy Spelunky coils the whip behind him before swinging it forward. This move deals minor knockback but can be spammed. When performed in midair, the Guy Spelunky will float momentarily in place. This cannot be done a second time in midair or from short hopping.
  • Forward Special - Shotgun: The Guy Spelunky fires a Shotgun in a wide spread. After firing the Shotgun, Duck must cock the gun by inputting the same command before he can fire the Shotgun again. If used too quickly it will be jammed momentarily.
  • Up Special - Rope: A rope will be thrown vertically, directly above the Guy Spelunky. The rope will hook onto the background wall above the Guy Spelunky and then unfurl down to the point where it was thrown from. When out, Guy Spelunky can climb the rope and perform any aerials along at any point. Guy Spelunky can have a maximum of two ropes out at a time. After ten seconds a rope will collapse, making Guy Spelunky able to summon another rope.
  • Down Special - Bomb: Guy Spelunky tosses a bomb forwards. When primed, the Bomb begins to flash red and sparks will be seen on the fuse. The faster the flashing, the closer it is to detonation. The explosion can damage both the user and opponent if the player isn't careful. Attacking the bomb will cause it to detonate sooner.

  • Level 1 - Camera: Guy Spelunky takes a flash with his camera. Anyone caught within the white light will be stunned by the light.
  • Level 2 - Totem Trap: Guy Spelunky summons a Totem Trap which lets out a mighty punch with a boxing glove.
  • Level 3 - Golden Idol: Guy Spelunky coils his whip behind him before swinging it forward. If the attack connects, the player will enter a cinematic. Guy Spelunky takes a Golden Idol off of its place, a Boulder will come hurling towards Guy Spelunky and the opponent. As the Guy Spelunky jumps out of the way, the Boulder runs over the opponent and drags them into a pile of bombs. After impact, the bombs will cause a massive explosion, ending the cinematic and launching the foe.


  • Pal1: Default.
  • Pal2: Resembles Ana.
  • Pal3: Resembles Margaret.
  • Pal4: Resembles Colin.
  • Pal5: Resembles Roffy.
  • Pal6: Resembles Alto

Meat Boy - Super Meat Boy

Meat Boy from Team Meat’s Super Meat Boy series is a playable character in Clash X. He is a DLC fighter released for Fighters Pass 1. After his girlfriend, Bandage Girl, is kidnaped by the nefarious Dr. Fetus after fierce beat up, Meat Boy ensues a journey to get his girlfriend back by Dr. Fetus’ clutches.

In this game, Meat Boy is a ranger rushdown fighter, specializing in close range combos.


  • Neutral Special - Buzzsaw: Meat Boy summons a buzz saw in front of him and launches it forward. The buzzsaw is a relatively slow projectile, but deals heavy damage. The buzzsaw will slide across the borders of the screen and will be removed within five seconds. Meat Boy cannot unleash another Buzzsaw if one is already out.
  • Forward Special - Meat Slime: Meat Boy tosses a pile of meat forward that slides across the battlefield’s surface. Upon contact with it, it will trip the opponent, giving Meat Boy a chance to attack. In midair, the pile of meat will put enemies into freefall upon contact. The attack has a two second cool down, preventing Meat Boy from spamming the attack.
  • Up Special - The Birds: Meat Boy launches himself into the air as both of his middle fingers are sticking out, hitting enemies multiple times while spinning. The final hit has decent diagonal knockback. The move can also be steered diagonally left or right.
  • Down Special - Ground Pound: Meat Boy performs a ground pound. If down on the ground, Meat Boy will leap forward diagonally, pause briefly, then slam down to the ground with a high-power ground pound. When used in the air, Meat Boy remains airborne for a short time before landing down with the ground pound. Upon impact, the move produces small hitboxes in the form of shockwaves.

  • Level 1 - Meaty Punch: One of Meat Boy’s fist enlarges. Meat Boy will then reel it backwards, and then bring it back for a devastating Punch.
  • Level 2 - Fleshplosion: Meat Boy puts his thumb into his mouth and begins to blow into it. Meat Boy will start to inflate in size before bursting into a meaty explosion. Any opponent nearby will take heavy damage.
  • Level 3 - Gorenado: Meat Boy will run in circles causing Red Meat to kick up into the air, forming a tornado. If the opponent is nearby, they will be reeled into the tornado, starting a cinematic. Within the Gorenado, Meat Boy will transform parts of his body into various weapons and slash, bash, and thrash opponents. After a few seconds, Meat Boy will turn his feet into gigantic boots and dropkick the opponent’s shin, sending them flying out of Gorenado and ending the cinematic.


  • Pal1: Default.
  • Pal2: Resembles the color palette of Bandage Girl.
  • Pal3: A green color palette.
  • Pal4: Resembles the color palette of Brownie.
  • Pal5: Resembles the color palette of RunMan.
  • Pal6: A purple color palette.

Jacket - Hotline Miami

Jacket from Devolver Digital’s Hotline Miami series is a playable character in Clash X. Over the course of his game, he dons various animal masks and performs a number of brutal assassinations in response to cryptic messages left on his answering machine.

In this game, Jacket is a Zone-Breaker, being a formidable combatant with a bit of everything.


  • Neutral Special - Machine Pistol: Jacket uses a customized machine pistol. Extremely fast but very weak. It will last for six seconds at the maximum before Jacket must reload.
  • Forward Special - Roll / Katana: Jacket rolls across the ground, dealing minor knockback to does and receiving a few invincibility frames in the beginning of the roll. In the air, Jacket dives forward with a short katana out. If he hits an enemy, he grabs them before stabbing them in the torso. He will remove it from the opponent after tackling them to the ground. Afterwards he would kick them out of the way.
  • Up Special - Double Barreled Shotgun: Jacket takes out a double barreled shotgun and fires underneath him for a small amount of height. This can be used twice before needing to land.
  • Down Special - Door Frame: With a horse's neigh, a door frame is produced. Jacket can attack it to slam it open. After two seconds it will close. When being slammed open, it can heavily knockback enemies as well as reflect projectiles.

  • Level 1 - Echoes: Jacket will fall to his knees and begin to try to pry the mask off as the original owners of every mask he has collected appear as ghastly images and begin to fire various guns in all directions.
  • Level 2 - Eject: The sound of a VCR tape will be heard being removed. As this is heard, the opponent will become burned out similar to film burn. Jacket will then steal some of their health.
  • Level 3 - San Francisco Bombing: Jacket's car, a silver Delorean, drives forward, starting a cinematic if it connects. The car goes down a road, highlighted by a multicolored Miami sunset and leaning palm trees before a nuclear bomb blows the city up.


  • Pal1: Default.
  • Pal2: Green color palette.
  • Pal3: Purple color palette.
  • Pal4: Yellow color palette.
  • Pal5: Black color palette.
  • Pal6: White color palette.
  • DLC1: Resembles Biker.
  • DLC2: Neon aesthetic.

GD - Geometry Dash

GD from RobTop Games’s Geometry Dash series is a playable character in Clash X. It is a DLC fighter apart of Volume 2. In Geometry Dash, the player takes the form of many entities with unique mechanics of their own. The player must navigate through rhythm-based levels in order to win.

In this game, GD is a rushdown, reliant on getting into the opponent's face.


  • Neutral Special - Obstacle Toss: Throws a random object forward in an arc. Can be anything ranging from spikes to cubes and sawblades. Spikes do the least amount of damage, cubes do medium, and saw blades do the most. It's totally random which object will be thrown.
  • Forward Special - Ship: GD hops into a ship and torpedoes forward. Upon contact, the ship will burst into flames. If GP hits the border of the screen it’ll simply hop out of the ship.
  • Up Special - Bounce Pad: Uses a red, yellow, or pink bounce pad (it's an orb instead if you’re in midair) to launch itself up into the air while spinning. The distance is dependent on the time held.
  • Down Special - Ball Chargeup: GD curls up into a ball and spins in place. When letting go of the special button while charging, GP will dash forward, multi-hitting the opponent upon contact. GP can also turn around to cancel out of the attack.

  • Level 1 - Spider: GD turns into a spider and claws forward in rapid succession.
  • Level 2 - UFO: GD turns into a UFO and fires forward three laser beams, each beam getting stronger while being shot.
  • Level 3 - The Invasion: A hoard of Dragons came from the left and right, hurling themselves across the stage, bunting into any opponent in their way.


  • Pal1: Default.
  • Pal2: The Stereo Madness icon from Geometry Dash.
  • Pal3: The Base After Base icon from Geometry Dash.
  • Pal4: The Default icon from Geometry Dash.
  • Pal5: The Stereo Madness icon from Geometry Dash.
  • Pal6: The Base After Base icon from Geometry Dash.

Big Band - Skullgirls

Big Band from Autumn Games’ Skullgirls series is a playable character in Clash X. Big Band is a former policeman turned cybernetic musical weapon by Dr. Avian. While he maintains himself to be calm and collected and prefers to talk things out, he will not hesitate to fight back when he has to.

In this game, Big Band is a heavy tank character, just like in his home game.


  • Neutral Special - 5000lb Slam: Big Band throws his legs forward to kick the opponent. If performed in midair, Big Bang will just go into a dead weight in the air.
  • Forward Special - Brass Knuckles: Big Band charges forward with a brass-knuckle punch, covering wide range and dealing a healthy amount of damage. If used point-blank to an opponent, it'll act as a command grab that sends them horizontally and slightly vertical away.
  • Up Special - Boosters: Big Band retracts his legs and takes to the skies with boosters. In this state he can float freely and move left to right. He can stay like this for 8 seconds before he must go back down. While using his boosters, he can also perform any aerial.
  • Down Special - Giant Step: Big Band steps on a giant kick pedal to hit the opponent overhead, slamming it onto the ground. It does little damage compared to his other attacks, but has great hit stun.  Getting hit on the sweet spot will ground opponents, setting up as an easy punish. In the air, the sweet spot can apply a strong meteor attack.

  • Level 1 - Super-Sonic Jazzz: Big Band transforms into a French Horn and charges forward hitting multiple times, the last hit launching the opponent up and behind Big Band.
    • Tuba Tuba: Activates at the end of "Super-Sonic Jazz" if Big Band's Taunt was used beforehand. Big Band punches the opponent several times, ending with a final punch that knocks them back.
  • Level 2 - Death Toll: Big Band grabs the opponent's head and traps them in a bell which he violently rings seconds later, launching them up.
  • Level 3 - Strike Up the Band: Big Band stomps on the ground causing rows of trumpets to shoot up out of the ground. Each row knocks the opponent back until the final row knocks the opponent into the center of the trumpets to get a flurry of high-damage sound blasts shot at them.
    • Satchmo Solo: Activates if Big Band's Taunt was used beforehand. Big Band pulls out his trumpet and holds there for seven seconds, allowing the player to play a tune.


  • Pal1: Default.
  • Pal2: Resembles the color palette of Carl Kolchak.
  • Pal3: Resembles the color palette of Sepia-tinted films.
  • Pal4: Resembles the color pallete of Sturm from Advance Wars.
  • Pal5: Resembles the color palette of King Dedede.
  • Pal6: Resembles the color palette of Metal Flotsam from Dark Cloud 2..

Duck - Duck Game

Duck from Adult Swim’s Duck Game series is a playable character in Clash X. In the futuristic year of 1984, ducks run wild in frantic battles. Donning hats of their own making, these blood-thirsty heathens wield weapons of almost everything you can think of.

In this game, Duck is a Bait & Punish character as he is more defensive, tending to avoid opponents and lure them in traps.


  • Neutral Special - Shotgun: The Duck fires a Shotgun in a wide spread. After firing the Shotgun, Duck must cock the gun by inputting the same command before he can fire the Shotgun again. If used too quickly it will be jammed momentarily.
  • Forward Special - Chainsaw: The Duck takes out a Chainsaw. To activate it, the Duck must double tap the special button after taking it out. To damage opponents the special button must be held or pressed at the time of impact to rev the chainsaw. Performing a Dash while holding the chainsaw causes the Chainsaw Slide to propel the Duck forward, making it slide until the dash button is released. If another player is hit by a chainsaw sliding player they will be damaged. The Duck can have the weapon activated for a collective 25 seconds before it runs out of gasoline, making it so they must wait another 25 to activate it again.
  • Up Special - Jetpack: The Duck equips a Jetpack in order to fly upwards. It can go horizontally but only while still going up. The Duck has a set amount of fuel indicated by a gauge. Once it’s out, the jetpack will stop. The Duck can only fly for a maximum of 4 seconds.
  • Down Special - Grenade: The Duck pulls out a grenade and pulls the pin off. They are given 4 seconds to throw it before it explodes. It can damage both opponents and the user.

  • Level 1 - Bazooka: The Duck fires a Bazooka. It will cause a massive explosion upon impact of the opponent. If it misses it will just fly off to the other side of the screen.
  • Level 2 - Flame Thrower: The Flame Thrower is a flame-based weapon which spreads flames wherever sprayed. The Duck can run around freely while spraying the Flame Thrower. Upon contact it will cause chip damage to the opponent by setting them on fire.
  • Level 3 - Death Ray: The Duck charges up Death Ray and fires it forward. Working a bit differently than it does in Duck Game, The Death Ray will release a massive beam of energy as long as the stage. You can angle the beam up and down while firing. Fighters are drawn to the center, and the attack repeatedly hits any foes caught in its blast.


  • Pal1: Default.
  • Pal2: The Player 2 skin in Duck Game.
  • Pal3: The Player 3 skin in Duck Game.
  • Pal4: The Player 4 skin in Duck Game.
  • Pal5: A green color palette.
  • Pal6: A pink color palette.
  • DLC1: Dinos Hat from Duck Game.
  • DLC2: Dinos Hat in a realistic dinosaur color palette.

Shovel Knight - Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove

Shovel Knight from Yacht Club Games’s Shovel Knight series is a playable character in Clash X. This chivalrous adventurer is trying to stop the Enchantress from taking over the Valley and find his beloved Shield Knight, lost to the Tower of Fate. Throughout his journey he will encounter many other knights and foes.

In this game, Shovel Knight is a semi-heavy close-range combatant, relying on his many tools.


  • Neutral Specials - Relics: Shovel Knight can purchase 3 different relics in the shop to replace his Neutral Special. Once a relic is purchased, the default Neutral Special will be unavailable until the end of the match. Shovel Knight activates the shop with the bottom taunt button.
    • Coin Capture: The Default Neutral Special. Shovel Knight quickly draws all of the treasure on the screen towards him, including floating treasure bags (from previous deaths) and treasure from fishing.
    • War Horn (1000 Gems): A purchasable Special. Shovel Knight blows a horn that hits all opponents within a circular radius. It is a slow attack that deals more damage at the edges and pushes opponents outwards.
    • Mobile Gear (1200 Gems): A purchasable Special. Shovel Knight throws a box with the mobile gear on the ground. The control stick can be used to alter the direction of the throw. After a few frames, the mobile gear begins to move across the ground with an active hitbox. It auto-jumps at ledges. The gear can be ridden by anyone like a moving platform and has gravity. If parried, the gear reverses direction and continues to move.
    • Ghost Glove (1400 Gems): A purchasable Special. A fast but short ranged projectile punch. It can be canceled on landing if timed correctly.
    • Note: Purchasable Specials are bought with gems collected in the current match. Shovel Knight's Specials reset after the match is done.
  • Forward Special - Propeller Dagger / Infinidagger: Shovel Knight dashes forward with a dagger and bounces off walls and players. The dash can be jump canceled. This move can be charged, and if it is fully charged, the move becomes Infinidagger, which can bounce off of blast zones. If this move is countered, Shovel Knight will continue to fly until he hits the blast zone and will enter parry lag while offstage, resulting in an unavoidable death.
  • Up Special - Propeller Rat: A rat will appear and will drag Shovel Knight vertically as he holds onto its tail. The recovery allows for slight horizontal adjustment, and has a hitbox on the propeller.
  • Down Special - Fishing Rod: Shovel Knight casts a fishing rod down, spiking opponents along the way. If used in the air, Shovel Knight floats on a glide cloud. If Shovel Knight fishes off the bottom of the screen, the player will be prompted to press the special button. Depending on the player's timing, Shovel Knight will find either a Treasure Rock or a Golden Fish. Both have hitboxes and can give Shovel Knight treasure.

Unique Traits

  • Relics: Shovel Knight can purchase 3 different relics in the shop to replace his Neutral Special. Once a relic is purchased, the default Neutral Special will be unavailable until the end of the match. Shovel Knight activates the shop with the bottom taunt button.
  • Armor: Shovel Knight can purchase 2 different armors in the shop. The armors change his color scheme and properties.
    • Armor of Chaos: Increases Shovel Knight’s attack potency but lowers defense and speed.
    • Toad Gear: Shovel Knight but has increases jump and speed potency but receives higher knockback.

  • Level 1 - Strike the Earth: Shovel Knight's shovel blade grows in size. In reaction, Shovel Knight with dig it into the ground and quickly swipe upwards, sending a hoard of dirt, rocks, gems hurling forward, damaging foes upon impact. If an fighter is caught right under the shovel as it comes up, they will be launched to the top of the screen and will slam their head at the top. This move is inspired by an attack from Blade Strangers.
  • Level 2 - Giant Troupple King: The Giant Troupple King falls onto the stage and dances on top of the opponents. Shovel Knight can freely roam during this move and attack as well.
  • Level 3 - Order of No Quarter: Shovel Knight would use the War Horn to blow a large radius around him. Whoever caught in the radius will be brought into a cutscene where the Order of No Quarter, Shield Knight, Black Knight, and Shovel Knight will mercilessly rush down the opponents trapped using their unique weapons. At end Shovel Knight readies his Shovel Blade like a baseball bat and slashes the opponent, launching them a great distance.


  • Pal1: Default.
  • Pal2: The Final Guard armor from Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove.
  • Pal3: The Conjurer’s Coat armor from Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove.
  • Pal4: The Dynamo Mall armor from Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove.
  • Pal5: The Mall of Momentum armor from Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove.
  • Pal6: The Ornate Plate armor from Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove.
  • DLC1: Resembles Specter Knight’s attire.
  • DLC1: Resembles Plague Knight.

Lilac - Freedom Planet

Lilac from GalaxyTrail’s Freedom Planet series is a playable character in Clash X. She is a DLC fighter apart of Volume 2. At a young age, Lilac was raised by the Red Scarves, where she underwent training in martial arts and thievery. Not agreeing with the Guild's lifestyle, she eventually left to live independently and find her place in life. Since then she has been living with her best friend Carol in a Hidden Treehouse.

In this game, Lilac is a swift footsie fighter, being one of the fastest characters in the game.


  • Neutral Special - Vortex Wave: Lilac grabs one of her ponytails and slashes forward with it. Whilst doing so, it'll create a spurt of blue energy.
  • Forward Special - Dragon Boost: Lilac revs up a ball in place and charges forward, damaging any enemies nearby. This move can get more powerful by charging it up and Lilac can change direction whilst using the move.
  • Up Special - Dragon Cyclone: Lilac uses her signature cyclone attack, Dragon Cyclone, where she spins using her hair as a weapon. If done in midair, It’ll also give her a small amount of extra airtime and height. It can be held, but this does not boost damage or height.
  • Down Special - Dive Kick: Lilac hops up into the air before performing a diving kick diagonally. If done in midair the attack will have no startup lag like it would have on the ground.

  • Level 1 - Holodragon: Lilac summons the Holodragon, which fires a short beam straight forward, piercing any opponents in its way.
  • Level 2 - Pangu: Lilac places a Pangu onto the ground, which fires star based projectiles at opponents in the direction it's facing. It will stand in place for 10 seconds but can be destroyed by Lilac or the opponent.
  • Level 3 - Dragon Assault: A hoard of drones comes by and projects a large amount of Holodragons which rush around the battlefield. During this Rathe Combo, Lilac is completely invulnerable as well.


  • Pal1: Default.
  • Pal2: Based off Lilac’s appearance from Freedom Planet 1.
  • Pal3: Based on alternate colors seen from The Spriter’s Resource. The sprite is never seen in the game, so it’s likely a part of beta elements.
  • Pal4: Based on alternate colors seen from The Spriter’s Resource. The sprite is never seen in the game, so it’s likely a part of beta elements.
  • Pal5: Based on alternate colors seen from The Spriter’s Resource. The sprite is never seen in the game, so it’s likely a part of beta elements.
  • Pal6: Based on alternate colors seen from The Spriter’s Resource. The sprite is never seen in the game, so it’s likely a part of beta elements.

Gunvolt - Azure Striker Gunvolt

Gunvolt from Inti Creates’ Azure Striker Gunvolt series is a playable character in Clash X. He is a DLC fighter apart of Volume 2. After being under experimentation by the Sumeragi Group, Gunvolt was freed by a resistance group named QUILL. He soon met up with a girl he shared a lot in common with named Joule, who he soon vowed to protect.He uses his electric septima powers and a blaster to overcome his enemies, as well as some special skills that he acquires during his game.

In this game, Gunvolt is a mix-up fighter who performs best at close range and has long range projectiles that allow them to zone well.


  • Neutral Special - Flashfield: Pressing and holding the special button will cause Gunvolt to activate his Flashfield: a circular area swarming with electricity. While holding a special button Gunvolt can move around and jump while sustaining the Flashfield, anyone who enters the field will begin to be dealt racking damage. The Flashfield can only be active if Gunvolt has EP to sustain it.
  • Forward Special - Dragonsphere: Gunvolt creates a ball of electricity that lingers in front of him before moving forward slowly, in which it’ll damage any opponent it touches. Gunvolt can have up to two Dragonspheres out at a time. This attack takes a chunk of Gunvolt’s out of EP, as two Dragonspheres total take up half his gauge.
  • Back Special - Charge MP: Performing this move will result in Gunvolt striking a pose, allowing him to fully replenish his EP gauge. If Gunvolt has used too much EP and has caused himself to overheat, he will be unable to use Recharge EP until after his EP has recharged by itself. Gunvolt’s EP will be represented by a blue gauge that appears whenever he uses his special attacks. The EP gauge will refill overtime when Gunvolt doesn’t have his special moves in use.
  • Up Special - Crashbolt: Gunvolt performs an additional air hop before creating a pillar of lighting that deals a hefty amount of damage and knockback when Gunvolt launches himself. When the bolt vanishes it leaves blue feathers in its wake that slowly float downward and eventually vanish. This takes a decent amount of EP from Gunvolt.
  • Down Special - Astraphere: Gunvolt swiftly creates three electric orbs that spiral around him in a brief moment. Each orb deals their own separate damage, dissipating if they come in contact with something. The attack can also be used to delete projectiles. This takes a decent amount of EP from Gunvolt.

  • Level 1 - Luxcalibur: Gunvolt charges up his electric sword, Luxcalibur, and then stabs forward with the gigantic sword. Anyone hit by the attack will be stunned in place momentarily, then launched.
  • Level 2 - Voltaic Chains: Chains will begin to strike out of the borders of the stage. If hit by these chains, the opponent will be bounced around until the chains become electrocuted with the final shock explosion dealing massive damage.
  • Level 3 - Glorious Strizer: With Joule's assistance, Gunvolt performs the Glorious Strizer. Gunvolt unleashes a large electrical blade similar to Luxcalibur, but larger and much more powerful. The amount of damage dealt is determined by the amount of EP Gunvolt has.


  • Pal1: Default.
  • Pal2: Resembles Copen.
  • Pal3: Resembles  Joule.
  • Pal4: Resembles Carrera.
  • Pal5: Resembles Jota.
  • Pal6: Resembles Viper.

Candyman - Lethal League

Candyman from Team Reptile’s Lethal League series is a playable character in Clash X. He is a candy tap-dancing dandy with a big yellow head. A mysterious accident lead to him receiving his big bouncy head, resorting to government taking him in to weaponize himHe’s quite the jazzy, crazy, and expressive opponent within his home series.

In this game, Candyman is a dangerous zoner relying on his pressure.


  • Neutral Special - Ball: Candyman summons a small, anti-gravity ball that floats in the air until it is hit. This ball can be hit by any attack from both players, and the ball will be sent in the same angle the attack would launch a player. Every time it is hit, it speeds up, with stronger attacks speeding it up more. Attacks that do little to no knockback will instead bunt the ball, slowing it down and enabling gravity until it hits a surface again. The faster the ball is, the more damage it will do when it hits a player. The ball will ricochet off of any solid surface, and will disappear upon hitting someone. The last player who hit it cannot be hurt by it.
  • Forward Special - Candy Cane: Candyman shoots his cane forward a large distance. This would be a command grab, as if the opponent is caught by the cane, Candyman will reel them in and spin like a cyclone, knocking them away. The candy cane can also be angled diagonally up and down.
  • Up Special - Candy Copter: Candyman twirls his cane very quickly above his head, giving him a high lift. Upon contact with the cane, the opponent will take damage.
  • Down Special - Candy Puddle: Candyman sinks into a small puddle he creates on the ground. If a Candy Puddle is active on stage, Candyman will teleport to the puddle and rise out. Can only be used on the ground, and Candyman will pop out instantly if there is no puddle active.

All of Candyman’s Rathe Combos add onto his neutral special. He doesn’t exactly have any Rather Combos, as they just upgrade his Ball attack.

  • Level 1 - Candyball: The next time Candyman performs his neutral special after activating Level 1, he will fire the Candyball. Candyball is nearly identical to the normal ball, however it will go through solid surfaces instead, and come out the other side at the same angle.
  • Level 2 - DuoBall: The next time Candyman performs his neutral special after activating Level 2, he will fire the DuoBall. The DuoBall makes it so Candyman will fire two normal balls at the same time instead one.
  • Level 3 - SonicBall: The next time Candyman performs his neutral special after activating Level 3, he will fire the SonicBall. The SonicBall makes it so the ball is at max speed right away after it is struck.


  • Pal1: Default.
  • Pal2: Candyman's Variation 2.
  • Pal3: Candyman's Variation 3.
  • Pal4: Candyman's Variation 4.
  • Pal5: Candyman's Variation 5.
  • Pal6: Candyman's Variation 6.
  • DLC1: Candyman’s Straitjacket outfit from Lethal League Blaze.
  • DLC2: Candyman’s Alert Straitjacket outfit from Lethal League Blaze.

Gang Beast - Gang Beasts

Gang Beast from Boneloaf’s Gang Beasts series is a playable character in Clash X. Nothing is truly known about the Gang Beasts identities or motivations, however we do know that they are presumably fiercely loyal members of gangs throughout Beef City.

In this game, Gang Beast is rushdown, specializing in close range combat and combos/juggling.


  • Neutral Special - Soccer: The Gang Beast kicks forward a soccer ball. This move can be charged up, as the more its charge, the stronger the kick will be. It can also be aimed in five separate directions facing forward.
  • Forward Special - Dropkick: The Gang Beast jumps forward with a short hop and performs a dropkick like they do in the game. If they hit an opponent they bounce back a little.
  • Up Special - Slap: The Gang Beast waves it’s hand upwards violently, multi-hitting anyone within range. If performed in mid air they will float momentarily.
  • Down Special - Lift: The Gang Beast grabs forward, if they catch someone they will lift them over their head with both arms. You can move around while carrying them above you; you can throw the opponent straight forward, forward and upwards, or forwards and downwards by pressing any attack buttons in conjunction with inputting the chosen direction on the joystick. Be warned as the opponents can mash out of the grab.

  • Level 1 - Barrel: The Gang Beats picks up an Incinerator barrel and kicks it forward. Trapping any opponent caught.
  • Level 2 - Truck: A truck from the Trucks stage zooms from the camera's point and runs over the opponent if in range.
  • Level 3 - Incinerator: The Gang Beats violently leaps forward in an attempt to grab the opponent. If successful, they will trample and roll with the opponent into the incinerator map. The Gang Beast quickly punches the foe upwards and then dropkicks them into the furnace at the center of the stage, burning the opponent to a crisp.


  • Pal1: Default.
  • Pal2: Blue Gang Beast color palette.
  • Pal3: Green Gang Beast color palette.
  • Pal4: Yellow Gang Beast color palette.
  • Pal5: Orange Gang Beast color palette.
  • Pal6: Purple Gang Beast color palette.

Ori - Ori and the Blind Forest

Ori from Moon Studios’ Ori and the Blind Forest series is a playable character in Clash X. They are a DLC fighter released for Fighters Pass 1. A Spirit Guardian who becomes separated from their biological and adoptive family, Ori is thrust into a journey to save the forest of Nibel from a dangerous decay spreading throughout the land.

In this game, Ori is an aerial rushdown opponent, utilizing aerial attacks and movement to their benefit.


  • Neutral Special - Spirit Flame: Sein follows Ori around the battlefield.  When the special button is pressed, Sein will erupt in a small energy burst, damaging nearby enemies. The attack is very quick and only stuns the opponent for a small portion of time, dealing no knockback either. It can be used three times in a row before Sein must recharge. This attack can also be charged by holding down the button. Pressing the button again after this or doing nothing for 3 seconds will release the Charged Flame, a strong attack with knockback. If the attack is whiffed Sein will be set into a longer cool down.
  • Forward Special - Light Burst: Ori throws a sphere of light. The strength of the throw, as well as its forward momentum, increase as the button is held.
  • Up Special - Kuro’s Feather: Ori spins into the air multihoming nearby enemies and then glides using Kuro's Feather. Ori can cancel the initial rising part of the attack with an air dodge. If done this way, the move can be used again once more before landing. However, the second consecutive Up Special does less damage and gives Ori an extremely small vertical boost. The feather can be opened and closed by moving the control stick up or down. Any aerials can also be performed in this state.
  • Down Special - Bash: Ori jumps, holds on to a projectile or an opponent, and freezes time for a few seconds. Both the player and the target are invincible until this move ends. The player can choose a direction to propel Ori in when the move ends. The projectile or opponent is propelled in the opposite direction.

  • Level 1 - Sein Eruption: Ori charges up Sein and then thrusts Sein forward, which causes a massive explosion of energy. This attack is a multihit.
  • Level 2 - Arrow Blast: Ori raises her hands skyward as her hands glow with energy resembling an arrow. She then slams them both downward, creating a small blast of energy.
  • Level 3 - Kuro’s Wrath: Ori closes her eyes and meditates as the terrifying screech of Kuro the forest spirit is heard in the distance. Ori fades away momentarily, as Kuro slams onto the stage wherever Ori was previously. Kuro would violently flap her wings before zooming forward, trampling the opponent. If Kuro slams down onto the opponent during their entrance, they will bury the opponent in place.


  • Pal1: Default.
  • Pal2: Ori's blue costume from Rivals of Aether.
  • Pal3: Ori's red costume from Rivals of Aether.
  • Pal4: Ori's green costume from Rivals of Aether.
  • Pal5: Ori's black costume from Rivals of Aether.
  • Pal6: Ori's purple costume from Rivals of Aether.

Cadence - Crypt of the Necrodancer

Cadence from Brace Yourself Game’s Crypt of the NecroDancer series is a playable character in Clash X. She is the daughter of a famous treasure hunter named Dorian. After seemingly gone missing, Cadence went searching for him until she stumbled into a crypt in control of the Necrodancer, who steals Cadence's heart, making it so she must hunt him down and retrieve it back.

In this game, Cadence’s is an All-Arounder, being a balanced jack-of-all trades with a pinch of rushdown in her moveset.


  • Neutral Special - Fireball: Chargeable. If no charge, it’ll be a little ball of fire. Medium charge, a bigger, slower moving ball that explodes on impact. Full charge, a straight beam of fire. The player can also cancel and store the charge at any time.
  • Side Special - Dig: Cadence charges up and does a strong dig forward with her shovel. It will launch piles of dirt forward, damaging any opponent who touches it heavily. If Cadence hit an opponent right in front of her, she’ll bury them into the ground, giving her the opportunity to attack. The charge up cannot be cancelled after being activated. This move requires timing and precision and is a high risk high reward move.
  • Up Special - Winged Boots: Cadence dons a pair of winged boots and leaps upwards off of thin air. Can damage foes upon impact.
  • Down Special - Bomb: Cadence places a bomb in place. It will explode after three seconds, damaging anyone nearby including the user.

  • Level 1 - Warhammer: Cadence takes out an titanium Warhammer and slams it down in front of her, crushing anyone within range.
  • Level 2 - Bomb Spell: Cadence causes a spell that make bombs rain around her. It is totally random where they'll land. The bombs can damage both Cadence and the opponent, but its unlikely they'll hit Cadence unless she starts moving around.
  • Level 3 - Golden Lute: Cadence takes out the Golden Lute in attempt of using it before being interrupted by the Golden Lute (Boss). The Golden Lute causes numerous fullscreen explosions and sends waves of fire flames across the screen. Cadence is completely invulnerable during this state and can move around and attack as the Golden Flute attacks.


  • Pal1: Default.
  • Pal2: Resembles the color palette of Melody.
  • Pal3: Resembles the color palette of Arla.
  • Pal4: Resembles the color palette of Eli.
  • Pal5: Resembles the color palette of Bolt.
  • Pal6: Resembles the color palette of Reaper.

Vainglorious Ghoul - TowerFall

Vainglorious Ghoul from Matt Make Games’ TowerFall series is a playable character in Clash X. She is a DLC fighter apart of Volume 2. The Red Archer was a celebrated war hero, captain of the legendary ship the Amaranth. She takes place as one of the many archers in TowerFall, fighting against monsters and ghouls or against each other.

In this game, Vainglorious Ghoul is a zoner, utilizing their many projectiles.


  • Neutral Special - Trigger Arrow: Trigger Arrows are a remote explosive arrow. They are active immediately after being fired and will detonate when the player presses the taunt button. The player can have up to three arrows at a time. The arrows can be shot at eight angles.
  • Forward Special - Orb: The Red Archer snaps forward an orb. There are four different orb types the Red Archer can toss forward. It is totally random which one she’ll get each time. The attack also has a two second cooldown to prevent spamming.
    • Dark Orb: Minorly poisons the opponent.
    • Time Orb: Puts the opponent in slow-motion for a few seconds or until attacked.
    • Lava Orb: Burns the opponent.
    • Space Orb: Stuns the opponent in place.
  • Up Special - Wings: The Red Archer twirls in place, growing wings in the process and zooms upwards, reeling along any opponent within the wing’s radius. The Red Archer will then begin to float down slowly. In this state the player can still fire Trigger and Bramble arrows. The move can also be cancelled out of any move besides arrow attacks.
  • Down Special - Bramble Arrow: The Red Archer fires a Bramble Arrow in front of her. After striking a surface, the Bramble Arrow will sprout lethal brambles that spread across the surface. The brambles will remain for a short while before disappearing and can otherwise be destroyed by fire attacks. Any opponent who comes in contact with the Bramble Arrow will be dealt chip-damage. The Arrow can also attach to the left and right borders of the screen.

  • Level 1 - Bomb Chest: The Red Archer places down a bomb chest and leaps out of the way and ducks for cover. A gigantic bomb will emerge out of the chest and detonate, causing a massive explosion.
  • Level 2 - Bolt Arrow: The Red Archer fires five bolt arrows forward. They will change direction if they have a clear line of sight to a target and may do so numerous times. The attack will instantly break a shield if all five arrows hit it.
  • Level 3 - Bomb Arrow Barrage: The Red Archer aims their crossbow upwards and fires twelve bomb arrows up into the air in rapid succession. The twelve arrows will then come striking down from above and land randomly across the battlefield, exploding upon impact with the opponent or the ground.


  • Pal1: Default.
  • Pal2: Resembles the Vigilante Thief.
  • Pal3: Resembles the Last of the Order.
  • Pal4: Resembles the Assassin Prince.
  • Pal5: Resembles the Turncloak Soldier
  • Pal6: Resembles the Ancient Exile.

Froggit - Undertale

Froggit from Toby Fox’s Undertale series is a playable character in Clash X. He is a DLC fighter. Froggits are a species of monster encountered in the Ruins of the Underground. Froggits are usually influenced by comments, not really willing to stand up for themselves, but still willing to fight back on occasion.

In this game, Froggit is a pressurer, exploiting openings and weaknesses on their enemies quickly.


  • Neutral Special - Flies: This is a chargeable attack. Flies will start to spiral around Froggit. The longer the special button is held down for, the more flies that will pop up. Froggit can have a maximum of five. After releasing the special button, the flies will launch themselves forward in an attempt to damage the foe. The more flies that are fired, the larger the hitbox and the more damage that can be done. Froggit can also maneuver when charging, but cannot perform any attacks in that state.
  • Forward Special - Tongue: Froggit extends its tongue out in an attempt to grab the opponent. If successful, they will be put into froggits mouth where he’ll take two chomps at them and then spit them out in one of eight directions.
  • Up Special - Whimsun: Froggit’s pal Whimsun appears onto the battlefield. Whimsun will call upon a ring of moths above him and leave them in place. This acts as a platform Froggit can use that no one else can’t. After he steps on the ring of moths, once he hops off they will disappear. Froggit can only have one ring of moths out at a time.
  • Down Special - Tag Team: Froggit summons a tiny frog that’ll hop forward. It will take three large hops before it disappears. If the opponent is caught by the frog, they will be dragged along the next hop, performing a multi-hit chain.

  • Level 1 - Fly Swarm: A wave of flies come from the top of the screen. They stop, then home in on the opponent.
  • Level 2 - Tongue Barrage: Froggit unleashes their tongue and punches it forward in rapid succession. The tongue will only go forward a short distance, but piles of saliva will spurt forward, raining all over the opponent.
  • Level 3 - Chasing Frog: A giant frog jumps out and pursues the opponent, leaping upwards and then coming crashing down. Upon landing a large amount of damage, the attack will also bury the opponent.


  • Pal1: Default.
  • Pal2:A green color palette.
  • Pal3: A brown color palette.
  • Pal4: A black color palette.
  • Pal5: A purple color palette.
  • Pal6: A red color palette.

Kragg - Rivals of Aether

Kragg from Dan Forance’s Rivals of Aether series is a playable character in Clash X. Kragg is a defender of the colossal Aetherian Forest. Deliberate and loyal, he is one of the infamous Wall Runners who patrol the Rock Wall.

In this game, Kragg is a grounded heavy, just like in his game.


  • Neutral Special - Rock Hurl: Kragg digs up a square shaped rock up from the ground. While holding it he can still walk and do single jumps but can't use any other move until he tosses it by pressing the special button again. He can toss his rock at 4 different angles in front of him.
  • Forward Special - Boulder Ball: Kragg turns into a rolling spiky ball for up to 2 seconds, granting him super-armor. This armor makes him resistant to hitstun and close to all knockback: horizontal knockback still affects him, but is greatly reduced. It can be canceled early with the special button. He can slowly change directions in this form, but only on the ground.
  • Up Special - Earth Pillar: Kragg quickly summons a huge pillar of earth beneath him. Kragg will be standing on top of the pillar afterwards. This pillar acts like a part of the stage; you can wall jump on it, tech on it, and pull a single rock from it.
  • Down Special - Quake Spikes: Kragg stomps the ground, causing a series of 3 spikes to shoot from the ground ahead of him, each bigger than the last. The spikes combo into each other and the final one sends opponents straight up in the air.

  • Level 1 - Shock Wave: Kragg violently stomps on a ground, causing a ginormous shock wave. Any foe caught in it will be launched.
  • Level 2 - Boulder Bash: Kragg digs his hands into the ground and holds up a bolder in each hand, before slamming them together in front of him, crushing any opponents within rage.
  • Level 3 - Earth's Reign: Kragg puts his head back and rushes forward for a gruesome headbutt. If landed successfully, Maypul, Sylvanos and Guadua appear to Kragg’s aid. Together, they would all rush down the opponent until Kragg deals one final blow. With his fist encased in rocks, Kragg delivers one mighty punch, sending the opponent flying.


  • Pal1: Default.
  • Pal2: Kragg's blue costume from Rivals of Aether.
  • Pal3: Kragg's red costume from Rivals of Aether.
  • Pal4: Kragg's black costume from Rivals of Aether.
  • Pal5: Kragg's purple costume from Rivals of Aether.
  • Pal6: Kragg's default custom costume from Rivals of Aether.
  • DLC1: Kragg’s appearance in Lovers of Aether.
  • DLC2: Kragg’s Burrito eSports Promo costume from Rivals of Aether.

Welltaro - Downwell

Welltaro from Devolver Digital’s Downwell series is a playable character in Clash X. Welltaro is a curious young person who fell down a well. He utilized a trusty pair of Gunboots to slow his descent speeds and damage enemies below.

In this game, Welltaro is a hybrid of Dynamic and All-Rounder, using close ranged projectiles.


  • Neutral Special - Gunboots: Welltaro shoots bullets out of his gumboots. Each bullet consumes one ammo. Welltaro starts out with 12 ammo but can gain more in the shop. If he loses a stock he will still have the same amount of ammo even if he bought some. This special can only be performed in midair, as Welltaro recharges his ammo every time he touches the ground.
  • Forward Special - Dropkick: Welltaro lunges forward feet first, before shooting a wide spray of 8 bullets in front of him. Hits harder the more bullets Welltaro lands.
  • Up Special - Heart Balloon: A balloon appears above Welltaro. If the player holds down the command, Welltaro will put his foot on top of the Balloon and jump off it, causing an explosion that can damage foes. If tapped, a Balloon will simply appear above Welltaro, reducing his fall rate and exploding upon an opponent's impact with it. Welltaro can not do the recovery version if he has the balloon out already. After the balloon pops, there will be a 15 second cool down before Welltaro can take out another balloon.
  • Down Special - Shop: This move has the Shopkeeper from Downwell appear and offer a selection of 3 out of 12 upgrades Welltaro can purchase with gems. Welltaro will use gems he earns throughout the match by attacking and being attacked. He will start out with 15 gems at the start of every stock. He can have a maximum of 100 gems. If Welltaro is hit while in the shop, the Shopkeeper will run away in a panic. To exit out of the shop the player must either purchase an item, or press shield.
    • Ammo (15 Gems): Gives Welltaro +2 ammo slots.
    • Ammo (30 Gems): Gives Welltaro +4 ammo slots.
    • Apple (10 Gems): Heals 10%.
    • Blast Module (45 Gems): Buffs Welltaro’s attack output.
    • Gem Attractor (75 Gems): Enemies will drop more Gems when hit.
    • Gem Powered (35 Gems): Getting gems recharges gunboots.
    • Hot Casing (45 Gems): Bullet casings are ejected by your gunboots randomly to the left or right, which cause a small amount of damage to enemies they hit.
    • Knife and Fork (60 Gems): Causes enemies to drop HP pickups when killed. Any player can take these pickups. They heal 5% damage and will spawn a random amount between 2 and 7.
    • Puncher Module (85 Gems): Doubles the damage output of aerials.
    • Rocket Jump (60 Gems): Provides a vertical boost when jumping off the ground, and creates an explosion on the ground beneath, damaging nearby foes,
    • Safety Jetpack (25 Gems): Allows Welltaroto briefly float downwards after he’s out of gunboot ammo.
    • Youth (35 Gems): Grants Welltaro increases speed and defense.

  • Level 1 - Gunboot Barage: Welltaro lays on his back a fires his Gunboots like a machine gun, firing a volley of bullets forwards.
  • Level 2 - Gem High: Welltaro enter a Gem High. In this state his stats and attacks are severely upgraded and more powerful. The Gem High will last for 15 seconds.
  • Level 3 - Timevoid: Welltaro’s Level 3 surrounds the screen with a Timevoid. With this the opponents actions are severely slowed down, granting Welltaro a great opportunity to attack.


  • Pal1: Default.
  • Pal2: The MATCHA palette from Downwell.
  • Pal3: The AQUA palette from Downwell.
  • Pal4: The VBOY palette from Downwell.
  • Pal5: The NOSTALGIA palette from Downwell.
  • Pal6: The MAD palette from Downwell.
  • DLC1: Welltaro’s Frogtaro outfit from Indie Pogo.
  • DLC2: The SEPIA color palette from Downwell.

Fish - Nuclear Throne

Fish from Vlambeer’s Nuclear Throne series is a playable character in Clash X. They are a DLC fighter. In a post-apocalyptic future, mutants roam the land. One of these mutants is Fish, a versatile and mobile creature. Not much is known about their past, but their objective is to reach the Nuclear Throne. Nobody knows why, but it's their destiny.

In this game, Fish is a Zone-Breaker, quickly disrupting opponents with their high speed and combos.


  • Neutral Special - Shotgun: Fish fires a Shotgun in a wide spread. After firing the Shotgun, Fish must cock the gun by inputting the same command before he can fire the Shotgun again. If used too quickly it will be jammed momentarily.
  • Side Special - Grenade Launcher: Fish shoots a gray grenade that explodes immediately on contact with an enemy, otherwise, it explodes after a two second delay. It can bounce off the borders of the screen but slows down and stops shortly after.
  • Up Special - Portal: A purple vortex sucks up the fish and transports them to a given direction. It travels a long distance and can be angled in eight directions. Any opponent nearby the portal’s radius will be sucked into it, taking small damage as they are transported. Fish can follow up with any attack (usually aerials) after coming out of the second portal.
  • Down Special - Mutations: Fish will have a leveling system. By giving damage to the opponent, Fish will gain Rads. When he has enough Rads, he will begin to glow with radiation with a sound indicating it. When the down special is imputed when Fish glowing, he will be given three upgrades to him he can choose one of. There are nine selections total he can choose from. It is totally random which ones will show up. Fish is able to level up five levels before he can’t level up anymore within the round.
    • Boiling Veins: Take less damage from fire attacks.
    • Eagle Eyes: Increased accuracy.
    • Extra Feet: Speed is increased.
    • Laser Brain: Projectiles will be larger.
    • Last Wish: Heal 10%.
    • Long Arms: Increase melee range.
    • Sharp Teeth: Damage output increased by 1.5x.
    • Shotgun Shoulders: Projectiles have a small chance of bouncing off of you.
    • Stress: Increases rate of Shotgun fire.

  • Level 1 - Crossbow: The Fish fires their crossbow. If it hits the opponent, they will take a lot of damage and fall to their knees, plopping to the ground shortly after. This gives Fish the chance to follow-up attack while they are stunned.
  • Level 2 - Bazooka: Fires a slow moving rocket that builds up speed as it travels. It’ll explode upon impact with the wall or an opponent.
  • Level 3 - Super Plasma Cannon: Fish charges the Super Plasma Cannon and fires a large beam of energy that deals a high amount of damage. The beam travels slowly but can be swept up and down.


  • Pal 1: Default.
  • Pal 2: Crystal from Nuclear Throne.
  • Pal 3: Eyes from Nuclear Throne.
  • Pal 4: Melting from Nuclear Throne.
  • Pal 5: Plant from Nuclear Throne.
  • Pal 6: Yung Venuz from Nuclear Throne.

Bullet Kin - Enter the Gungeon

Bullet Kin from Devolver Digital’s Enter the Gungeon series is a playable character in Clash X. He is a DLC fighter apart of Volume 2. Apart from the Cult of the Gundead, Bullet Kin is one of the many enemies that haunt the Gungeon. By default, most carry a Magnum, and are known to hide behind flipped tables and to enjoy riding minecarts.

In this game, Bullet Kin is a zoner, relying on it’s projectile attacks and lacking in close range.


  • Neutral Special - Rubber Kin: Bullet Kin encases itself in rubber and charges up a straight-travelling horizontal launch, torpedoing itself forward. Can be angled slightly up or down while charging. Distance traveled scales depending on charge time.
  • Forward Special - Explosive Barrel: Bullet Kin kicks forward an explosive barrel. If it takes enough damage, it will explode. It especially reacts to Bullet Kin’s shots. The explosion can harm both the player and opponent if they are within its radius.
  • Up Special - Up Special - Bullat Kin: Bullet Kin grows a pair of wings, launching upwards before slowly floating down. The rise upwards deals good horizontal damage. Bullet Kin can access the Weapon Menu while in Bullat form. Bullat form can also be cancelled by performing any other move.
  • Down Special - Gun Toggle: Bullet Kin brings up a menu that allows the player to toggle through a selection of weapons to choose from. To select a weapon, simply scroll to the desired gun and release the special button to equip it.
    • Magnum: Shoots a singular bullet at a time.
    • Regular Shotgun: Shoots five bullets in an arc. The recoil from the blast will launch Bullet Kin back.
    • Phoenix: Spits fire that burns opponents.
    • Poxcannon: Shoots a projectile in an arc. The projectile will change the skin of the opponent upon contact.
    • Magic Lamp: Shoots slow, straight-travelling projectiles that deal no damage and place stacks on opponents. When an opponent reaches 3 stacks, a genie will appear and uppercut them. The attack is inescapable.
    • Sniper Rifle: Shoots a single bullet that deals more damage the farther distance there is between the player and target.
    • RC Rocket: A rocket launcher that can be remote controlled using the right stick.
    • Boxing Glove: Shoots forward a limited-range Boxing Glove. It deals small damage but has a chance to daze the opponent. The lower health the opponent has, the more likely they’ll become dazed.
    • Brick Breaker: A gun that fires turtle shells. These shells can bounce off the borders once before they bounce the opposite direction, heading off-screen.

Unique Traits

  • Shooting: Using the attack button and the right stick, Bullet Kin is able to shoot their currently equipped gun. Each gun has different properties.
  • Active Reload: Whenever Bullet Kin reloads a gun, an indicator will appear on the reload bar aside Bullet Kin. Pressing fire at the right time on this indicator will instantly reload Bullet Kin’s current gun, as well as buff the damage of the next magazine. However, if mistimed, the reload time will grow longer. If Bullet Kin is attacked while reloading, it will drop their currently held gun, and will have to pick it back up. If left dropped for too long, the Resourceful Rat will appear and steal it.

  • Level 1 - Table: Bullet Kin flips a table forward which spirals forward.
  • Level 2 - Bullet Rampage: A hoard of Bullet Kins come racing forward, firing their Magnum is a bunch of directions, and tackling anyone in their way.
  • Level 3 - Blank: Bullet Kin triggers a Blank, releasing an unavoidable wave of AOE damage. This move deletes all projectiles in place and spikes any midair opponents. The move doesn’t deal too much damage but it is unavoidable.


  • Pal1: Default.
  • Pal2: Based on the Tazie enemies from Enter the Gungeon.
  • Pal3: Based on the Ashen Bullet Kin enemies from Enter the Gungeon.
  • Pal4: Based on the Skullet enemies from Enter the Gungeon.
  • Pal5: Based on the Veteran Bullet Kin enemies from Enter the Gungeon.
  • Pal6: Based on the Mutant Bullet Kin enemies from Enter the Gungeon.

The Knight - Hollow Knight

The Knight from Team Cherry’s Hollow Knight series is a playable character in Clash X. Made of via the Void, The Knight is a vessel. Called to Hallownest from the unknown, The Knight goes throughout the land, battling the spreading infection and on their way replace the Hollow Knight as a Vessel and seal the Radiance once more.

In this game, the Knight is a swift rushdown character with a tricky to master gimmick.


  • Neutral Special - Vengeful Spirit: The Knight will conjure a spirit that zooms forwards, burning any foes in its way. (Soul Cost: 6.2%)
  • Forward Special - Weaversong: Three small weaverlings pounce forward. If they come in contact with an opponent, they will slowly rack up damage until bouncing off.
  • Back Special - Crystal Heart: The Knight will charge up the Crystal Heart by holding down the back special action. When the button is released, The Knight will blast forwards. Hitting an opponent will bounce both The Knight and enemy up into the air, where The Knight can follow up with any aerial. This move can only be performed on the ground.
  • Up Special - Howling Wraiths: The Knight blasts a wave of energy in an arc around and above themself. (Soul Cost: 10.9%)
  • Down Special - Focus / Desolate Dive: Down Special can perform two different actions depending on whether The Knight is on the ground or in midair. If performed on ground, The Knight will heal themself and regain a small portion of health. It has a slow startup time, but if the player possesses enough Soul and continues to hold down the special button, they can heal The Knight a second or third time while also skipping the slow startup. If performed in the air, The Knight will plummet downwards and creates a giant shockwave when landing. (Soul Cost: Focus 25.3%, Desolate Dive 17.0%)

Unique Traits

  • The Knight has a unique trait called the Soul Meter. For every non-special attack, The Knight will gain a random amount of Soul, ranging from 2.0% to 7.0% added per attack. All special attacks (not including Forward or Back Special) require a certain percentage of Soul to be performed. Some may require more Soul than others. At the start of every match The Knight will start off with 50.0% Soul. 100.0% is the limited amount of Soul they can have at once.

  • Level 1 - Shade Soul: Essentially a bigger and more powerful version of the Vengeful Spirit. The Knight will conjure a shadow that will zoom forwards and burn foes in its way. It will also deal rack damage after hitting an opponent.
  • Level 2 - Abyss Shriek: Essentially a bigger and more powerful version of Howling Wraiths. The Knight will blast a gigantic wave of energy in an arc around and above themself.
  • Level 3 - Dream No More: The shade of the Hollow Knight emerges from the ground in front of The Knight. If the opponent is caught by the Hollow Knight, the Hollow Knight will pin the opponent down. The Knight will begin to strike down the opponent with its nail. After a short period, The Knight will deal the final blow with the Dream Nail.


  • Pal1: Default.
  • Pal2: Resembles Hornet.
  • Pal3: Resembles the color palette of the Dream Nail.
  • Pal4: Resembles the color palette of a Grub.
  • Pal5: Resembles the infection.
  • Pal6: Resembles the Void Heart charm and The Knight’s Shade.
  • DLC1: A Lifeblood inspired outfit.
  • DLC2: Resembles the Hollow Knight.

Yooka & Laylee - Yooka-Laylee

Yooka & Laylee from Team17’s Yooka-Laylee series is a playable character in Clash X. They are a DLC fighter. These two adventurers live together on the remains of a Bat Ship . After their books are stolen by Hivory Towers, they venture into the company and travel through the books worlds to collect the missing pages of the One Book.

In this game, Yooka & Laylee are a mix-up fighter, having a wide range of tools.


  • Neutral Special - Slurp State: Yooka lashes out his tongue forward and slurps the opponent. Once Yooka has slurped a character, depending on which fighter has been slurped will grant Yooka a new state. While Yooka is in his new state he will gain new advantages but will also gain new disadvantages. While in a new state will still allow Yooka to slurp the opponent with his tongue, Yooka will not enter a new state until the current state's time has expired, at which point Yooka will return to normal.
    • Charged State: Characters such as Quote, Gunvolt, and Cuphead will grant Yooka the Charged State. While in this state, Yooka & Laylee’s special moves paralyze foes, stunning them in place and causing greater knockback. The downside is Yooka & Laylee will take small damage every time they perform a special.
    • Fire State: Characters such as Jacket, Welltaro, and Grim Reaper will grant Yooka the Fire State. While in this state, Yooka & Laylee have increased damage to their normal attacks, but lowered damage to their specials.
    • Illuminous State: Characters such as Reimu, Shantae, and Zagreus grant Yooka the Illuminous state. While in this state, Yooka & Laylee are much more swift but sacrifices defense.
    • Metal State: Characters such as Big Band, Crewmate, and Judgement will grant Yooka the Metal State. While in this state, Yooka has increased defense and power but sacrifices speed and jumping ability.
    • Sticky State: Characters such as Guy Spelunkey, Meat Boy, and Froggit will grant Yooka the Sticky State. While in this state, Yooka & Laylee will stick more to the ground, having super armor on all grounded attacks. However, aerial attacks will not have super armor and grounded damage output is decreased as well.
  • Side Special - Reptile Rush: While holding left or right with the directional pad and pressing the special button, Yooka & Laylee will perform Reptile Rush. Yooka will curl up in a ball as Laylee stands on top of him and charges forward, performing a spin dash! Striking foes with the Reptile Rush will put Yooka & Laylee into a helpless state.
  • Up Special - Flappy Flight: Yooka will grab Laylee by her feet, wind up, and while still holding onto her feet, toss Laylee into the air. Laylee flaps her wings granting the duo some extra air. In this state Yooka & Laylee can perform any aerial attacks. Pressing the special button once more will leap Yooka & Laylee into the air another time. To cancel out of the attack double tap the special button or hold down.
  • Down Special - Buddy Slam: Yooka jumps in the air while curling into a ball, and Laylee throws herself and does a backflip into the air. Laylee will then slam herself down onto Yooka, hitting the ground with a lot of force. If done in midair, Laylee will just slam herself down onto Yooka right away.

  • Level 1 - Ultimate Tongue Throw: Yooka leaps backward into the air, and then fires forward his tongue. If the tongue connects, Yooka will swing them around in overhead circles several times before finally slamming the opponent into the ground. This move is a reference to Spider-Man’s Hyper Combo from Marvel Vs. Capcom.
  • Level 2 - Sonar Bubble: Laylee will shriek forward a short distance. If it connects, a blue energy bubble will surround the opponent, swiftly shrinking in size, crushing the opponent.
  • Level 3 - Sonar ‘Splosion: Laylee emits a large damaging sound wave, causing a giant radius to surround the duo.


  • Pal 1: Default.
  • Pal 2: Yooka and Laylee with swapped colors.
  • Pal 3: Resembles Trowzer.
  • Pal 4: Resembles Capital B.
  • Pal 5: Resembles Clara.
  • Pal 6: Resembles Banjo-Kazooie.

Beheaded - Dead Cells

Beheaded from Molten Twin’s Dead Cells series is a playable character in Clash X. Hardly anything is known about the origin of the Beheaded — the Beheaded itself seems unaware of how it came to be. However, it appears to be known by the Prisoners (who seem to fear it) and a few others. The Beheaded hunts down the King, hoping that killing him will bring some kind of change to the world.

In this game, Beheaded is a turtle fighter, using Zoner elements while focusing on wearing the foe down.


  • Neutral Special - Shield Parry: The Beheaded will wield a Parry Shield. When the B button is held, The Beheaded will block the attack and their head flames would start to glow. Whatever attack the Beheaded would land next would do a hefty amount of extra damage, but if they are hit before they attack, they will lose the upgrade.
  • Forward Special - Repeater Crossbow: The Beheaded takes out a Repeater Crossbow that fires endlessly if the button is held until five seconds have passed. Each Repeater Shot does low damage. The attack also has a 1-2 second cool down.
  • Up Special - Grenade: The Beheaded throws a grenade underneath him which launches himself upwards via an explosion. The exploadison will damage within its radius. The jump can be cancelled by dashing straight downwards quickly after inputting the command. In midair the The Beheaded will simply throw the grenade downwards. It can also be angled a bit diagonally downwards either left or right.
  • Down Special - Sentries: The Beheaded throws out one of three sentries, each with their own functions. They do not appear at random, as they will appear in order and if one is thrown while another is active, the one active will disappear. Everytime a sentry is thrown, there is a 15 second cooldown before you can throw one again. Sentries can also be destroyed by opponents if you aren’t careful.
    • Sinew Slicer (Sentry 1): This turret fires 3 shot bursts with 0.1 seconds between each shot in a burst. Bursts are fired twice a second and each shot only causes flinching and causes no knockback.
    • Barnacle (Sentry 2): This turret when thrown, will float upwards and cling onto a ceiling, platform, or side the horizontal edges of the screen, and if there is none, it will stop midway and float instead. This turret targets the nearest player in its line of sight and fires a shot once every 2 seconds with each shot launching enemies in a very short distance. Unlike the other turrets, this one has a timer as well. If it stays for 10 seconds, it will disappear.
    • Crusher (Sentry 3): This Sentry is a tunic stone that if an enemy approaches, will have a countdown of 1 second (represented as a shrinking blue circle) unless the enemy leaves it. If the countdown reaches zero, it does an area of effect damage but only around the runic stone.

  • Level 1 - Broadsword: The Beheaded charges an attack with the Broadsword and strikes the ground with it, slamming any opponent nearby. The move does have endlag so it can be punished if used incorrectly.
  • Level 2 - Crossbow Barrage: The Beheaded takes out a Repeater Crossbow that fires a hoard bows towards the opponent. He will shoot them upwards before them come flying down in an arc. This move is particularly good with aerial opponents.
  • Level 3 - The Giant: The Beheaded will summon The Giant. The Giant will act independently and attack enemies with slams, magic shots, and eye lasers that are almost unavoidable. The Giant will last around 6 seconds before disappearing. During this state, the Beheaded can move around freely as well.


  • Pal1: Default.
  • Pal2: Resembles the Legendary Warrior's Outfit.
  • Pal3: Resembles the Ghost Outfit.
  • Pal4: Resembles the Donatello Outfit.
  • Pal5: Resembles the Fisherman's Outfit.
  • Pal6: Resembles the Aphrodite Outfit.
  • DLC1: The Beheaded’s appearance from the Dead Cells animated trailer.
  • DLC2: Resembles the Blade Master's Outfit.

Cuphead - Cuphead

Cuphead from Studio MDHR’s Cuphead series is a playable character in Clash X. One day, Cuphead and his pal Mugman enter the Devil's Casino, where after obtaining a winning streak they are challenged by the Devil himself. After losing his bet, they must retrieve the Soul Contracts from all of the Devil's runaway debtors in order to get theirs back.

In this game, Cuphead is a zoner, utilizing his special moves the most.


  • Neutral Special - Peashooter / Mega Blast: Works exactly like it does in Cuphead’s game. Each shot deals no flinch damage, but if charged up as a Mega Blast the shot will be much stronger. Pressing the special button repeatedly will rapid-fire peashooter, while holding it down will charge up for Mega Blast.
  • Forward Special - Roundabout: A light blue boomerang-like bullet that will come back if it didn't hit something after a short distance. It deals no knockback along the way at first but on the way back it does terrifically.
  • Up Special - Parry: Cuphead jumps in a ball with a pink hand coming from his straw, slapping the first fighter he touches. This will put him into a vulnerable state until he touches the ground again.
  • Down Special - Chaser: Snaps his fingers, sending a short-ranged surge of green energy at the opponent. Should it connect, spheres of green bullets will orbit the opponent, then home in on them after a set period of time. The initial surge can be charged, increasing its damage and creating more spheres; an uncharged surge creates only one sphere, whereas a fully charged surge will create three spheres. These cannot be applied to someone if they are shielding.

  • Level 1 - Energy Beam: After a brief pause, the player hops up into the air and fires a large stream of liquid from the head of the Cuphead. Fires exclusively horizontally, dealing massive damage.
  • Level 2 - Invisibility: After a short animation, the player is allowed 4.85 seconds of invincibility. In this state they cannot be attacked at all.
  • Level 3 - Giant Ghost: The player spawns a ghost counterpart of Cuphead which constantly spins, dealing high damage per hit. Cuphead can move around freely and the ghost follows him around. The ghost will disappear after 7 seconds and leave a heart for you to heal with.


  • Pal1: Default.
  • Pal2: Cuphead’s appearance on the official soundtrack album.
  • Pal3: A Rubber Hose color palette.
  • Pal4: Resembles Puphead.
  • Pal5: Color palette of the parry from Cuphead.
  • Pal6: Evil Cuphead from the bad ending of Cuphead.
  • DLC1: Resembles Mugman.
  • DLC2: A vintage color palette.

Hat Kid - A Hat in Time

Hat Kid from Gears for Breakfast’s A Hat in Time series is a playable character in Clash X. She is a DLC fighter released for Fighters Pass 1. Travelling home on a spaceship, her travel home is interrupted by a Mafia goon, demanding a toll for flying over Mafia Town. When she refuses to pat, the Mafia goon busts open the door, causing Hat Kid and the ship's fuel (Time Pieces) to land in Mafia Town, where she must retrieve them all back to get home.

In this game, Hat Kid is a versatile well-rounded fighter, easy for beginners.


  • Neutral Special - Brewing Hat: Using the Brewing Hat, Hat Kid would throw an explosive potion in front of her. Hat Kid can charge up the brew for 3 different damaging attacks (light, medium, and heavy). The longer the special button was held, the farther it would be thrown and the more powerful the attack would be. The potion would explode on contact and launch the opponent upwards.
  • Forward Special - Grappling Hookshot: Using her umbrella's handle like a grappling hook, Hat Kid grabs the opponent the reels them in for a swift headbutt. This attack has great reach but big end lag. Hat Kid can also angle the handle in five directions in front of her. Can be performed in midair as well.
  • Up Special - Homing Attack: Hat Kid homes into an opponent and tackles them. If no opponent is within range Hat Kid will just pounch forward. This attack can be cancelled with any aerial. If contact is made with an opponent, jumps are reset, but not the Up Special.
  • Down Special - Icebreakers: Hat Kid comes crashing down as an ice sculpture. The statue is resistant to attacks and hits hard while falling, but breaks when contact is made with the ground. Small after-shards of ice can also deal slight damage surrounding opponents.

  • Level 1 - Sprint Hat: Hat Kid's hat changes to the maximum Sprint Hat. After revving up, she zooms forward, trampling anybody in her way. This attack also has a slight chance of burying opponents when their health bar is low.
  • Level 2 - Dweller Mask: Hat Kid dawns the Dweller Mask. Upon putting it on, two neon crates will burst out of the ground behind and in front of her. If an opponent is caught in this attack, they will be launched upwards.
  • Level 3 - Projectile Badge: Using the Projectile Badge, Hat Kid would fire a multi-hitting flame beam attack from her umbrella. It will take three seconds to charge up making it a risky move to do, but would deal high amounts of damage, making it a high risk high reward attack.


  • Pal1: Default.
  • Pal2: Resembles Bow Kid.
  • Pal3: Resembles Mustache Girl.
  • Pal4: Resembles Mafia Goons.
  • Pal5: Resembles The Conductor
  • Pal6: Resembles DJ Grooves.

Madeline - Celeste

Madeline from Matt Make Games’s Celeste series is a playable character in Clash X. Madeline is hoping to climb Mount Celeste in order to spite herself. Throughout, she faces the challenges of the mountain while also facing her anxiety and depression along the way.

In this game, Madeline is a glass cannon, dealing some powerful attacks but lacking in defensive capabilities.


  • Neutral Special - Dash: Madeline dashes forward in a selection of eight directions. The attack will damage anyone who collides with it. The move can only be used once while in the air before landing. It takes a moment after the input to dash, and an alternate direction can be input during that time. Otherwise, it’ll default to forwards.
  • Forward Special - Bow: Madeline fires three bows forward in rapid succession. Each bow deals more damage than the last.
  • Up Special - Feather: Madline takes out a golden feather and turns into a glowing yellow orb. In this state Madeline is freely controllable, but the feather disappears upon contact with the stage. The feather will last for three seconds before Madeline goes back to her normal state.
  • Down Special - Star Block: Madeline summons a square Star Block below her. It will stand on the field for 2 seconds. Unlike in Celeste, this block is intangible and can’t be stood on or wall jumped off of. Enemies moving through the block have their movement slightly slowed. If Madeline uses her Dash and hits the block, Dash will transform into an attack and Madeline will be sent blazing in whichever direction she is heading. If it reaches contact with an opponent, the Dash will do severe damage and knockback.

  • Level 1 - Platform: Madeline summons a traffic light platform that comes slamming down in front of her.
  • Level 2 - Temple Monster: Madeline turns arounds and ducks upon reaction to a temple monster charging forward. Upon contact with an opponent the temple monster will explode in an icy blue burst.
  • Level 3 - Core Switch: Madeline will jump to the background and proceed to summon a Core Switch. Lava will start to rise from below at a fast rate. At this point, Madeline can control with the standard attack button whether there should be rising lava from below or falling ice from above, as in the actual game.


  • Pal1: Default.
  • Pal2: Resembles the color palette of Theo.
  • Pal3: Resembles the color palette of the Old Woman.
  • Pal4: Resembles the color palette of Strawberries.
  • Pal5: Resembles Badeline.
  • Pal6: Resembles the color palette of Strawberries.

Crewmate - Among Us

Crewmate from Innersloth’s Among Us series is a playable character in Clash X. The Crewmates are  a group of astronauts, they are made to perform various tasks in order to survive. Among them is an imposter, an alien specimen that resembles the other. This imposter’s goals are to sabotage and kill the other crewmates.

In this game, the Crewmate is a grounded zoner, relying on their specials to win.


  • Neutral Special - Tongue Impale: The Crewmate opens up it’s torso and stab forward with a sharp tongue. If landed, it will paralyze the opponent and do massive damage. If missed, there will be severe end lag, opening the Crewmate up for a punish.
  • Forward Special - Asteroids: The Crewmate’s visors lights up to aim a reticle over an nearby opponent within a large frontal cone radius, and then fires five small energy blasts at that location.
  • Up Special - Imposter Stab : The Crewmate performs a counterattack. When the Crewmate is hit while countering, they will redirect damage to the opponent via three gruesome knife stabs.
  • Down Special - Vent: The Crewmate places down a vent on the ground. They can have two vents out at the same time. When using a vent, the Crewmate will teleport to the other placed vent. If they wish to move locations, the vent they placed before the last one will disappear and be replaced.

  • Level 1 - Garbage: The Crewmate pulls a lever as a pile of trash slams down in front of them, trampling any opponent under it.
  • Level 2 - Beverages: The Crewmate drinks a random beverage that increases a randomized stat. A red glow means increased attack output, a blue glow means increased defense, and a green glow means increased mobility. The beverages effect will last for ten seconds.
  • Level 3 - Ejection: The Emergency Meeting button appears before the Crewmate, which they slam to create a circular soundwave. If an opponent is caught into the radius, they will be dragged into a cinematic where they are ejected into space via the Skeld. They soon get struck by a meteorite, which comes back to the stage and smashes into the ground alongside the opponent.


  • Pal1: Default.
  • Pal2: Crewmate's blue outfit.
  • Pal3: Crewmate's pink outfit.
  • Pal4: Crewmate's brown outfit.
  • Pal5: Crewmate's black outfit.
  • Pal6: Crewmate's white outfit.
  • DLC1: A more detailed version of the Crewmate’s attire.
  • DLC2: A more detailed version of the Crewmate’s attire in yellow.

Zagreus - Hades

Zagreus from SuperGiant Games’s Hades series is a playable character in Clash X. He is a DLC fighter apart of Volume 2. Zagreus has always had a sense that he doesn't belong in the House of Hades. Recently he decided, against his father's will, to escape from the Underworld—no matter how many tries it might take him. Zagreus is met with numerous obstacles throughout the realms

In this game, Zagerus is a rather vanilla fighter who gets more aggressive as the match progresses.


  • Neutral Special - Blood Stone: Zagreus casts forward a projectile that embeds itself into the opponent. Eventually it will lodge itself out of the opponent and Zagreus will need to pick it up in order to use the attack once more.
  • Forward Special - Dash: Zagreus performs a short dash forward up to twice in one instance. During the dash, Zagreus is completely in-tangible.
  • Up Special - Nova Smash: Leaping forward, Zagreus swings the Stygian Blade downwards, creating a small burst as an area attack. The more damage Zagreus has taken, the more powerful and wider the attack will be.
  • Down Special - Zeus’ Wrath: Zeus will appear in the foreground and will slam his fist onto the ground, causing an electric shock wave. The longer the attack is held down the more powerful the strike will be. Without charging the attack, Zeus will slam his fist instantly causing a small stun. Zagreus can freely roam around while Zeus is charging up as long as the special button is still held down (meaning he cannot perform other special moves in this state and only normal attacks).

Unique Traits

  • Boon of the Gods: Whenever Zagreus has lost 1/3rd of his health, he will be given an upgrade by one his many uncles, aunts, and cousins of Olympus. Which god will lend their assistance is randomized, but in general, they’ll up the power and knockback of the moves provided, as well as give those moves a certain effect, with some exceptions.
    • Athena - Goddess of Wisdom: Turns Zagerus’ Shield into a reflector.
    • Aphrodite - Goddess of Love: Temporally causes the opponent to have lowered attack power.
    • Artemis - Goddess of the Hunt: Makes it so Zagerus’ attacks will randomly deal critical damage.
    • Ares - God of War: Inflicts Doom on the opponent, causing them to take a great surge of damage.
    • Demeter - Goddess of Seasons: If Zagerus successfully counters, the opponent will be encased in Ice.

  • Level 1 - Dionysus: God of Wine: Dionysus imbues a “hangover” effect to the opponent if they are in range, poisoning them and causing them to be dizzy for a few seconds.
  • Level 2 - Poseidon: God of the Sea: A powerful wave of water comes rushing through the battlefield, causing a multi-hit to any opponent within its range. The wave will cover the entire ground but aerial opponents will be safe. Zagreus can also completely move during the attack.
  • Level 3 - Hermes: God of Swiftness: Hermes applies temporary buffs to Zagreus, insanely increasing his speed, attacks, movement, and special. In this state as well, Blood Stone will return to Zagreus, He will be given up to three dashes in one succession, Nova Smash will be at full potential, and Zeus’ Wrath will charge up much sooner.


  • Pal1: Default.
  • Pal2: Based on Zeus.
  • Pal3: Based on Poseidon.
  • Pal4: Based on Athena.
  • Pal5: Base on Aphrodite.
  • Pal6: Based on Hermes.

ToeJam & Earl - ToeJam & Earl

ToeJam & Earl from HumaNature Studios’s ToeJam & Earl series is a playable character in Clash X. They are a DLC fighter. In their game, ToeJam & Earl crash landed on the planet Earth. Their goal is to find all their destroyed spacecraft pieces in order to rebuild their ship and get back home.

In this game, ToeJam & Earl are Tag Team fighters, being hard to master but very rewarding if performed correctly.


  • Neutral Special - Funk Fu: ToeJam and Earl unleash the power of Funk Fu and slash forward two waves of energy. ToeJam’s wave goes a farther distance but deals less damage, while Earl’s wave goes a shorter distance but deals more damage.
  • Side Special - Funkify: ToeJam and Earl take out boomboxes.Earl holds his above his head while ToeJam holds his at chest level and they say "Funkify!". Both boomboxes erupt large music notes in place, damaging any opponent nearby.
  • Up Special - Wing Present: ToeJam and Earl pull out two presents and pull the wrapping off, gaining Wings! They will both jump upwards and begin to fly. By pressing the special button, they will perform a singular flap upward. They can perform up to four in one succession. They can also cancel out the wings by performing an aerial. ToeJam will fly up farther while Earl will fly up lower.
  • Down Special - Hurl: Whoever the leader is hurls the sidekick forward. Earl tosses Toejam a greater distance while Toejam dropkicks Earl forward (don’t worry this doesn’t damage him). This is where their Tag Team efforts come into play, as while the sidekick will immediately start to walk back to be alongside their partner, if any action is imputed while they are walking back they will immediately stop what they are doing to perform the said action. This move is great for combo potential. The dropkick and throw will also deal damage.

Unique Traits

  • On the character selection screen, the player can decide which alien they wish to be the leader. By default it is set to Toejam, but it can be switched to Earl by a press of a button. To switch which alien is the leader during the middle of a match, simply press the special button while shielding.

  • Level 1 - Funkin Spiral: Earl grabs ToeJam by the legs and then spins in place, using him as a hitbox. The player can move slightly left to right while in this state. Earl will keep spinning for two seconds before stopping.
  • Level 2 - Laugh Blaster: ToeJam and Earl jump onto the hovercraft like Laugh Blaster and will begin to rapidly fire Funkify Notes. They will deal greater damage the farther distance they travel upon contact.
  • Level 3 - Funk Rhythm: This Final Smash depends on the Music playing on the stage the Rathe Combo is activated on. Toejam and Earl will become invulnerable during this attack as well. The "Beat" of the music playing in the background will prompt players to press special to the beat of the music. Successfully pressing special at the right moments will cause ToeJam and Earl's inner Funk to manifest into a bubble of Funk that will Funkify other players giving them Afros and causing them to stand in place and dance to the beat. Every successful special tap causes the opponent to take damage. Failure to press "B" to the beat will reduce your inner Funk from manifesting allowing other players to avoid your funkifying powers.


  • Pal 1: Default.
  • Pal 2: Resembles Lewanda and Latisha from ToeJam & Earl: Back In The Groove!
  • Pal 3: Resembles Peabo and Flo from ToeJam & Earl: Back In The Groove!
  • Pal 4: Resembles Wise Carrot Man and Wizard from ToeJam & Earl.
  • Pal 5: Nasty William and The Boogieman from ToeJam & Earl and ToeJam & Earl 2: Panic On Funkotron.
  • Pal 6: Mailbox Monster and Duck from ToeJam & Earl 2: Panic On Funkotron.

Zero - Katana Zero

Zero from Devolver Digital’s Katana Zero series is a playable character in Clash X. ero is a Gamma NULL who served in the Cromag War as an ally to New Mecca alongside another NULL, Fifteen. After the war, Zero becomes a professional assassin. Zero's use of Chronos has given him incredible precognitive abilities allowing him to predict entire combat scenarios before they even happen.

In this game, Zero is rushdown, specializing in close range combat and combos/juggling.


  • Neutral Special - Phoenix Edge: Zero swings the Phoenix Edge sword. When swung, the Phoenix Edge shoots a small burst of flame in the direction the player is aiming. It has a one in seven chance to destroy projectiles upon contact.
  • Forward Special - Throwable's: Zero will toss one of three projectiles forward, each with their own effects and differences. It is totally random which projectile Zero will throw. After using this move once there will be a three second cool down before Zero can use it once again.
    • Lamp: The most basic item. Does average damage and knockback
    • Potted Plant: When this item lands, it will temporarily daze the opponent, giving Zero an opportunity to attack.
    • Promaja: The most powerful item. It’s only flaw is that it had low knockback.
  • Up Special - Smoke Bomb: Zero will toss a smoke bomb downwards and disappear. He would then appear from above and dive down for a mighty slash. If the players pressed the shield button before Zero comes down for the attack, the move will be cancelled and he’ll enter the basic aerial state.
  • Down Special - Precognition: Zero would ready his sword for a parry / counter. If Zero parries successfully, time will slow down for the opponent and Zero would enter precognition. TIme would be slowed down for four seconds exactly, giving Zero time to counterattack. This slowdown effect triggers on any enemy that hits Zero with a non-projectile move. With this move if Zero parries a projectile, they will simply reflect it with their katana.

  • Level 1 - Precognitive Slash-down: In a very swift motion, Zero swipes and slashes his sword rapidly while accelerating through time. If an opponent is nearby they will be dragged into the sword attacks and will be launched diagonally upwards after Zero is finished.
  • Level 2 - Molotov Cocktail: Zero throws a Molotov Cocktail forward, causing a giant explosion.
  • Level 3 - Back From the Past: Zero will deal one mighty slash. If it lands, the match will rewind to ten seconds ago. The match will then quickly rush forward ten seconds again and any damage dealt to the opponent within that ten second time frame will be dealt again within Zero’s slash. The knockback is dependent on how much damage the slash deals.


  • Pal1: Default.
  • Pal2: Zero in a red color palette.
  • Pal3: Zero in a green color palette.
  • Pal4: Zero in a purple color palette.
  • Pal5: Zero in a blue color palette.
  • Pal6: Resembles Samurai Jack's color palette.

Goose - Untitled Goose Game

Goose from Panic’s Untitled Goose Game series is a playable character in Clash X. From an unknown village, the Goose performs a variety of tasks that annoy the village residents. It is his sworn duty to torture the villages residents via nuisance.

In this game, the Goose is a zoner who heavily relies on their specials, lacking in power and speed.


  • Neutral Special - Honk: The Goose honks. Can be spammed, dealing small, unflinching damage. Charging the move increases knockback and damage. Can be used alongside with Down Special as well.
  • Forward Special - Snatch: The Goose grabs a nearby projectile or item, stowing it away. using the move again will release the projectile or item with greatly increased damage and knockback, acting as a delayed reflector. Any pocketed items or projectiles are shown in a little display above the Goose’s health bar.
  • Up Special - Golden Bell: The Goose takes out a golden bell and rings it, causing a sound wave surrounding the Goose. Anyone within its radius will be stunned, and any projectile in its radius will be deleted. This move has a two second cooldown.
  • Down Special - Walkie Talkie: The Goose summons a walkie talkie which it holds in its beak. The Goose would carry the walkie talkie until it's thrown. After the Goose throws the walkie talkie, anytime it honks (performs neutral special) it will go through the walkie talkie as well. Performing the command again while on top of walkie talkie will have the Goose pick it up again. Charged attacks also work through the walkie talkie.

  • Level 1 - Rake: The Goose takes out a take and slashes it forward twice, then swings around and lets it go, launching it a small distance. Anyone caught into the attack will be reeled into the throw.
  • Level 2 - Angry Crowd: A horde of angry citizens come from the side(s), chasing the Goose. Anyone caught within the crowd would be trampled. After the Goose runs off the screen to the other side, they’ll majestically reappear on the other side, returning to their original spot.
  • Level 3 - Miniature Town: The Goose rushes forward, tackling anyone in its way. Whoever gets caught within the tackle will be sent into a cinematic. The opponent would be sent in front of a model church. A ginormous Goose would run on by and chew at the model church, having it collapse upon the miniature foe. At the end of the cinematic the Goose would be seen playing with its golden bell retrieved by the model church.


  • Pal1: Default.
  • Pal2: Orange color palette.
  • Pal3: Pink color palette.
  • Pal4: Black color palette.
  • Pal5: Brown color palette.
  • Pal6: Cyan color palette.
  • DLC1: A Canada Goose with a red bow and a tophat.
  • DLC2: A Grey Geese with a red bow and a tophat.

Grim Reaper - Death and Taxes

The Grim Reaper from Placeholder Gameworks’ Death and Taxes series is a playable character in Clash X. He is a DLC fighter. At the beginning of the game, the Grim Reaper is summoned by Fate, given a spawn number. The task of being one of the Grim Reapers is thrust upon our skeleton friend. Your job is to decide which people are going to live or die. Your choices will affect the world around you.

In this game, the Grim Reaper is a Dominating fighter, relying on rushdown and pressurering.


  • Neutral Special - Fidget Spinner: The Grim Reaper hurls forward a giant multi-hitting fidget spinner. The longer the special button is held down for determines how far the Fidget Spinner. The farther it goes however, the less damage it will deal. Take
  • Side Special - Mark of the Reaper: The Grim Reaper performs a downwards slash with his marker. On contact with an enemy, pressing the special button allows this slash to transition into a series of follow-up slashes, drawing out a skull. The full attack deals high damage and moderate knockback, making it a superb punishing option at close range.
  • Up Special - File Flys: A group of paper profile files form behind the Grim Reaper, forming the shape of wings, with the Grim Reaper Soaring through the air swiftly after they form. Right before he flies upward, there is a small hitbox that’ll surround the Reaper. If it connects, the opponent will be dragged upward with him, allowing the Reaper to perform an aerial attack to punish.
  • Down Special - Pumpkin: The Grim Reaper hurls a pumpkin forward. How far the pumpkin goes is determined by how long the special button is held down. Upon impact with an opponent or the surface, the pumpkin will break and squash will spread across the floor, causing a slippery surface for the Grim Reaper and the opponent. The squash is very situational as it affects both the user and the foe. The Reaper can have up to two piles out at once. They will last for about seven seconds before disappearing. The pumpkin will also hurt the opponent upon impact.

  • Level 1 - Dripping Skull: A ginormous skull emerges from out of the ground in front of the Grim Reaper and vomits a river of ink forward, drenching any opponents nearby in poison which damages them.
  • Level 2 - X Marks the Spot: The Grim Reaper draws a huge “X” on the surface of the battlefield, soon erupting in hell’s flames. If the opponent is caught by this, they will be dealt multi-hit damage.
  • Level 3 - Death: The Grim Reaper shrieks in place, causing a large radius around him. If the opponent is caught in the radius a cinematic will begin. The Grim Reaper will sit at his desk and take out a profile of the opponent. He will mark down from them to die. While this doesn’t instantly K.O. the opponent, it deals a hefty amount of damage to them. If this attack defeats the opponent, the Grim Reaper will have a special win screen with seeing him work at his desk.


  • Pal 1: Default.
  • Pal 2: Grim Reaper in a red suit.
  • Pal 3: Grim Reaper in a blue suit.
  • Pal 4: Grim Reaper in an orange suit.
  • Pal 5: Grim Reaper in a purple suit.
  • Pal 6: Grim Reaper in a grey suit.

Saffron - One Step From Eden

Saffron from Thomas Moon Kang’s One Step From Eden series is a playable character in Clash X. She is a DLC fighter released for Fighters Pass 1. She is a nineteen-year-old military scientist who worked to design experimental spells. Her spells were deemed too dangerous and were locked away before monsters stole them. Saffron sets on a journey to retrieve these spells back.

In this game, Saffron is a Dynamic fighter, utilizing her Deck and MP.


  • Neutral Special - Deck Spell: Next to Saffron’s HUD is her Spell Deck and MP Guage, which can have up to 3MP and recharges on it’s own. She can see both her current spell and the next spell she'll be able to use. By performing her Neutral Special, she will cast her current Deck Spell at the cost of losing MP. Spells can cost up 3MP, and at least 1MP. By pressing the Special button while shielding, Saffron can Shuffle her deck. This will however prevent  her from using her Deck Spells for about a second, but replaces her currently drawn spell with a new one.
    • (2) Acid Rain: A random amount of arrows between three and nine will reign from above the screen (diagonally) and strike towards the ground.
    • (1) Bomb Toss: Saffron hurls a bomb forwards. Upon contact or if it's damaged, it will explode. The bomb’s explosion can harm both the user and opponent.
    • (1) Boomerang: Saffron tosses a magical boomerang. It will spin forward before turning around and flying backwards. When going forward the boomerang will only deal flinch damage but on the way back it will deal slight more damage and knockback.
    • (2) Cyrokinesis: Saffron fires a large icicle. She can still maneuver while the icicle is forming, allowing her to be able to aim easier. If the opponent is hit by the icicle, they will be encased in ice for a brief time.
    • (2) Diag Beam: Saffron fires a beam diagonally that bounces off the borders of the screen. It will redirect itself four times before depleting. It will deal no knockback to the opponent but will cause damage upon contact. It will not deplete if it comes in contact with the opponent, but will be deleted if it touches another projectile.
    • (1) Empower Ring: If this Deck Spell is equipped by Saffron, her attacks will deal a slight amount of more damage. However, the Effects will not last forever on Saffron forever, as the ring’s power can be depleted.
    • (3) Exploadion: With a swipe of her hand, Saffron launches a humongous multi-hitting explosion a very short distance.
    • (3) Glitterstorm: Streaks of light fire down from the sky, surrounding Saffron where they land. They will deal above average damage and stun opponents upon contact.
    • (3) Guillotine: A guillotine appears a few yards away from Saffron. As the blade comes down, it will slash and tear through any nearby opponents.
    • (2) Hellfire: Fireballs falling from the sky randomly land around the battlefield.
    • (2) Infinity Beam: Saffron fires a ginormous laser that decreases in power the longer it is out.
    • (1) Knife: Saffron swiftly throws a knife. The knife will deal temporary chip damage upon contact
    • (1) Ragnarok: Saffron forms a crimson magical sword and launches it forward, stabbing any enemy it comes into contact with.
    • (3) Shine: Saffron snaps her fingers. If it connects with the opponent, three canary shots will start spiraling around the foe. After a few moments they will all come charging in. This can be shielded, but it will do heavy damage to the shield.
    • (3): Spirit Sword: Saffron launches a magical sword forward. The sword damages enemies each time it makes contact with them, performing a multi-hit. Essentially a more powerful version of Ragnarok.
  • Forward Special - Spike Strip: Saffron places a tile of spikes in front of her. If she charges up the attack, the tile of spikes will appear longer. Upon contact with them, they will damage the opponent and do minor chip damage. After hurting an opponent or after six seconds if it's untouched, the spikes will disappear. Saffron will not be able to take out another tile of spikes for seven seconds.
  • Up Special - Second Soul: Saffron forms a pair of wings and launches herself upwards, damaging anyone nearby and reeling them up with her. After this action, Saffron will begin to descend. She can perform any aerials in this state. To cancel the descent, the player must either hold downwards for Saffron to dive down, or shield during the launch animation.
  • Down Special - Reflector: Saffron surrounds herself with a purple barrier for as long as the Special button is held. This barrier can reflect projectiles and can stun enemies in place when it first comes out.

  • Level 1 - Excalibur: A ginormous sword comes hurling down from above and strikes the ground, skewering any opponents underneath it.
  • Level 2 - Super Minnie Gun: Saffron fires 100 bullets from a Minnie Gun. They fire in a large spread, but won’t go a large distance. They are multi-hitting.
  • Level 3 - Wristwatch: Saffron overcharges her Field Bracer. In this state, Saffron's attacks will deal increased damage, her MP refills instantly, and shuffling her deck has no cooldown at all. This state will last for ten seconds.


  • Pal1: Default.
  • Pal2: Resembles the color palette of Reva.
  • Pal3: Resembles the color palette of Gunner.
  • Pal4: Resembles the color palette of Selicy.
  • Pal5: Resembles the color palette of Hazel.
  • Pal6: Resembles the color palette of Terra.

Judgement - Helltaker

Judgement from Łukasz Piskorz’s Helltaker series is a playable character in Clash X. She is a DLC fighter apart of Volume 2. Judgement is the final demon encountered in Helltaker, also serving as the final boss fight for the game. She is identified as the High Prosecutor of Hell.

In this game, Judgement is good all around but would much favor spacing than going fully up close.


  • Neutral Special - Flash Chains: Judgement uses one of her chains to attack Basically a fast attack with a lot of range behind it. It's a fairly simple and decent projectile, but suffers from a lot of end lag. It cannot be spammed as the attack must wait 4 seconds to recharge. The longer the player waits to fire the attack, the bigger the chains will be, awarding patience.
  • Forward Special - Ground Spikes: When the button is released, Judgement will stomp in place as a circle of spikes sprout from the ground and go farther the more the button is held down. If used in the air, it cannot be held down and will just appear around Judgement's feet.
  • Up Special - Chains of Superbia: This is a chargeable attack. Judgement will raise her foot in place, charging up her attack. When she strikes the ground, two large chains burst out of ground from her front and behind. The longer the attack is charged, the taller the chains will be.
  • Down Special - Chains of Despair: Judgement creates a circle of chains in front of her, acting as a command grab. If caught, the opponent will be squeezed by the chains before being tossed forward.

  • Level 1 - Chain Whip: Judgement spins a chain above her and whips it forwards, bashing into any nearby opponent.
  • Level 2 - Chain Blade: Judgement tosses a spiked chain forward connected together in a circle. Upon contact with it, it will multi-hit the opponent before disappearing in an electric boom.
  • Level 3 - Ignite the Sin Machine!: Judgement uses a chain to trap foes into the Sin Machine. If successful, a cinematic will begin where the opponent is tossed into the machine, to which the foes get pelted by chains and spikes, as the attack ends with them being struck by lightning.


  • Pal1: Default.
  • Pal2: Red color palette.
  • Pal3: Blue color palette.
  • Pal4: Purple color palette.
  • Pal5: Green color palette.
  • Pal6: Black color palette

Omori - OMORI

Omori from OMOCAT’s OMORI series is a playable character in Clash X. He is a DLC fighter. OMORI follows Omori and his friends journey through the vibrant and the mundane in order to uncover a forgotten past. When the time comes, the path you’ve chosen will determine your fate... and perhaps the fate of others as well.

In this game, Omori is dynamic fighter, strategizing with his emotional states kept in mind.


  • Neutral Special - Hack Away: Omori hacks away with his knife in three successions. If charged up, Omori will launch himself a farther distance when he begins slashing. He can cancel out of the attack via shielding as well. When charged up Omori will hold onto the attack and can initiate it when he choses by pressing the special button once more. The attack can also reflect projectiles when fully charged.
    • Neutral: Standard version.
    • Manic: Omori hacks forward in at a quicker pace, completing the attack fairly earlier but sacrificing power
    • Miserable: Omari hacks forward with super armor. The final slash also deals a poison effect to the opponent.
    • Furious: Omori hacks forward in six successions, with the last slice having a fiery effect to it.
  • Forward Special - Stare: Omori stares down the opponent. The attack has a small radius but can deal a variety of effects depending on Omori’s emotion. If the attack misses, Omori could be punished as the move has some end lag.
    • Neutral: Stuns the opponent in place temporarily.
    • Manic: Electrocutes the opponent.
    • Miserable: Puts the opponent to sleep.
    • Furious: Buries the opponent.
  • Up Special - Painful Truth: Omori cries a stream of tears below him, pushing him up into the air. Anyone who comes in contact with the tears will be dealt multi-hit damage. The way upwards can also be angled slightly left or right.
    • Neutral: Standard version.
    • Manic: Instead of crying, Omori zips upwards in a swift motion.
    • Miserable: Strongest form of this attack. Tears have a bigger radius.
    • Furious: Instead of tears, Omori crys fire like a flamethrower.
  • Down Special - Emotion States: Omori activates one of four emotional states: Neutral, Manic, Miserable, or Furious. Each emotion significantly enhances particular attributes at the cost of significantly hindering others, and all last for varying durations unless manually canceled. When holding down the special button, a wheel will appear around Omori. To select an emotion, the player must go to the desired emotion with the Stick and release the special button, which instantly activates the emotion. Alternatively, the special button can be pressed once to cycle through each emotion manually, and pressed thrice to cancel a current emotion. At the beginning of every round Omori will always start at Neutral.
    • Neutral: Omori’s standard emotional state he starts with every round. He has basic stats and no special effects to his stats or attacks.
    • Manic: A static affect surrounds Omori while transforming, pushing away any nearby enemies. In this state Omori has increased Speed but lowered Attack.
    • Miserable: Omori will cry a mountain of tears that spiral around him when transforming, multi-hitting anyone nearby him. In this state Omori has increased Defense but lowered Speed.
    • Furious: A burst of flames will surround Omori when transforming into this state, damaging any nearby enemies. In this state Omori has increased Attack damage but lowered Defense.

  • Level 1 - Trip: Omori swiftly kneels down and kicks forward with a wave of tears appearing around his leg and foot. If the attack lands, the opponent will be launched and will temporality have lowered speed.
  • Level 2 - Suffocate: Omori lunges forward in an attempt to tackle the opponent. If successful, Omori will begin to choke the opponent with one hand with the other holding down on the opponents mouth. After releasing them Omori takes out his knife and stabs the opponent three times in the torso before hopping off. This move also lowers the opponent's defense temporarily.
  • Level 3 - Bread Slice: Omori slashes forward. If the hit lands, the opponent will turn into bread and plop to the ground. A cinematic will begin as Omori will then pick up the bread and begin to eat it. After chewing for a bit Omori will spit out the bread as the opponent turns back into their normal selves.


  • Pal1: Default.
  • Pal2: Resembles the color palette of the Manic emotion.
  • Pal3: Resembles the color palette of the Miserable emotion.
  • Pal4: Resembles the color palette of the Furious emotion.
  • Pal5: Resembles Omori’s injured state.
  • Pal6: Resembles Omori’s succumb state.

Character Weights

Weight is a measurement of how much a character can resist knockback. Weight is one of several factors used in calculating the amount of knockback a character experiences. Characters with a higher weight (heavy) tend to suffer less knockback, and characters with a lower weight (light) tend to suffer more knockback, all other factors controlled.

Character Weight
CXBigBandPortrait.png Big Band 135 - Heavy
CXKraggPortrait.png Kragg 112 - Heavy
CXEarlPortrait.png Earl 110 - Heavy
ShovelKnightPortraitCLASHX.png Shovel Knight 108 - Heavy
CXJudgementBulletKinPortrait.png Judgement 108 - Heavy
CXBulletKinPortrait.png Bullet Kin 107 - Heavy
CXZagreusPortrait.png Zagreus 107 - Heavy
MadelinePortrait.png Madeline 106 - Mid-Heavy
CXSpelunkerPortrait.png Guy Spelunkey 104 - Mid-Heavy
CXJakcetPortrait.png Jacket 104 - Mid-Heavy
CXCandymanPortrait.png Candyman 104 - Mid-Heavy
CXGunvoltPortrait.png Gunvolt 102 - Mid-Heavy
CXCupheadPortrait.png Cuphead 102 - Mid-Heavy
CXBeheadedPortrait.png Beheaded 101 - Mid-Heavy
CXVaingloriousGhoulPortrait.png Vainglorious Ghoul 100 - Mid-Heavy
CXGrimReaperPortrait.png Grim Reaper 99 - Medium
CXQuotePortrait.png Quote 98 - Medium
CadencePortrait.png Cadence 98 - Medium
CXHatKidPortrait.png Hat Kid 97 - Medium
DuckPortrait.png Duck 96 - Medium
CXFroggitPortrait.png Froggit 96 - Medium
CXYookaLayleePortrait.png Yooka & Laylee 96 - Medium
WelltaroPortrait.png Welltaro 95 - Medium
CXMadotsukiPortrait.png Madotsuki 94 - Light
CXOmoriPortrait.png Omori 94 - Light
CXSaffronPortrait.png Saffron 93 - Light
CXCubePortrait.png GD 92 - Light
CXToejamPortrait.png ToeJam 90 - Light
CXCrewmatePortrait.png Crewmate 89 - Light
CXZeroPortrait.png Zero 88 - Light
CXFishPortrait.png Fish 87 - Light
CXGangBeastPortrait.png Gang Beast 86 - Light
CXLilacPortrait.png Lilac 86 - Light
CXOriPortrait.png Ori 86 - Light
CXReimuPortrait.png Reimu 85 - Feather
CXShantaePortrait.png Shantae 80 - Feather
CXMeatBoyPortrait.png Meat Boy 79 - Feather
KnightPortrait.png Knight 75 - Feather
CXGoosePortrait.png Goose 62 - Feather


Assists are a big part of the game. Players will charge up an Assist Gauge as they deal and receive damage, but will charge faster if they are losing. The Assist Gauge charges up relatively faster than the Rathe Gauge. When an Assist Gauge is charged up, a randomized character will be available applying to whatever Level the player gained will be chosen. Players will start at Level 1, but if they wish to receive a more powerful assist, they must wait for the meter to charge up even more to the next level, where the past assist will be replaced with a new one. There are three levels.

A portrait will appear in the bottom corner (bottom left for player 1, bottom right for player 2) displaying who the player got for an assist. When activating an Assist Call, the assist will appear to help the user. Actions can range from attacking the opponent, to healing the user, and so on.

CXBatterPortrait.png CXBattleCatPortrait.png CXBoyfriendPortrait.png CXBreadPortrait.png CXBunsnaxPortrait.png CXCerebellaPortrait.png CXCommandoVideoPortrait.png CXDriverPortrait.png CXFallguyPortrait.png CXFishbunjinPortrait.png CXFishHeadPortrait.png CXFreddyFazbearPortrait.png CXGrisPortrait.png CXHornetPortrait.png CXIsaacPortrait.png CXJackPortrait.png CXLastoftheOrderPortrait.png CXLeperPortrait.png CXLiraPortrait.png CXMolliPopPortrait.png CXMonikaPortrait.png CXNInaPortrait.png CxOctodadPortrait.png CXOrcanePortrait.png CXPeppinoPortrait.png CXRedKnightPortrait.png CXRiskyBootsPortrait.png CXRoyG.BivPortrait.png CXSansPortrait.png CXStardropPortrait.png CXVessaPortrait.png CXViPortrait.png CXViridianPortrait.png CXWatcherPortrait.png CXWaynePortrait.png CXYamatoPortrait.png

Level 1 Assists

Level 1 Assists are the easiest to obtain assists. They don't deal a lock of damage, but they are swift and easy to combo with.

Batter - OFF

The Batter is a character from the game OFF. When summoned in Clash X, The Batter will toss a baseball upwards and hit it with his bat. If the baseball hits the opponent, they will become dazed.

Boyfriend - Friday Night Funkin’

The Boyfriend is the main character from the game Friday Night Funkin’. When summoned in Clash X, the Boyfriend will start to sing in place, creating a sound radius around him. In the user of the assist stand in this radius, they will begin to heal themselves, however if they step out of the radius of getting attacked, they will not heal. Boyfriend stays out for six seconds before disappearing.

Bugsnax - Bugsnax

The Bugsnax are from the game Bugsnax. When summoned in Clash X, Strabby rushes around tripping opponents up, Bunger rams into opponents, and Hunnabee grabs and lifts opponents off the ground. They're all individually weak but work as a team when summoned.

CommanderVideo - BIT.TRIP

CommanderVideo is a character from the BIT.TRIP franchise well known for it's Runner sub-series. When summoned in Clash X, CommanderVideo runs forward. When he runs into range with the opponent, he will summon a trampoline from the floor directly below him and bounce forward and perform a flip kick, launching the foe upwards.

Driver - Drive Ahead

The Driver is the playable character from the game Drive Ahead. When summoned in Clash X, the Driver will drive across the screen in a Monster Truck, burying or launching anyone in it’s way.

Fishbunjin - Slap City

Fishbunjin is a playable character from the game Slap City. When summoned in Clash X, Fishbunjin will slam two weights together, crushing any nearby opponent.

Fish Head - Shovel Knight

The ‘’’Fish Head’’ is a… cosmetic  from the game Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove. When summoned in Clash X, the Fish Head will drop down in front of the player. If it lands on the opponent’s head, their controls will be reversed for 15 seconds.

Jack - Jack the Reaper

Jack is the playable character from the game Jack the Reaper. When summoned in Clash X, Jack throws a spinning Sickle Boomerang that travels forward before slowly returning the direction it came from. It only causes flinch damage at first, but on the trip back it will multi-hit.

Lira - Necrolepsy

Lira is the main character from Necrolepsy. When summoned in Clash X, she will fire her crossbow. If it hits the opponent, they will be stunned in place, giving the player a chance to attack.

Octodad - Octodad: Dadliest Catch

Octodad is the protagonist of the game Octodad: Dadliest Catch. When summoned in Clash X, Octodad will whip his tentacles forward. If he successfully catches an opponent, he will grab them and reel them in for a hug. In this state the user of Octodad can attack the caught opponent freely until they break loose from Octodad's grasp.

Sans - Undertale

Sans is a character from the game Undertale. When summoned in Clash X, he will fall asleep. Anyone within Sans’ radius will fall asleep as well, giving the opponent a chance to attack.

Vi - Bug Fables

Vi is a playable character from the game Bug Fables. When summoned in Clash X, Vi will toss her boomerang forward, dealing small damage. It will then return to her and she’ll throw it once more a farther distance, disappearing after the boomerang returns to her.

Viridian - VVVVVV

Viridian is the main character of the game VVVVVV. When summoned in Clash X, gravity will shift upwards for the opponent. When they reach the top of the screen, they will bonk their head. The farther they are form the top, the more damage they will take upon impact.

Level 2 Assists

Level 2 Assists are the second easiest to obtain assists. These assist either do more damage while sacrificing swiftness, or cause more disrupting effects.

Bread - I am Bread

Bread is the main character from the game I am Bread. When summoned in Clash X, Bread jumps forward to try to grab the opponent. If successful, Bread and the opponent are put into a toaster, before they get burned and launched upwards.

Fall Guy - Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

The Fall Guy is the avatar character from the game ‘’Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout’’. When summoned in Clash X, Fall Guy would wander around aimlessly, occasionally trying to tackle the opponent. Fall Guy automatically reflects projectiles from both the opponents.

Gris - Gris

Gris is the main character from the game of the same name. When summoned in Clash X, Gris will levitate upwards and soon erupt a massive wave or bright colors around her. Upon contact the opponent will be poisoned by the colors.

Hornet - Hollow Knight

Hornet is a side character from Hollow Knight. When summoned in Clash X, Hornet performs her Gossamer Storm attack and unleashes an area-of-effect attack centered on herself, using her thread to slice into anything around her.

Last of the Order - Towerfall

The Last of the Order is the playable character from the game Towerfall. When summoned in Clash X, She will take out her bow and fire a Bramble Arrow. When it lands on the ground or hits an opponent, the arrow will sprout lethal brambles that spread across the surface or opponent. If it hits the opponent, it will do chip damage overtime. If it lands on a surface, it will remain there for five seconds before disappearing.

Leper - Darkest Dungeons

The Leper is a character from the game Darkest Dungeons. When summoned in Clash X, the Leper performs a powerful overhead slice from his sword. Performs high damage, but it has somewhat short range and takes some time to charge.

Molli Pop - Candies N' Curses

Molli Pop is the protagonist of Candies N’ Curses. When summoned in Clash X, Molli Pop will give the user one of three charms. Bubble Shield will block one hit freely, Swift Charm would increase ground and air speed, and Resistance Charm decreases the amount of damage from special attacks.

Monika - Doki Doki Literature Club

Monika is the main antagonist from the game Doki Doki Literature Club. When summoned in Clash X, Monika will grab the Assist Gauge from below and swipe it forward, then putting it back. Any opponent hit by the attack will be launched.

Nina - 20XX

Nina is a playable character from the game 20XX. When summoned in Clash X, Nina will take out her Vera weapon and fire a stream of bright yellow shots, each damaging an enemy individually. She will keep firing for five seconds, before disappearing.

Roy G. Biv - INK

Roy G. Biv is the protagonist of INK. When summoned in Clash X, Roy will splash the user with a coat of paint. He will randomly splash them with 1 out of 6 colors, each having their own abilities. Red gives all the user’s attacks fire effects, orange increases the fighters stats, yellow gives all the user’s attacks electric effects, green heals the user by 20%, blue gives all the user’s attacks water effects, and purple gives all the user’s attacks poison effects. Each effect lasts 20 seconds (not including green).

Stardrop - Indie Pogo

Stardrop is the main character of Stardrop Blaster and a fighter from Indie Pogo. When summoned in Clash X, Stardrop will place a star in place a bit afar from the user. Upon contact with the star the opponent will take damage; however, if the player touches the star they will heal 20%. The star will stay in place for 20 seconds before disappearing if untouched.

Watcher - Slay the Spire

The Watcher is a character from the game Slay the Spire. When summoned in Clash X, she will enter Divinity as will the player. This makes it so the player’s attacks will have less end lag to all of their moves for a limited time.

Level 3 Assists

Level 3 Assists are the hardest assists to obtain. These assist either do massive amounts of damage, provide unique resources, or great as get off me tools.

Battle Cat - Battle Cats

The Battle Cat is a character from the game Battle Cats. When summoned in Clash X, the Cat's base will come rushing down and charge up a large tracking purple beam. If the laser touches the ground, it will create explosions.

Cerebella - Skullgirls

Cerebella is a playable character from the game Skullgirls. When summoned in Clash X, Vice-Versa (Cerebella’s hat) swings his arms around in a large radial 360 motion as Cerebella skips along forward.

The Fish Head is a… cosmetic from the game Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove. When summoned in Clash X, the Fish Head will drop down in front of the player. If it lands on the opponent’s head, their controls will be reversed for 15 seconds.

Freddy Fazbear - Five Nights at Freddy’s

Freddy Fazbear is the main character from the game Five Nights at Freddy’s. When summoned in Clash X, Freddy vanishes from the battle. Some time afterwards, his eyes will appear behind a random opponent as a small snippet of his Toreador March jingle plays. After a few seconds, he will lunge out of the "darkness" with a loud scream, dealing heavy damage to opponents around him.

Isaac - The Binding of Isaac

Isaac is the main character from the game The Binding of Isaac. When summoned in Clash X, Isaac will cower in fear as Mom's foot comes down and stomps around the stage five times. It is totally random where she’ll land. If the opponent is hit, they will be squashed momentarily.

Orcane - Rivals of Aether

Orcane is one of the playable fighters from the game Rivals of Aether. When summoned in Clash X, Orcane will shoot a ball of water in an arc out of his blowhole which leaves a puddle when it lands on the ground. When the user presses down while shielding, they will teleport to the puddle. The puddle will last around 17 seconds before disappearing.

Peppino - Pizza Tower

Peppino is the protagonist of the game Pizza Tower. When summoned in Clash X, Peppino will dash forward at an alarming pace. If he gets his hands on an enemy, he’ll grab them and throw them straight upward.

Red Knight - Castle Crashers

The Red Knight is the playable character from the game Castle Crashers. When summoned in Clash X, Knight extends their arm forward and from their palm they emit a long-distance blast of lightning. This lighting attack stuns the opponent in place before a lighting burst sends them flying.

Risky Boots - Shantae

Risky Boots is the main antagonist of the Shantae series. When summoned in Clash X, She will board her pirate ship and ride in from the foreground. Risky will point forward and shout “Fire!” before three cannonballs are fired forward, each of them exploding upon impact with the ground or the opponent. The first cannonball will fire a small distance, with the ones after it going farther, with the third one going the farthest.

Vessa - ...

Vessa is the protagonist of the game with the same name created by Pyro Enterprises. When summoned in Clash X, Vessa will take out her yo-yo and starts spinning rapidly, creating a small tornado. Any opponent near the tornado will be sucked in and will receive chip damage before being launched in a random direction. After awhile, Vessa will stumble over in a daze, ending the attack.

Wayne - Hylics

Wayne is the main character from the game Hylics. When summoned in Clash X, Wayne snaps fingers at opponents to cause shockwaves that deal massive damage. He will do this in three successions.

Yamato - KAMIKO

Yamato is the main character from the game KAMIKO. When summoned in Clash X, Yamato will summon a pillar of water that would burst out of the ground. If fighters are caught in the pillar they will swirl around inside it and take damage before being launched. The pillar can also block projectiles.


At launch, there are 19 stages in Clash X, with more added via DLC. Like most close quarter fighting game stages, every stage has a flat surface, but players have the option to toggle on Battlefield forms, inserting three floating platforms (with the middle being the highest) into the stages. Most stages are available within the shop and are payed through in-game currency.

Stage Name
CXHakureiShrine.png Hakurei ShrineCXDLC.png
Touhou Project
CXScuttleTwon.png Scuttle TownCXLocked.png
CXMadosuki'sRoom.png Madotsuki's RoomCXDLC.png
Yume Nikki
CXMimigaVillage.png Mimiga VillageCXDLC.png
Cave Story
CXSpelunkey.png SpelunkeyCXLocked.png
CXOmega.png OmegaCXDLC.png
Super Meat Boy
CXLab8.png Lab 8CXLocked.png
CXFullHouse.png Full HouseCXLocked.png
Hotline Miami
CXMoonstone.png MoonstoneCXDLC.png
CXGeometryDash.png DashgroundsCXDLC.png
Geometry Dash
CXBunker.png Bunker
Duck Game
CXFlyingMachine.png Flying Machine
Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove
CXSinner'sRow.png Sinner's RowCXDLC.png
Azure Striker Gunvolt
CXSewers.png SewersCXLocked.png
Lethal League Blaze
CXGangBeasts.png Gang Beasts ArenaCXLocked.png
Gang Beasts
CXDragonValley.png Dragon ValleyCXDLC.png
Freedom Planet
CXSpiritTree.png Spirit TreeCXDLC.png
Ori and the Blind Forest
CXZone1.png Zone 1
Crypt of the NecroDancer
CXTheRuins.png The RuinsCXDLC.png
CXMerchantPort.png Merchant PortCXLocked.png
Rivals of Aether
CXWellCaverns.png Well Caverns
CXY.V'sMansion.png Y.V's MansionCXDLC.png
Nuclear Throne
CXGungeon.png GungeonCXDLC.png
Enter the Gungeon
CXCityofTears.png City of Tears
Hollow Knight
CXShipwreckCreek.jpg Shipwreck CreekCXDLC.png
CXPrisoner'Quarters.png Prisoners' QuartersCXLocked.png
Dead Cells
CXFloralFury.png Floral FuryCXLocked.png
CXMafiaTown.png Mafia TownCXDLC.png
A Hat in Time
CXMountCeleste.png Mount Celeste
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Among Us
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CXZeroIsland.png Zero IslandCXDLC.png
ToeJam & Earl: Back In The Groove!
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<subKatana Zero
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Untitled Goose Game
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Death and Taxes
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One Step From Eden
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Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion
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The Stanley Parable
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Bug Fables


A boss is a non-playable character that appears as a strong opponent at the end of Arcade routes. Bosses typically differ from playable fighters, as they are immune to knockback and flinching and have a great amount of health.

Fighting bosses are very different than normal fights. For starters, they have a fewer attacks available to them, only capable of performing six offensive attacks. The attack tend to have long starters and end lag, making them more avoidable, but they payoff is that they generally deal higher damage should they connect. Bosses are also immune to grabs and throws, and moves with high knock back but low damage output will be close to ineffective.

CXBrokenVesselPortrait.png CXCrowPortrait.png CXMonikaPortrait.png CXPainwheelPortrait.png CXSnatcherPortrait.png CXSpringtrapPortrait.png

Broken Vessel - Hollow Knight

Broken Vessel from Team Cherry’s Hollow Knight series is one of the bosses in the Arcade Route of Clash X.

In this game, the Broken Vessel utilizes it's nail and the infection as a weapon. His fight takes place in an abandoned room in the Ancient Basin.

  • Neutral Special - Cascade: Broken Vessel leaps to position itself around the centre of the arena. It then shakes its head back and forth and spawns a multitude of blobs of infection.
  • Forward Special - Slash: Broken Vessel dashes forward, slashing with its nail. It will travel across 3/4 of the arena, making this a hard to avoid attack. Broken Vessel slashes with their nail in the middle of the dash.
  • Back Special - Backstep:  Broken Vessel does a quick backwards dash to reposition for another attack. It’ll often do this if the opponent is on them or if they have to reposition for a certain attack. The Broken Vessel can perform this dash in two successions in one go at the most.
  • Up Special - Infected Howls: The Broken Vessel blasts a wave of infection goop in an arc around and above themself.
  • Down Special - Slam: Broken Vessel leaps into the air and positions at the peak of the jump to slam directly down on the player. The impact of the slam creates four blobs of infection that rise up and away in parabolic arcs at set distances from Broken Vessel.
  • Rathe Combo - Infected Balloon: The Broken Vessel spawns a Infected Balloon, a single cell of infection consisting of pus and light gasses. The Infected Balloon works separately from the Broken Vessel and floats straight towards the player to deal contact damage.
Arcade Opponents

CXMeatBoyPortrait.png CXOriPortrait.png WelltaroPortrait.png CXFishPortrait.png KnightPortrait.png CXBeheadedPortrait.png

Crow - Nefarious

Crow from StarBlade’s Nefarious series is one of the bosses in the Arcade Route of Clash X.

In this game, Crow utilizes his various gadgets and gizmos. His fight takes place on his ship, the Sovereign Deck.

  • Neutral Special - TBA: TBA.
  • Forward Special - TBA: TBA.
  • Back Special - TBA: TBA.
  • Up Special - TBA: TBA.
  • Down Special - TBA: TBA.
  • Rathe Combo - TBA: TBA.
Arcade Opponents

CXShantaePortrait.png DuckPortrait.png ShovelKnightPortraitCLASHX.png CXLilacPortrait.png CXYookaLayleePortrait.png CXZeroPortrait.png

Monika - Doki Doki Literature Club

Monika from Team Salvato’s Doki Doki Literature Club series is one of the bosses in the Arcade Route of Clash X.

In this game, Monika utilizes her reality manipulation and ability to break the fourth wall. Her fight takes place in a wallless schoolroom located in the middle of space.

  • Neutral Special - Ink Puddle: Monika will take out her pen and splatter ink across the stage. If the opponent walks on one of the ink puddles, they will be dealt chip damage as long as they are standing on it. At lower health, Monika can also place ink bubbles in the air alongside the ground, giving the player less options to maneuver.
  • Forward Special - Pixelate: Monika devolves into a bunch of pixels and spirals around in place. Shortly afterwards, she’ll rush in her pixelated state and multi-hit the player upon contact. She will continue to move forward until she reaches the other side of the stage.
  • Back Special - Foreground Hurl: Monika digs her fingers into the foreground and hurls forward a huge chunk of it that locks on onto the player. At lower health, Monika will toss three pieces in rapid succession.
  • Up Special - Health Bar Assault: Monika leaps upwards and grabs her health bar. There will be a small struggle for her to get it, but once she crunches it out of it’s spot, she will slam the ground and swipe forward violently until she reaches the ground.
  • Down Special - Code Eruption: Monika raises her arm as harmless flames appear on the ground, either with many appearing at once or in a sequence. After a moment, these flames erupt into tall fire pillars that hit multiple times. These pillars are surrounded by 1s and 0s, each dealing their own amount of damage as well.
  • Rathe Combo - Her Reality: Monika initiates a screen wave effect along with slowing the speed of the game by half. During this state, Monika will still continue to attack the player with her specials. After a few moments, Monika performs a large shriek with a large surrounding radius around her, turning the screen effect and slowing down speed off. If the opponent is near Monika when she screams, they will take heavy damage. The scream is in reference to her jumpscare from her home game.
Arcade Opponents

CXReimuPortrait.png CXVaingloriousGhoulPortrait.png CXBulletKinPortrait.png CXCupheadPortrait.png CXZagreusPortrait.png CXSaffronPortrait.png

Painwheel - Skullgirls

Painwheel from Lab Zero’s Skullgirls series is one of the bosses in the Arcade Route of Clash X.

In this game, Painwheel utilizes her raging power to bring the pain and fury. Her fight takes place in a large padded room with a giant window on the foreground wall.

  • Neutral Special - Gae Bolga Stinger: Painwheel fires forward five kunai knives that gush out of her hand. Painwheel can fire it in three directions in front of her, changing their trajectory which each move. At lower health, Painwheel will fire seven kunai knives instead.
  • Forward Special - Death Crawl: Painwheel crawls towards the opponent by extending the needles on her hands and feet behind her, spinning the Buer Drive on her back attempting to mow them down.
  • Back Special - Beur Thresher: Painwheel uses the Gae Bolga to create massive needles to stab her opponents. When successful, she brings them in towards her and brutally attacks them with the Buer Drive.
  • Up Special - Death Tear: Using her Buer Drive, Painwheel aims her blade upwards as it starts to spin violently. This attack has a wind box that drags the opponent closer to Painwheel from the sides or above. She will continue to spin the Buer Drive for three seconds before swiping the Blade in front of her.
  • Down Special - Buer Overdrive: Painwheel charges the Buer Drive and rushes at the opponent. When the first hit successfully connects she attacks them and knocks them back on the final hit, dragging them along with her.
  • Rathe Combo - Hatred Install: Painwheel releases her consciousness as she goes into a blinded rage, giving her an increase in strength and speed for a limited amount of time.
Arcade Opponents

CXBigBandPortrait.png CXCandymanPortrait.png CXKraggPortrait.png MadelinePortrait.png CXGoosePortrait.png CXJudgementBulletKinPortrait.png

Snatcher - A Hat in Time

Snatcher from Gears for Breakfast’s A Hat in Time is one of the bosses in the Arcade Route of Clash X.

In this game, Snatcher utilizes his area warping. His fight takes place in the arena his boss fight takes place in the A Hat in Time game.

  • Neutral Special - Creation: Snatcher enters the foreground and creates two rows of huddled together minions. He will then begin to spin counter clockwise with the minions coming onto the battleground. The player must jump over the minions in order to avoid getting hurt. Snatcher will continue to spin around in eight successions before returning to the battleground.
  • Forward Special - Wall of Flames: Snatcher summons a row of flames to furiously zoom down the screen. One by one the flames will erupt. The best course of action is to roll or directional air dodge through the flames.
  • Back Special - Explosive Flasks: Snatcher summons 1,000 (or so he claims 1,000) flasks and launches furiously towards the opponent one by one, exploding upon contact with anything. The ground will glow signifying where the flasks will land.
  • Up Special - Shock Wave: Snatcher will disappear and reappear several times, causings shock waves that surround him to appear even after he teleports again, growing bigger and bigger before disappearing. The player can dodge through these shock waves, but upon touching them them take damage and be given decent knockback, making it so they may end up hitting another shock wave again.
  • Down Special - Laser Eruption: Several purple circles surround the surface of the battlefield. One by one, the circles will erupt into a ginormous laser blast. The circles will glow twice before erupting, giving the player the chance to react.
  • Rathe Combo - Contract: Snatcher applies your character’s name to a contract. The contract will prevent the player from performing specific actions, such as jumping, running, shielding, using specials, using normal attacks, countering, using assists, and using rather combos. The contract will choose one of these actions and forbid the player from doing them. If the player fails and performs the action anyway, Snatcher will strike the player with an unavoidable laser. The contract will last for ten seconds before it is no longer valid.
Arcade Opponents

CXSpelunkerPortrait.png CXCubePortrait.png CXGangBeastPortrait.png CadencePortrait.png CXHatKidPortrait.png CXToejam&EarlPortrait.png

Springtrap - Five Nights at Freddy's

Springtrap from Scott Cawthon’s Five Nights at Freddy's series is one of the bosses in the Arcade Route of Clash X.

In this game, Springtrap utilizes fire from the area around. His fight takes place in the flaming remains of Fazbear Frights, with the roof and wall of the office busted down, and the foreground covered in flames.

  • Neutral Special - Jumpscare: Springtrap roars forward, causing a wind effect that blows opponents away. This is used as a get off me tool for Springtrap. If within his radius when he screams, it will harm the player.
  • Forward Special - Pizza Wheel: Three large pepperoni pizzas will appear from whichever side of the screen Spingtrap is closer to. They will hover in place temporality before zooming forward one by on, dealing multihit damage. At lower health, there will be five pizzas.
  • Back Special - Hell Scorch: Springtrap gags three times before vomiting flames like a flamethrower. He will proceed to walk forward slowly while vomiting with the fire increasingly getting bigger as he progresses.
  • Up Special - Ground Pound: Springtrap leaps up into the air and comes crashing down in a random spot on the map, causing a shock wave when he strikes the ground. At lower health, If the opponent is grounded when Springtrap performs this attack they will be temporarily stunned in place.
  • Down Special - Debris: Springtrap digs his finger into the ground and hurls forward several pieces of burning debris. The debris does massive damage to shields and overall deal a large amount of damage and knockback. At lower health, Springtrap will dig both of his hands into the ground and hurl forward a huge boulder.
  • Rathe Combo - Hallucination: Springtrap releases a large static blast around himself.  If any opponents are caught in the static radius the screen will go entirely black and a loud beeping noise will be heard. After a few seconds all of the Phantoms will appear and jump scare the player all together, launching them a great distance.
Arcade Opponents

CXMadotsukiPortrait.png CXJakcetPortrait.png CXGunvoltPortrait.png CXCrewmatePortrait.png CXGrimReaperPortrait.png CXOmoriPortrait.png



Azalea's recurring render on loading screens

The announcer known as Azalea is an in-game character that appears (often but not always) to exclaim what is happening in the game or what has happened. Though they have no direct effect on gameplay, her voice does act as an auditory signal for multiple events in the games, both within matches and the various menus.

The identity of Azalea (real or plot-based alias) has never been revealed within the games, and her specific role in the series beyond mechanical has never been clarified, if there is one.

Azalea’s personality is bouncy, sarcastic and a little brash. She is always more excited when fights begin and end, but she is more tame in other situations such as announcing game mode and when character’s names are selected. She also appears on the loading screen to give the player tips via text, but she's usually quippy most of the time. She can also occasionally be seen in the background of some stages randomly.


In the December 20th Release Trailer for the physical release of Clash X it was announced that paid DLC would be available for the game. The initial wave of content comes in the form of five Challenger Pack bundles, each containing one entirely unique fighter, one stage, and several music tracks. These bundles, which are also available through a complete pack known as the Fighters Pass, were released periodically through 2021. This pass features Quote, Hat Kid, Ori, Saffron, Meat Boy, and Reimu. Two DLC fighters (Froggit and Madotsuki) were released afterwards separately, with a Second FIghters pass beginning shortly afterwards, featuring Zagreus, Judgement, Bullet Kin, GD, Lilac, Gunvolt, and Vainglorious Ghoul. All of the DLC afterwards was released as standalone purchases.

A DLC Costume Pack for a few members of the base roster were also unveiled on the December 20th Release Trailer with one pack coming out priced at $1.99. The costume pack comes with six costumes.

DLC Fighters

CXQuotePortrait.png CXHatKidPortrait.png CXOriPortrait.png CXSaffronPortrait.png CXMeatBoyPortrait.png CXReimuPortrait.png CXFroggitPortrait.png CXMadotsukiPortrait.png CXZagreusPortrait.png CXJudgementBulletKinPortrait.png CXBulletKinPortrait.png CXCubePortrait.png CXLilacPortrait.png CXGunvoltPortrait.png CXVaingloriousGhoulPortrait.png CXOmoriPortrait.png CXGrimReaperPortrait.png CXToejam&EarlPortrait.png CXYookaLayleePortrait.png CXFishPortrait.png

DLC Costume Pack 1


The DLC Costume pack includes costumes for Duck, Shovel Knight, Jacket, Shantae, Crewmate, and Cuphead. The pack was available for free for players who bought the game before the physical release. The initial price is $3.99.


  • Duck: Dinos Hat from Duck Game.
  • Shovel Knight: Resembles Specter Knight’s attire.
  • Jacket: Resembles Biker.
  • Shantae: Resembles Shantae’s Ninja costume from Half-Genie Hero.
  • Crewmate: A more detailed version of the Crewmate’s attire.
  • Cuphead: Resembles Mugman.

DLC Costume Pack 2


The DLC Costume pack includes costumes for The Knight, Welltaro, Kragg, The Beheaded, Candyman, and Goose. The pack was available for free for players who bought the game before the physical release. The initial price is $3.99.


  • Knight: A Lifeblood inspired outfit.
  • Welltaro: Welltaro’s Frogtaro outfit from Indie Pogo.
  • Kragg: Kragg’s appearance in Lovers of Aether.
  • Beheaded: The Beheaded’s appearance from the Dead Cells animated trailer.
  • Candyman: Candyman’s Straitjacket outfit from Lethal League Blaze.
  • Goose: A Canada Goose with a red bow and a tophat.

Trivia and Credits

  • Clash X's name and logo was insipred by the Namco x Capcom and Project X Zone series.
  • The Pixel Art aethestic was chosen due to the creator's interest in both writing and pixel art.
  • As stated before, the game takes heavy inspiration from Super Smash Bros. and Card Saga Wars.
    • The game can also be taken as a spiritual successor to Card Saga Wars.
  • Counting the total number of indies represented by characters, stages, and assists, there are 69 Indie titles represented within the game, with 1 guest appearance titles being Vessa.
  • Out of all the playable fighters, the creator has not played the home series' of the Beheaded, Jacket, Quote/Curly, Saffron, Madotsuki, Zagreus, Judgement, Cube, Lilac, Gunvolt.
  • Zote, Curly, King Knight, Kyōko, Cerebella, Nina, and Vi were all previously in the roster but were cut for multiple reasons. Vi, Nina, and Cerebella were demoted to assists, while Curly was demoted to being an alternate costume for Quote. Knight Knight, Zote, and Kyōko are nowhere to be seen in the game.
    • Zote, Curly, King Knight, and Cerebella were cut for being secondary reps to already represented series.
    • Kyōko was cut for not being an indie.
    • Nina and Vi were cut due to the lack the creator had interest in them, as well as lack of moveset potential.
  • Several characters were considered as playable fighters but were either scrapped or turned into Assists.
    • Several characters from Skullgirls were debated upon. These were Filla, Peacock, Cerebella, Big Band, and Squigly. Big Band ended up being the chosen rep for Skullgirls in the base roster, whilst Cerebella accompanied him as DLC.
    • Sans was initially gonna appear in the base roaster, but after deciding he wouldn’t realistically fight due to his character, Froggit was chosen instead for DLC as an Undertale rep. Sans was demoted to an Assist.
    • CommanderVideo, Octodad, and Orcane were initially going to join the base roster but were demoted to Assists due to the incoming announcement of McleoudGaming’s Fraymakers.
    • Whilst deciding upon a secondary Shovel Knight character, the choices were Plague Knight, Specter Knight, and King Knight. King Knight was chosen as they were a favorite character of the creator. A Specter Knight themed costume for Shovel Knight was released as DLC.
    • Pilgor from Goat Simulator was initally going to join the Season 2 DLC pass, but was cut after the creator found out that they were no longer and Indie character. They even had a trailer created for them.
  • Credit to ValkyriePyra for helping with the headers.
    • Her original character Vessa from the series of the same name also guest appears as a assist. She is the only non-indie to appear in the game.
  • Credit to OrchidSomnium for helping with the voice actors template.
  • Credit to Ink for lending their moveset of Saffron as a reference.



CXReimuPortrait.png Touhou Soundtrack
CXShantaePortrait.png Shantae Soundtrack
CXMadotsukiPortrait.png Yume Nikki Soundtrack
CXQuotePortrait.png Cave Story Soundtrack
CXSpelunkerPortrait.png Spelunky Soundtrack
CXMeatBoyPortrait.png Meat Boy Soundtrack
CXBigBandPortrait.png Skullgirls Soundtrack
CXJakcetPortrait.png Hotline Miami Soundtrack
CXVaingloriousGhoulPortrait.png TowerFall Soundtrack
CXCubePortrait.png Geometry Dash Soundtrack
DuckPortrait.png Duck Game Soundtrack
ShovelKnightPortraitCLASHX.png Shovel Knight Soundtrack
CXLilacPortrait.png Freedom Planet Soundtrack
CXGunvoltPortrait.png Azure Striker Gunvolt Soundtrack
CXCandymanPortrait.png Lethal League Soundtrack
CXGangBeastPortrait.png Gang Beasts Soundtrack
CXOriPortrait.png Ori and the Blind Forest Soundtrack
CadencePortrait.png Crypt of the Necrodancer Soundtrack
CXFroggitPortrait.png Undertale Soundtrack
CXKraggPortrait.png Rivals of Aether Soundtrack
WelltaroPortrait.png Downwell Soundtrack
CXFishPortrait.png Nuclear Throne Soundtrack
CXBulletKinPortrait.png Enter the Gungeon Soundtrack
KnightPortrait.png Hollow Knight Soundtrack
CXYookaLayleePortrait.png Yooka-Laylee Soundtrack
CXBeheadedPortrait.png Dead Cells Soundtrack
CXCupheadPortrait.png Cuphead Soundtrack
CXHatKidPortrait.png A Hat in Time Soundtrack
MadelinePortrait.png Celeste Soundtrack
CXCrewmatePortrait.png Among Us Soundtrack
CXZagreusPortrait.png Hades Soundtrack
CXToejam&EarlPortrait.png Toejam & Earl Soundtrack
CXZeroPortrait.png Katana Zero Soundtrack
CXGoosePortrait.png Untitled Goose Game Soundtrack
CXGrimReaperPortrait.png Death and Taxes Soundtrack
CXSaffronPortrait.png One Step From Eden Soundtrack
CXJudgementBulletKinPortrait.png Helltaker Soundtrack
CXOmoriPortrait.png OMORI Soundtrack
CXRandom.png Miscellaneous Soundtracks

Voice Actors

CXBigBandPortrait.png Tomokazu Sugita
CadencePortrait.png Elspeth Eastman
CXCandymanPortrait.png Carlos Ramirez
CXGunvoltPortrait.png Kaito Ishikawa
CXHatKidPortrait.png Apphia Yu
CXJakcetPortrait.png Carmen Duran Garcia
CXLilacPortrait.png Dawn Michelle Bennett
CXReimuPortrait.png Ru
CXShantaePortrait.png Cristina Vee
CXZagreusPortrait.png Darren Korb

Characters with no voice actors either do not speak, or their voice actors go uncredited.

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