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Citrine Female
130 lbs
0 years old "Hedran"
Citrine, the cloned Quartz
POWERS Super Strength

Energy Discs
Heated Claws


Fenrir of the Flame

CURRENT LOCATION Fenrir's Battalion

Fighting, being excessively cruel in video games, Fire


Fenrir of the Flame, Unten, Quartz, uHive


Citrine is a clone of Quartz and hails from the uHive, being created specifically for Fenrir of the Flame. As a clone of Quartz, Citrine has all the powers of Quartz due to being based off her DNA. The character was created by Helena Harper (tbc) as a way to help develop Quartz's character more as well as flesh out Fenrir and his group of characters. The character will make their debut in a very short story entitled Trip to uHive.

Citrine was created on uHive as a clone of Quartz under the request of Fenrir of the Flame, of which Doomulus Saline and Relena were forced to retrieve. After being brought back to his spaceship, Citrine was officially activated. Since then, Citrine has been fighting against the Doomuli Resistance for Fenrir, although she dislikes him greatly and thinks that her potential is being wasted on his orders. She is unique as she is not a creation of The Threat, but rather a modified clone.


Citrine looks incredibly similar to Quartz albeit with a lot of differences. The lines on her face start from the sides of her face and turn sharply into the circles around her eyes, with a second, thin set following that. Her eyes are red as opposed to blue, and her "crystals" on the top of her chest and belly are colored red. The bulbous bob is placed closer to her head, resembling a bun as opposed to a ponytail. She wears yellow and black armor and gloves with a red trim around the end around her hands. Her toenails are black as opposed to white. She also wears leg bracers, something that Quartz has not worn since her original appearance, that has yellow crystals that are meant to shock her if she attempts to go against Fenrir.


Citrine is a fairly gruff and prideful character, having a hard time acknowledging her losses and usually fighting anyone she is allowed to fight. Citrine considers herself a big deal as both a Doomuli and Krexxon commander were sent to retrieve her from uHive. She usually shows off her power when she can when she has an audience, loving theatrics. She is considered quite the oddity by many in the cosmic community due to her DNA being from one of the Threat's Former Top 10. Unlike Quartz, Citrine is not burdened with brain programming from the Threat or having a phrase that causes her to have a mental breakdown.

That being said, Citrine is far from superior than Quartz. Whereas Quartz learned kindness and an appreciation for the Earth, Citrine is nothing but a bully and resists change when confronted with it. She has a fascination with fire similar to Quartz, although gets incredibly defensive if confronted about it.


Trip to uHive

Powers and Abilities

Citrine has access to almost all the abilities that Quartz has. She has super strength that is capable of pulling up a tank with one hand. Citrine can create energy discs that spin when being thrown, which are faster and unblockable but have a low chance of actually hitting anyone. Cirine can also fly and boost her speed with a red energy trail behind her. Her claws can also heat up and are capable of melting steel.

It is unknown if Citrine has access to a Second Form or not.

Specific Abilities

  • Super Strength - Citrine can use her super strength to punch really hard and pick up big objects without even breaking a sweat.
    • Monday To Sunday - Citrine's special move where she slams two tanks together with her opponent trapped in the middle, dealing massive damage.
  • Energy Discs - Citrine can create flying energy discs that spin towards the opponent to deal damage. These discs can break through seemingly any defense but they are more likely to miss their actual target.
    • Wednesday Roto - Citrine can charge up these energy discs to create a giant massive spinning disk over her head that she can't actually throw, but can be used to keep attacks out and deal damage to those who make contact with it.
    • Black Friday - Citrine creates a black energy disc with her own Aura (although she isn't aware of this being from her own Aura) and infects the user with heavy poison. She can't do this too much without straining her limited Aura.
  • Flight - Citrine can fly into the air, taking off in an instant.
    • Jet Boost - Citrine can boost her speed in the air, taking on a red energy when she does.
    • Monday Hell - Citrine headbutts into an aerial opponent, slamming them into the ground as she wraps her arms around them.
  • Heated Claws - Citrine can heat up her claws to melt off her gloves and is capable of melting steel.
    • Weekday Work - Citrine slams her heated claws through an opponent's helmet to pull it off, possibly burning some of their hair.
    • Thursday Melt - Citrine heats up her claws while they're embedded into her opponent to cauterize the wound.


Fenrir of the Flame

Doomulus Saline


Unten Bluzen



  • Citrine was inspired by Cornilius from Journey Home Centauri 3: The Junkosphere.
  • Citrine is named after the Citrine quartz. Interestingly, she is mostly red in design, which goes against how Citrine is known for being mostly yellow. Her beta name was actually Rose, but was changed later in development.
  • Citrine's attack moves are named after days as a reference to the Dragon Ball character Raditz. In canon, she named these attacks after the days she developed them on.