City Racers
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Developer(s) Thorn Industries
Publisher(s) Thorn Industries
Genre(s) Racing
First Game City Racers
Thorn Industries

City Racers is a racing video game made by Thorn Industries (known as シティレーサー in Japanese, as corredores de la ciudad in Spanish, and as coureurs de la ville in French). The games was originally inspired by Cars:Fast as Lightning.


Main Article: City Racers/Characters City Racers features a wide cst of racers from all around the globe. Also included are many characters from the Super Mario (series) (plus subseries) and Angry Birds (series)


The Plot of city racers is that CaptainDabsalot (tbc) and Rolandthedude (tbc) find an open land and found a city while deciding to host a racing competion.


The City is based off Radiator Springs in Cars:Fast as Lightning meaning every character has pit-type thing. Also the city can be customized with building bought in the store.


There are many maps in this game where groups of tracks are grouped in includeing but not limited to Piggy Island, City, European Cup, American Circut, and Mushroom-Koopa Kingdom.


City Racers/Tracks Similar to Cars:Fast as Lightning every racer has their own track which can be customized with tricks and stuff.


The in-game currency is Coins and Gems.


Same as every other Thorn Industries Series this one will have an anime and manga.



  • This is the first racing game made by TI the second being Mega Racers
  • This is the third TI-Original series (despite the fact it only has one game) to be added to Fantendo.
  • The idea for this game was first coined up in 2016.
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