Civinations (stylised as CiviNations) is a turn-based, fast-paced strategy/management game released in 2020 for the Sens and Nintendo Switch. The game involves you, the ruler, expanding your civilisation, conquering new lands, starting wars, and making money. The game can be played against AIs, with online multiplayer or with friends and plays out similarly to a board game in some ways.


Unlike most strategy games, the gameplay does not involve you gradually expanding your civilisation- it is far more fast-paced and competitive.

Each player begins with one Level 1 city, 1000 supplies and a certain amount of different types of people (see below). The player can spend supplies and certain people to upgrade aspects of their city (e.g mining, farming) or to move to another city. Upgrading every aspect will cause the city to level up. You can only upgrade the city YOU are in, and you cannot see what is going on in other cities, hence it is important to move around, even though it will cost supplies and people. It costs more to move depending on the distance.

When you move to a vacant city, you can spend a certain amount to colonise the city. If you move to an enemy city, you will lose a certain amount of supplies and people, depending on how upgraded its Defense is. Once there, you can choose to start a war to conquer it.

For every soldier you send to the battlefield, your War Points for that battle are increased. Also, for all the supplies you send to the battlefield, your War Points will increase. This is the same for the defender, except that their Defense for that city also contributes. Essentially, whoever is willing to spend the most wins the war and gets the city.

After three turn cycles, a random event happens. This can affect one or many players, with positive or negative effects.

The player who captures all the cities on the board wins. A two-player game normally takes around 10-15 minutes to complete.


This game was released at launch and was considered to be the first Sens game aimed at older players and hardcore gamers. It received mostly positive reviews. IGn gave it 8.5/10, saying that it added its own new mechanics to an already popular genre, although it did get a little repetitive after a while, especially against AIs.


  • A spinoff combing CiviNations and Junk Wars is currently in the making.
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