Circus Camp
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Publisher(s) Zilliez Games
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
January 2015
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Horror, Puzzle, Mystery & Crime-solving
Series Circus Camp series
Successor Circus Camp 3DS
Just CLOWNING around!

Circus Camp is an horror, puzzle and mystery & crime-solving game developed and published by Zilliez Games, released exclusively for the Wii U, and later ported onto the Nintendo 3DS. It is the first game within the Circus Camp series, and as stated by its creator, many other sequels and spin-offs will follow after the release of first game.


Kaitlyn Wilson, an 8-year-old girl, who gets mistreated by her family escapes from home to get away from her family's cruelty. Kaitlyn soon comes across a circus which is filled with laugher, clowns and animals. Unaware of these things due to her not being able to experience the outside world, Kaitlyn gets excited about all of cheerfulness and decides to go and sneak inside to see all of the fun.

After the show was over, everybody had gone home and the clowns and staff were locking up in the staff rooms. Kaitlyn noticed a candle burning on a table at the side of the tent. She had never seen fire in her life and she found the flame pretty, so not knowing the pain shock she would get, Kaitlyn put her hand in the flame. The flame scoulded Kaitlyn's hand, and she squealed in pain and flung her hand backwards, knocking the candle off of the table, and setting the circus tent on fire.

Unsure of what to do, Kaitlyn ran out of the circus. In a terrified shock, she watched as the circus got covered in embers, and as the clowns and the staff all sadly died in the fire.

Kaitlyn was horrified by the fact she caused such a disaster and ran off. She was reported missing by her family, but no traces were found.

After the circus tent got burnt down, the whole town was saddned by the bad news, due to them loving the circus. Many children were upset and many memories were left outside of the burnt circus tent to remember the clowns, staff and animals who lost their lifes in the mysterious fire. The candle was found, but there no evidince of it being an attempted murder, so it was just called an unknown accident.

Most of the towns' people moved away because they were saddened of the blaze and the deaths.

But, what is unknown is that some of the lonesome souls from the dead clowns and animals are still wondering around the debris of the circus tent, eager to find out why the fire started and if it was an accident or not...


Story Mode

You are a ghost clown searching for clues of what exactly happened at the fire which caused your death. You have to solve many agent/horror themed puzzles, look for finger prints, blood splats and other traces of evidince, but there is also an evil presence trying to stop you...

Mini Game Mode

You must shoot all of the evil spirits in the tent to collect souls. Watch out to see if your battery doesn't die!

Blood Balloon Mode

Race against the timer around the circus tent collecting balloons.



The pets only appear in the animal pen at Cranberry Circus which you have to round up to find evidence.

  • Gloomy (bear)
  • Scream and Gore (turtles)
  • Grave (bunny)


Character Description
Callisto the Creepy-Cute Clown Callisto is the layed-back and loveable ghost out of them all.When she was younger she went to her friend Lara Bates' birthday party at the circus,as her friend disappeared (was supposingly murdered) on the bouncy castle.
Kaitlyn Brown Kaitlyn was locked in a closet by her rich family who was ashamed of her failure at school.Kaitlyn decided to run away and accidently set the circus tent in a blaze.
Poppy the Peppy Puppet Poppy was a popular and smug girl in life but just before the blaze happened she slipped over and smacked her head on a desk and then got ovetaken by the flames.When she woke up as a spirit she couldn't remember who she was and woke up rather peppy and sweet.
Jasmine the Jolly Jester Jasmine is a prankster but at times she can go a little bit too far.When she was alive,she actually killed one of her friends by accident by doing a dangerous prank.
Sian the Sneaky Shapeshifter In life,Sian was mistreated by her boyfriend,he used to humiliate her in front of all of her friends in which resulted them rejecting her.Due to her bad past,Sian treats all of the other spirits with disguist.
Abigail the Atrocious Animatronic Ariana (now Abigail) used to fix the circus' only animatronic "Abigail the Guitar Player".Kids used to be rough with Abigail,so Ariana was called in often to fix her.When the fire over took the circus tent,Ariana was underneath Abigail fixing her and didn't realize that the circus tent was on fire.The fire burnt both the animatronic and Ariana to death.The plastic on the Abigail animatronic melted onto Ariana's burnt corpse meaning that Ariana's spirit possesed the Abigail animatronic.Abigail is seen as a moody character as a spirit.
Aaron the Agressive Acrobat

Aaron is the most rowdy out of the two twins.In life Aaron was an alcoholic who was always out drinking.It was said that him and Anya actually died before the blaze had happened.In life,he came to a circus show he was putting on with Anya late because he was drunk.When him and Anya went on the balancing rope,he slipped off due to him being drunk and took Anya down with him.They both fell a large amount of feet before landing on their necks and dying.

Anya the Agressive Acrobat As stated before,Anya died with Aaron due to him being drunk.Anya is shown to be bossy and rude and worried about her apperance most of the time.When she came back as a spirit,she was only concered about what would happen to all of her clothes.
Max the Maniac Magician Max is flirty,annoying and somewhat funny.In life,he was spoilt with all the riches he wanted by his parents.As a spirit,he found out his girlfriend wanted him dead so she could get all of his money.He especially flirts with Abigail calling her "a fit robot".
Lacey the Lurking Lion Lacey is a chatter box and a loud mouth.In life she worked as the circus' cleaner but when one of the lions for the show fell sick,she was asked to actually dress up as a lion to fill in.She got accidentally locked in the lion pen before the blaze happened and the lions were hungry and tore her limb from limb until she died.
Faye the Furious Fire Eater

Faye is shy,sensitive and quiet.None of the other spirits knew how she died and just suspected she got burnt to a crisp in the fire but soon they find out Faye is not what she seems at all.She actually witnessed most of their deaths and chose not to help them and after the blaze had been she felt guilty for working with the villain and letting them all die,so she comitted suicide to join them.


Character Description
Pauline the Menacing Mime In the game,Pauline cannot talk and gives you clues by doing mime motions.Sometimes she can lie to you,if you don't give her the things she requested.Even though Pauline is shown as a menace to the other spirits,she actually saved a lot of people from the blaze because she mime motioned to them that they would die if they didn't look behind them,they followed Pauline's instructions and left the circus tent safely but sadly,the flames overtook the place and Pauline didn't make it out alive.
Birthday Girl Birthday Girl was having her birthday party at the circus while the blaze happened.She was inside of the soft indoor play area,hiding underneath the ball pit.When she got out,she noticed that all of her friends were gone,that is when the flames burnt the play area with her inside it,resulting in her dying.As a spirit,she refused to tell any of the other spirits her real name because she hated what her parents named her,so everybody just commonly calls her "Birthday Girl".
Leanne the Lonesome Carousal Girl In life,Leanne's Mother was a drunk.When Leanne and her Mother was on their way to the off licence,Leanne noticed the circus tent and told her Mother that she wanted to go on the "horsies" (meaning the carousal).Leanne's Mother got fed up of Leanne and dumped her on the carousal and told her not to move and that she would be back later on.Leanne's Mother bought the alcohol and got drunk before stepping in front of a bus and dying.Then the blaze happened and when a worker told Leanne to run away from the fire,Leanne refused and told the worker that "Mummy would be back soon to come and save her".Sadly,Leanne's Mother never came back to collect Leanne because she was dead.After waiting for hours for her Mother to come and get her,Leanne died in the blaze.Leanne is known as the youngest of the spirits.It is also stated that Leanne's Father left her and her Mother.
Barnaby the Bitter Ticket Boy In life,Barnaby had a pet puppy who he adored very much,everyday they came to work at the ticket stand together but one day Barnaby's world changed,a gang of drunk boys walked up to the ticket stand and demanded that Barnaby gives them free tickets.Barnaby noticed they were drunk and explained if they wanted to see the clown show,they would have to pay for the tickets.The gang got cross and swiped Barnaby's dog and ran off with it.Barnaby ran after them but sadly,found his precious dog dead.In the morning when Cecilia was opening up the circus,she found Barnaby dead with a line of tickets wrapped around his neck in a shape of a rope.Cecilia immediately suspected it was a suicide.Cecilia was frightened Barnaby's death would cause problems for the circus' sales and berried him in the abandoned room underneath the circus.He was reported missing.As a spirit,Barnaby has no clue that his body was hidden by Cecilia and Cecilia will keep anybody who knows about it,quiet at all costs.
Cecilia the Rabid Ringmaster Cecilia is the owner of the circus and surprisingly has been involved in most of the deaths which had happened at the circus.In life,Cecilia's Mother wanted her to be a fashion model but Cecilia mostly refused and stated that she wanted to own a circus one day.What Cecilia's parents didn't know was that Cecilia was a bully at school and murdered three people at her school due to her blood obsession.Cecilia actually wanted to own a circus one day to lure people in and capture them and kill them.As she grew up,she found the perfect spot to create a circus and it became a huge success but unfortunately,some of the people fell for Cecilia's nasty tricks and ended up being dead.When Callisto joined the circus community,Cecilia acted like an older sister figure towards Callisto,but Callisto has no idea what Cecilia is actually capable of.


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  • The game is somewhat similar kind to MySims Agents when you think about it, as both are Agent games, in which the player hunts for clues.
  • The 3DS version of the game is totally different, Kaitlyn is actually a teenage boy called Quinn, who started off the blaze by lighting a firework.
  • The initial concept for the game was originally going to be similar to Luigi's Mansion, however that was changed due to the storyline being a little bit confusing.
  • The Callisto drawing on the 3DS cover was drawn by the Devianart user Chowderluv.
  • Stitches is actually a lion which lost his legs in the fire and died. It is unknown how he turned into a lion puppet but it's been said that, as a ghost, he wanted to become a puppet like his owner, Poppy.
  • None of the pets are playable.
  • One of the main differences between the Wii U version and the 3DS version is that in the 3DS version the characters are rather murderous.
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